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  1. Looks sick! Any more info on the ST246W Caldina? :P
  2. Not trying to be smart, but have you thought about getting good sport tyres for your GT-P's instead of going straight to an R-compound tyre? I'm assuming you may have done one or two track days but if you haven't then exploring the upper limits of grip for an R compound would mean you'd have to be pushing quite hard to get them to squeal/lose grip pending the conditions of the day ect. I've attended track days where guys on sports tyres have been noticeably quicker than others on semi slicks as road tyres can offer a greater feedback to learning lines and technique before going straight to outright grip. Just my 2c
  3. lol once again - just like my car. The paint on my mirrors was chipping more with every wash, it got to a stage where almost 1/3rd of the paint was gone on the drivers side before I scored a set of genuine Ganador mirrors for a good price. 612 Auto also helped me change the diff bushes as well
  4. Very reminiscent of my Chaser. Although I had the 100k service done again as I had a leaking cam seal even though the major service had apparently been done prior. Changing the diff bushes (with OEM ones) was about one of the best things I did, made changing gears so much nicer. That and the fact that it almost stopped axle tramping off the line in the wet or on boost.
  5. Gotta love that VVT-i, check out the response before 100lkph! So good! Nice R154 too :D
  6. I'm sure you been told but 612 Autoworks can do it for you. I had mine done at a workshop in Bentleigh East; next door to where I was working at the time and they did an excellent job (Baytech Auto) Car looks good, just needs clear indicators for an 'updated' look imo
  7. Looks similar to my previous car :P Needs updated/clear side markers and front indicators and then it'll be really similar. How much did you pay if you don't me asking?
  8. ewww white banner, do not like
  9. I like! A few more weeks and it's good to go!
  10. looks good, reds so hard to keep from fading over the years
  11. Damn. That is, amazingness.