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  1. They've almost been stolen a few times... alarm saved me! I'm still using the standard exhaust. It's all cosmetics :)
  2. They are G-Max Solaris I think!
  3. The photos aren't photoshopped believe it or not lol
  4. Thanks for the compliment guys. I can't believe I never had a thread of my own and this one (MY OWN ONE) wasn't even started by me LOL
  5. Thank you :) The levin sideskirts are smaller yeh... but they have a nice curve in them that looks great on certain angles and to someone who pays attention to detail. If I had a Sportivo I would be very happy with them. Just didn't wanna be a Sportivo copy-cat :) The C-One sideskirts are phat as well.
  6. That's the C-One front lip :) My eyelids were custom made by Topstage (topstage.com.au). C-One have some nice ones too but a bit pricey me thinks. Kaze has em on his car and they look wicked as.
  7. WoW... you couldn't pay me enough to drive in that thing.
  8. I've got the Sportivo one on it atm. The other one is collecting dust hehe i'll say again, awesome pics and car. so clean, its giving me second thoughts on blackening my headlight jdm style haha. mines a white facelift. IMO, also depends what colour rims you go for as well. If light colour rim, keep it the way it is. If dark, go black headlights. I think the two compliment each other and give the car an overall balanced look.
  9. Hey my photos aren't bad for a 3.2mp camera I did photography in grade 6 alright!! Thanks lol :)
  10. White rolla, done up ... Childs Rd Epping about 5ish today as I was exiting the Car Wash. If your here, holla back!
  11. I've got the Sportivo one on it atm. The other one is collecting dust hehe
  12. I added one just for you Schmelex :) Now when are you getting yours?????
  13. hmmmmm if its in the morning, i'm usually half dead ahaha. i prolly pulled over to continue my sleep LOL nah jk. beep longer and harder like u've got road rage! i'll keep an eye out for a sexy blue camry ;)

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