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  1. 10.3 L/100km compared to 16 L/100km NICE!
  2. hey guys, the official figure from Toyota is 94 kmph for 6th gear to engage in PERFECT conditions, so i would imagine in read life it would be around the 100 - 105 kmph everyone is experiencing. Toyota's reason for the long 6th gear is obviously not for Australia but more for the euro market where the 6th gear will make a difference on the autobahn.
  3. 650 Nm is massive, I would not recommend it.
  4. I have a Nokia N80 and it does not show signal strength, but still works fine. But what I have found with ALL the Toyota's I drive, you need to speak louder than usual for the other party to hear you, unfortunately there is no adjustment for the microphone. Hope this helps.
  5. hey guys, Let me clarify, ALL of toyota's glass include at least a 2% colour, the maximum allowed (in WA anyway) is 38%. The Privacy glass on the rear of the klugers are darker than what you can legally get tint, so they will never match unfortunately. As for the UV protection of the privacy glass, i don't think toyota would leave it completely unprotected from UV rays, i would have to double check that detail. Worst case, most tint outlets offer a clear tint for UV protection, but some outlets will not want to touch the privacy glass. Hope this helps.
  6. hey guys, i hope one of the bad salespeople was not me! lol! it would be interesting to know if you came to visit my dealership at all. unfortunately there are alot of salespeople out there that give us a bad name. vegemite, please email to discuss this further. also brougham please drop me an email too, i am doing my best to establish myself on this forum for WA members. anyone else got any questions please drop me a line or email me. thanks.
  7. hey guys, aftercare products have been around forever. i have to say, the products are expensive, and the only one i would really recommend is paint protection (only at the right price). also depending on how the dealer has set it up, the ones which make you go back each year for another application aren't worth it, but the ones which do not require the vehicle to go back for inspections and supply a lifetime warranty imo are good value. thanks.
  8. hey guys, i have to admit, the Aurion's don't do as well as they should, but from what i can see there should be heaps spare in WA and the in the eastern states. delivery dates given by dealers (depending on the location of the vehicle) are usually estimations, based on the production dates that toyota give them. usually the delivery times are correct if everything runs smoothly. thanks.
  9. melvinlau

    RAV4 V6

    Yes there is a sales stop on RAV4 V6 at the moment. Toyota suspect a problem with the ECU.
  10. I think Toyota's plan is to re-introduce the Touring SE later on down the track as a part of our standard model line up.
  11. Lol yeah they will be as expensive as sin, but will still sell like hotcakes.
  12. Toyota WA campaigns differ to the rest of Australia
  13. Some information on LPG - Operates at a much higher temperature than Unleaded, may experience burnt valve seats, and reduces engine life. - Harder to trade back in - valuers/used car managers do not like LPG conversions as they do not know how much damage has ben done to the engine. - Toyota will NOT warrant the engine or any components related to the conversion. - You cannot run the vehicle soley on LPG, a typical combination is 1 tank petrol 2 tanks gas. - LPG is NOT available at all service stations - not very convienient if you are on the road all the time. - Dual VVTi and LPG don't like each other. - Takes space away from the boot as you have a giant gas tank in the back. - Gas tank needs to inspected every few years for leaks and pressure, costs money. There is more but I can't think of it at the moment... Hope it helps Andrew.
  14. melvinlau

    RAV4 V6

    Drove the new RAV4 V6 yesterday, goes like there is no tomorrow, I'd recommend paying the extra to go from the 4 cyl to the 6.
  15. Toyota is currently advertising a drive away price on the New Toyota Camry Altise $29,990, anyone in Perth interested pelase let me know.