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  1. By memory, the Altise in '08 did not have an aux or USB input at all, not until the facelift in late '09 anyway. You're better off doing what sportivo2007 did with theirs.
  2. It doesnt look loke it wont be the right fit for my car.......my car is camry altise 2012 and not aurion Spot on. That unit is suited for an Aurion, but these dopey sellers keep advertising that the units will fit Australian market Camrys, when in fact, they won't. The Asian and Russian Camrys are similar to the Aurion, this is why these things keep popping up on eBay. Same goes with things like fog lamps, light assemblies and so forth. All different to the Australian Camry. OP, please refer back to my earlier post, stick with the genuine stuff, you can't go wrong.
  3. Avoid the Chinese cr@ppers off eBay, they are absolute junk. OP, stick with a genuine unit or get a decent name brand aftermarket unit. There are one or 2 genuine "2011 AVN" headunits on eBay from time to time (from private sellers, avoid the dealers, they want too much for them), you need to look carefully. The unit you want is similar to this; The next thing to look out for is the part number. The ending digit refers to the illumination colour. You'll need green illumination to match your 50 series Camry illumination colour - green = PZQ60 00535. Cheapest I've seen one go for was around
  4. 40 Series Hybrid Camrys come with either the crap non-touch colour screen display audio or the factory navigation unit. Which one have you got? If it's the display audio screen, hold down buttons 2 and 5, and press disc/aux 3 times. Then press debug, and tell me what version software the unit is running. If it's running anything below 700, it might be possible to update it so it will work with your N4. Turn the car off and back on to reset it. Personally, if I would update the unit to a 2011 touch screen display audio or AVN (navigation version) unit, a much better stereo in so many ways. Exam
  5. To save confusion here, the above poster is referring to his US Camry, which utilises H11 globes for the low beams. Australian Camrys use H7 globes for low beams.
  6. The covers are about $5 each from Toyota, so drill away!
  7. You will need an additional harness to fit a 2011 audio HU to an earlier model Toyota vehicle. Talk to your local Toyota parts dept, as there's 3 or 4 different ones available.
  8. Don't bother with the one that was in the Camry Grande, it's rubbish and very outdated, and was never available as an option on other variants anyway. Best way to go OP, grab one of the new gen 2011 AVN units (same as in current spec Hilux SR5, Corolla Levin ZR etc.), part number PZQ6000531PA and facia to suit the 200mm double DIN Toyota radio size part number PZQ6033030. You may need a harness as well (about $30), check with your local Toyota parts dept.
  9. Damn, looks like I won't be able to use the VAISTech iVIC for the new 50 series (not compatible, as the units in the Camry are sourced from Panasonic, apparently). The VAISTech stuff is normally designed to work with high end Toyota/Lexus units. But I think I might've found a solution to mirror not just my GNex, but the wife's iPhone as well on the factory touch screen in the Camry. MimicsX2 Wish me luck when I go to hack the factory head unit to see if I can make this work.
  10. Not quite correct there. There's no potential to overheat the HV battery, because the system will not allow the HV battery to be overcharged in the first place. If using B mode to go down, say a very steep mountain descent (which is about the only time you should use B mode anyway), the engine's compression is utilised to slow the vehicle (with injectors switched off), while still regenerating at the same time. Once the battery reaches its maximum allowable charge, the regeneration is cut, and the system will force the engine to absorb more momentum, hence the revs in the engine will increase,
  11. Sigh... the Toyota service department you spoke to should have a compatibility list available to determine what phone works with what head unit. You're not making much sense though, are you referring to SMS/MMS receive and notification on the head unit? If so... In Apple's case, only message notification works if you have iOS 6.0. SMS/MMS transfer and reply message options for any Apple device are not supported on any of the Fujitsu 10 head units.
  12. Thanks Dazz. Silver Pearl here. I have a set of 17" Atara wheels on the 40 series, which I'm removing today and fitting to the new car. Lucky I kept the old 40 series' 16" wheels. Mods at this end will be probably changing over to a 2011 AVN or 2011 Display Audio (same touch screen stereo as in Hilux SR5, Corolla Levin etc.), VAISTech iVic, rear spoiler, tint, HIDs. That'll probably do to start off with...
  13. Current version should be V18. They don't go by years, only by version numbers. Usually a new version is issued every 12-24 months. We're yet to see an update for the Atara SL/Hybrid hL nav units. They run a HDD instead of a DVD for the maps, and by the looks of things, are a bit of a mission to update. You have to obtain a disc serial number from a new disc, then obtain a key through a toyota.jp site, which the unit will ask for before the maps can be upgraded.
  14. Oh noes!!! I just sold the AHV40R Hybrid Camry, will be going to a good home on Friday. Has been a great car, and will be sadly missed. But... We're getting an AVV50R Camry Hybrid h, should arrive at my dealership next week. The zero percent offer and factory incentives combined are just too good to knock back.
  15. GTS = Global TechStream. Not yet for the window, I'm waiting on our new AVV50R Camry Hybrid h to ship up from Melbourne. Hopefully it will be at my dealership next week. I don't think we're going to get Entune in a hurry... I've driven a few Ataras now, I think that noise you're hearing is pretty normal. They have a nice exhaust note under acceleration around 5K RPM.

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