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  1. There's the option of a touch screen interface, like the one in the video below (Retains factory screen, adds ability to run non-Japanese GPS software & some also act as an FM booster/ media player.). There's a company in Melbourne (Maybe other parts of Australia too.) that can convert factory-spec screens with JDM-navigation or Euro screens without factory navigation GPS to run IGO on the market (Same software as used in current Toyota cars.). Also starting to see Android-based ones too. You can also get Mirrorlink modules that connect to existing screen. Only problem would be that all of the modules I've seen so far would only display your phone screen and does not allow control through the car's existing touch screen.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. The end bracket interfered with the url. Just fixed it, all good now. The head unit above looks good, if you don't mind it being a Dual OS unit (Powers up with WinCE, Android OS accessed through a menu icon.)
  3. Hate to say this, but that Prius unit above wouldn't fit a RIght Hand Drive (e.g. UK, Japan, Australia) model (Looks really nice though!). The dash panel on a RHD & LHD Prius is angled differently (More info here: ) There are RHD -specific Prius units, but they run WinCE6 (Checked ebay & Aliexpress before writing this post.). Your best bet is to get a Wide Toyota (200mm) 2DIN panel (Either a replica, or Toyota Genuine item.) & get a Toyota general type headunit. Found a couple of decent ones on ebay (Some are half WinCE6, half Android, some are 100% Android.) and loads of those on Aliexpress
  4. Some dealers don't have a body & paint facility, so they contract it to a bodyshop outside. If the workmanship is good, I'd give them a try. Otherwise, you can find an authorized Toyota body & paint repairer in the link below (There may or may not be one nearby,).
  5. There's always the mobile touchup route for the bumper if it's just a scratch. For the taillight, try the dealer (Be prepared to pay loads for a brand new genuine one though.) or the wreckers yard if you don't mind getting secondhand. Otherwise, try eBay. Genuine (Pair)-> Aftermarket (LED running/ brake lights)->
  6. 1. Call up the dealer and find out. 2. Call up insurance. 3. Cry Rather than hide things from your parents, tell them. Let this be a lesson for you & learn from your mistake.
  7. 2015 facelift unveiled at NYIAS 2014 yesterday. Pretty comprehensive for a facelift. Also new is XSE (Features a unique front end, stiffer shock absorbers, 18 inch wheels & unique VSC programming.) and Hybrid SE trim (Imagine something like an Atara SX, but in Hybrid form.). Quote from Autoblog; Source: Galleries Camry @ NYIAS 2014: Toyota Images: Australian media Radical mid-life update for Camry: Toyota to fight to keep Camry in buyers’ minds: Australian Camry to miss out on safety tech:
  8. Kluger is now US-sourced, and the Yanks aren't that big on diesels in anything smaller than a Dodge Ram (hell, I don't even think the US Hilux/Tacoma has a diesel option)Despite the lack of a diesel engine, the Highlander (And it's first gen. only Japanese-spec twin, the KlugerL/V/Hybrid.) were popular as grey imports in Russia that Toyota decided to introduce the second gen. model through official Eastern European dealers in 2011. Yeah, they could have made a diesel option available (Which would also have made the option of a diesel available in AU/ NZ), but seeing that the car was sold officially in some parts of Eastern Europe (Mainly Russia, Ukraine & Kazakhstan.), the market would still have been too small to justify engineering a suitable diesel engine for it.
  9. You might also want to ask the seller if they are suitable for a Right Hand Drive car out of the box (Australia, UK, Thailand, New Zealand). Most of these aftermarket headlights have a LHD beam pattern that light up signs & kerbs further ahead on the right hand side in countries like China, Taiwan, Russia & Korea to name a few which will blind drivers in the opposite direction in a RHD country like Australia. Otherwise, this means a DIY by opening up the the headlights & reversing the cutoff shield (Not a bad thing though, as it is also a good opportunity if you want to retrofit better quality projectors.)
  10. While we may or may not get unique for Australia models like the Atara & Sportivo range (Mainly the Camry & Aurion), the Australian team does contribute to the development of other Toyotas, most of which are not sold here (Such as the Hilux-based Fortuner 2011 major facelift.). I read that the Australian team will be responsible for the next-gen Fortuner SUV (Not sure if this will come to Australia.) and also lead in the chassis tuning for the next-gen Hilux pick up truck, so there will still be some of that Aussie touch (From an article in 2012. Source below.).
  11. So, this was just announced on the news today. While I'm not very surprised with their decision to end their Australian manufacturing operation, one thing caught my attention; As an industrial design student & a fan of Japanese culture/ language, there goes my dream of working with their design department down under I guess. :( Source: EDIT: Typo error on thread title.
  12. To be exact what you have is a pre-facelift Estima L (Recognized it from the blue front emblem.) 3.0 G (Wood trim, single side power door, 15 inch alloy wheels & xenon headlights.) with an AERAS (Basically the Estima equivalent of a Camry Sportivo.) front & rear bumper (Probably added by the dealer in Australia. Side skirts are missing.). Apparently, The second-gen Estimas are imported & complied as a four-seater camper van, then have the original seating capacity added back in by an engineer after compliance (Under a loophole, thanks to Australia's strict importation laws..) or complied as a mobility vehicle (DIsability package, if built as one from the factory.). Since you have the top-spec G-grade it should come with two three-button (Lock, Unlock & PWR Door.) remote keys & one spare immobilizer (From April 2001 production.) or two spare metal non-immobilizer keys (Produced before April 2001.). Below is a photo of what the key should look like. The connector could be for a remote start device or the factory camera? The factory option Navigation system also has the option of a rear view camera with steering angle indicator (Assist lines move according to the steering angle, pretty handy with the factory option sonar sensors.). I could also be wrong though, as Toyota (And every other car manufacturer in Japan.) also offer a number of dealer fit Navigation & Camera packages.If it is a Toyota camera, chances are it uses a unique connector, which means requiring a convertor if you plan to connect it to an aftermarket headunit. The toll card reader is for the Japanese ETC (Electronic Toll Collection System) lanes. Can be disconnected & removed, turning it to a useful storage compartment. For the radio, you can try sourcing a pre-2012 Aussie spec Genuine Toyota navigation unit & computer if you want to keep things factory-spec. The Japanese navigation computer will not work outside of Japan. Otherwise, you can also try sourcing a Japanese-spec Multi AV Station (There are two types, non-HDD & HDD.) from Asia, and have it connected to a touch screen-based FM frequency convertor/ media player box + Garmin black box navigation computer. Have yet to see shops offering somehting similar here in Australia, but is a common modification where I'm from. The mirror is an aftermarket item with an in-built radar detector. Also of interest is the black coin holder, in ours it's a grey switch blank. Being a G-grade, fog lights were not fitted as standard, unless equipped with the AERAS or the other dealer fit body kit (Can't remember the name, but has round foglights & large smiley face-like front bumper opening.) where an independent fog light switch will be installed.There is a possibility that the fog light switch was removed & replaced with the coin holder during compliance or the previous owner replaced the light stalk with one containing a fog light switch. PS: Try to pull off the oversized non-factory Lexus emblem (Most likely stuck on with double sided tape.). Behind that is a nice & glossy Toyota emblem. ^_^ EDIT: Forgot to add, the 1MZ-FE in the Estima indeed has VVT-i, same engine as the Lexus ES300 of the same year/ generation. The engine produces 220 horspepower at 5,800 RPM & 304Nm at 4,400 RPM. Specs (In Russian.):
  13. Finally got a house! Bye bye crappy apartment!

  14. Watched all 14:03 of the video and I'm impressed! I like how the end product comes out glossy. Hydro-dipping would really come in handy with my industrial design course (Adding a pattern to simulate a material beats spray painting for realism IMO.). Need get my uni's faculty of design to look into it! Edit: Came across MyDipKit. They have a good selection of patterns, but only ship to Canada & within the US. :(
  15. You're welcome. :) Got my info mainly from collecting official jpeg brochure scans from (Automotive web portal started by Toyota in the late 90s.), till they stopped somewhere around 2009 or 2010. Also from downloading automobile TV ads (The Japanese Toyota website used to have downloadable quicktime .mov TV ads, long before YouTube.), browsing various Japanese automotive websites & buying Japanese automobile magazines from Kinokuniya's Japanese section as a kid back in Malaysia, Past brochures can now be viewed on (Link is in Japanese), though they exclude the special edition cars.