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  1. nah just been uber busy with moving to a new city, rallying, trying to build my own car and work! yes still doing TRD B)
  2. im no longer there. am at another toyota dealership see my sig for contact details new ph number is: 04 3850328 plus what ever you need to dial NZ
  3. ah a sera! becareful not to bust a lamp or break the tailgate! :o
  4. just email me at trdandtgp@gmail.com and ill sort it. the holdup at TNZ is the guy who gets the emails spends about 5 mins a day at his pc...... hes quite busy! having said that all the ppl that have emailed me asking to chase things up places orders well before the change over <_<
  5. iv had a couple of ppl email me, have passed on the enquires to TNZ who have in turn questioned bruce. will advise those concerned when i hear back.
  6. the problem isnt with TNZ. during the change over there were 2 lots of web ppl playing with the site, bruces guy and TNZs guy. seems more than a couple of emails went awol. they were being sent to bruce who then forwarded then on to TNZ who then sent them onto idividual dealers. plenty of scope there for missed emails... add to the fact that some times it can take 4-6 weeks for TRD parts to come from japan to NZ..... if ppl have any REAL concerns email me at: trdandtgp@gmail.com and ill look into it. please make sure you send your sales number or i cant help you TNZ are not struggling at all,
  7. sunday..... so provided the oder was actioned on the monday..... its still a day or so before you will have it. as the earliest it would leave nz is tuesday. and as it states on the order page... its within 2-3 days that orders are actioned...... so i dont think you have anything to worry about
  8. well it takes 3-5 working days for airmail to get to oz. and in my experience ozmail SUX there is nothing happening that will affect supply of TRD parts. in fact improvments are being made :P
  9. haha no i doubt he will theres been some developments as of late..... when did you place your order? the exact date.....
  10. ECUs are constantly adjusting themselves within their set parameters. resetting ya ECU does nothing that just driving it cant. when you clear it it wil clear the most recent adjustments. thats why it feels like it goes better after a short drive, as its actually running worse at start up and then adjusts its self back to where it was. there is NO reference in ANY toyota service manaul that says anything about resetting an ECU except for clearing fault codes. nor do TRD suggest such a thing when fitting their parts. in fact the only place you will ever find reference to it is on the net. i also
  11. Post removed :( Please only post sources for parts not comments. Thank you. :D
  12. we have a v6 one done up with sportsbar and nudge bar on 18" chromes. looks quite good. goes well to. but not as well as my aw11 :D
  13. worn superstrut and the usual turbo car stuff, no real dramas with these. just make sure its what the say it is.....

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