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  1. Hi, I have similar symptom on my Accord. I think its the torque converter shudder. Couldn't be bothered now.
  2. Hello How are your aurion's silver interior panels coping with daily use? Do they really get scratched easily? Esp the arm rest with mirror control buttons? This bit http://liveimages.carsales.com.au/dealerweb/car/cil/2224700.jpg
  3. Something to do with ambient temperature perhaps?
  4. See today's Carsguide (Herald Sun), pg 22 I think. Someone wrote abt a "VVTI hub" problem on an 07 Aurion that has only done 75,000km. Dealer quoted $3000 for repairs but they negotiated with Toyota to arrive at a discounted price of $900.
  5. Peter, I wish I was as knowledgeable as you with cars. Would love my kluger to sound like your FJ :) but I don't the knowledge, time and money; and probably money is what I have the least LOL.. Thought of starting an 86 Project?
  6. $2-3k.. ok.. I think I can live with that. Just count myself unlucky. Maybe that's what Toyota calls a "Waku Doki" feeling.
  7. So this characteristic obviously isn't normal operation of the engine hmm.. Ever since the first occurrance it hasn't re-occurred on mine. Hopefully it doesn't ever return. Can you perhaps tell us how much it'll cost to fix? How widespead is the problem? What happens if left unfixed?
  8. What series is your territory? Is yours plagued by the transmission coolant leak issue? I had at one point thought about buying the XR6 when time comes to replace my accord euro.. Some people on ford forums mentioned they got the current FG MkII XR6 for 31,500. Haven't read abt serious problems with the latest series. But now toyota fights back with the 86.. LOL.. Back to my issue.. in hindsight, i shouldve probably given it a few more go before calling the tow truck. But the fact it didn't start at all when I tried and the grinding noise all added to my paranoia that further attempts will cau
  9. RiceRacing, Haha. Well, the noise did not occur this morning. I have a feeling now that it might happen if I let it sit for 2 days or more. That's what happened last weekend as we didn't use the Kluger and got the noise on monday.
  10. Old mate.. No.. I've never owned another vehicle in my whole life. Prior to this kluger i rode on the back of an orang utan.. Although not a V6, its a muscular 6-pack.. Fed it bananas and grapes sometimes when i had spare cash. Served me great. Climbed up places where no 4WD ever could noe ever will. Died of old age and decided i needed something more boring
  11. I will try to have the noise recorded the next time it occurs. I've just asked my wife to listen to the youtube link above and according to her the noise that occurred the other day was a little longer. My second attempt.. The engine was turning over and seized up altogether. May be due to it being shut off too quickly at first attempt. Will keep you updated
  12. Taka, Did your problem only occur during cold start? Or it doesn't matter?
  13. Hey Taka ! how are you mate. Can you post up the youtube link again pls? Damn my car is now out of warranty (purchased in '08 and now done 90k) :( Do you how much it'll cost to get fixed?
  14. Wife started the car this morning and she said there was a loud grinding noise from the engine area. She then quickly switched off the engine. I checked that the oil level was ok (still remember that vvti hose recall issue). No oils on garage floor underneath the car. I tried to start the car and it wouldn't start.. Opened the bonnet.. Some burnt smell.. just very slightly. Tow truck driver came and had trouble getting the kliger onto his truck. So he tried starting the car and it started!!?.. But by then I had left for work so I don't know if the noise was still there. Anyway, it got towed to

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