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  1. Nice work Rob, looks boss, can't wait for your car to be ready next week. Keen to hit up kings cross!
  2. updated list, and funny that, my lucky number is 7 :) 1. ZR6XY 2. VF-X 3. u54mot 4. mm_sx6 5. Defyant 6. Seby123 7. RO11ER 8. Offzide93 9. Ronnyboy 10. simplyvandinh 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.
  3. haha offzide, spotted you too mate, looking clean! Merry christmas!
  4. hehe Pete, beeps were exchanged :) What were you doing in my neck of the woods?
  5. It doesn't even have a timestamp of when the first post was modified tho, how is one meant to know that is the right details? ^ "Posted 09 August 2011 - 09:13 PM" Clarification on this would be lovely :)
  6. Which is why my suggestion to a new thread for each EOMM would be better (organisation skills level 85) But each to their own I suppose
  7. Sorry, This will not be happening. The best thing to do is look at the last page and the thread sub-title for all the information. Any cruises or "other meets" that do not relate to the EOMM should have a new thread / post created. /end iron fist ruling ok, I understand the effort to create a new thread for an EOMM.. Looked back 2 pages, I see no information on address, time or whats happening. and at this "Any cruises or "other meets" that do not relate to the EOMM should have a new thread / post created." is obvious no?
  8. A new thread needs to be opened for each and every EOMM, ****s just to confusing
  9. wow, what a coincidence! Didnt see any of you guys
  10. haha hey VFX :) yea I was at the meet, altho more hondas then expected
  11. Looking for a second hand rear swaybar for Toyota Corolla ZZE122 Whiteline, TRD, any other good brands let me know! Very keen
  12. yea true, my mistake, wasnt aware of this thread actually, did most of the forum viewing via iphone
  13. @ Ben yip: all toyota clubs are going to be representing tomorrowso yes there will be a tocau meet at the toymods cruise
  14. No idea, lets start one. these are from the top of my head, add your number and name below 1. RO11ER 2. ZR6XY 3. cruzer 4. Seby123 5. JO00LZ 6. LFT-OOF 7. Hiro 8. offzide93
  15. nope, not that im aware, no one has confirmed on tocau's behalf.
  16. Hope so Cant wait for sunday!
  17. I'd say so, alot of TOCAU will be at toymods, if you cant afford to attend then sure go ahead, organise a local meet
  18. may aswell just attend toymods mega cruise, unless for those people who are cheap and cant allocate 100kms worth of petrol for an awesome event then they can organise a EOMM?
  19. funny that, spotted ZR6XY last night too, and at liverpool!