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  1. Jack Stand Position

    FYI for anyone interested, although there are a number of different viscosity ratings available to choose from in the user manual, the user manual and a Toyota Victorian car dealership use 10W 30.
  2. Jack Stand Position

    So my 2013 Camry Atara SL has completed it's last capped price servicing with the dealer and I am preparing to complete future minor services myself. I have a few queries before the next service and they are: 1. Where are the jack stand points on the car? I know where the floor/trolley stand and the boot jack points are, however, my concern is after lifting the car using the trolley jack will placing jack stands where the boot jack points go bend the metal at that point. The boot jack point has a lip compared to jack stands I've viewed in the shops that are more flat. 2. What is the oil filter remover part number. May someone please provide links. 3. What synthetic viscosity oil and brand do people use. I'm in Melbourne and want to use the manufacturer specified viscosity but do not want to use, "Toyota Genuine Motor Oil", when a synthetic premium brand is available when on sale. 4. What other minimum tools do I need? I've got a low profile jack, ramps (that can only be used if I trolley jack the car onto them since the car is too low), garage creeper, socket set, drip pan, oil decanter, and torque wrench. 5. Any tips? I've researched bits and pieces from YouTube and may purchase a Gregory's service manual to get torque figures. Thanks.
  3. Rav4 2AD-FTV Turbo Diesel Excessive Oil Consumption

    In short, diesel fuel is forced through the diesel particulate filter to clean it and this fuel ends up in the oil. Over time, if you allow the engine oil to rise too high it will cause damage to the engine. I'm going to stay away from diesels for mid sized cars for now. I've decided the RAV4 in petrol as the CX 5 petrol engine longevity is still to be proven while the RAV4 uses the same engine as the Camry and apparantly the 2AR-FE engine does not have excess oil use.
  4. Rav4 2AD-FTV Turbo Diesel Excessive Oil Consumption

    Hello All, After experiencing many problems with my 2012 Mazda CX 5 Maxx Sport 2.2 diesel, I've decided to sell my Mazda lemon to buy a RAV4. During my research I stumbled across this thread and I wanted to make sure I wasn't swapping one lemon for another. For those that are interested, in short the Mazda CX 5 diesels have a problem that causes the engine oil to rise. Moving forward, I have thread through the thread and the majority of RAV4 posters have specifically commented that their engine oil decreasing problem is with their diesel engine. However, some owners have not specifically mentioned that they have a diesel or petrol engine, only that they too have an engine oil decreasing problem. I know the thread title mentions the engine 2AD-FTV, but I need piece of mind that this does not include the petrol engines. I have been looking at the RAV4 GXL 2.5 L petrol with engine code 2AR-FE. Is this engine affected by the decreasing engine oil or other major design flaw? Please be unbiased in your comments. If you have had a problem with your diesel engine, it does not automatically determine that the petrol version is flawed. Thank you in advance for your replies.
  5. Can you post up some info if CB/walkie-talkie/radios are going to be used, if so, what channel?
  6. There is only one Yaris driver attending atm. More Yaris/Echo drivers are wanted in meet. [VIC] MONTHLY MEET - SUNDAY 25TH JULY 2010 Great Ocean Road (Torquay - Warnnambool) http://au.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=27523&st=0
  7. Can you find out if your friend with the Yaris is coming. I'm leaning towards coming. I haven't been to any meets since Mt Baw Baw a few years back.

    Wall - 1 BMW - 0
  9. Windows Fogging up

    You can turn the A/C on while the dial is on heat. The A/C removes moisture in the air. Many people make the mistake that the A/C can only be used when the dial is on cool.
  10. After a thorough clean, I keep my black car clean by going through the touchless car wash once a week. Or at least I use to when I first got my car. It's more like once a year now.
  11. Query With Twin SU?

    Twin SUs are twin carbys from my understanding. So does that mean they have one fuel line split going to each carby?
  12. Tyrepower Sunshine

    Yes, and it will be the last. JAXQuickfit and Tyrepower were the only places that could order Enkei RPF1 wheels for me in VIC but I decided to go to Tyrepower since it was closer to home. That was a mistake. Like a lot of places it depends on the outlet. I have not been to any other Tyrepower locations and can only comment on the bad service at the Sunshine store. I still don't have the caps and will be looking elsewhere.
  13. Tyrepower Sunshine

    Don't buy from them. Got wheels and tyres but that will be all for my lifetime. * Told my car will be ready in 30 min. 2 hours later... * After repeated calls spanning 1 month about my Enkei center caps the store "still has it on order," and "the store haven't got back to me," and "I've got your number, I'll call you." It only took my wheels 3 days to deliver from Sydney to Melbourne but since they've already got my money for the wheels they don't even want to know me since I'm following up the center caps. * The person jacking my car up was going to use a point directly under the engine until I stopped him and told him the correct jack point.