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  1. hey you disappeared off facebook again got an email? we've moved back to melbourne again, so let me know whats up with meets n shizzles
  2. not yet, ill be back start of june, will visit for sure
  3. gahhhh this is so tempting. has it been mod plated?
  4. ey tim, When do I get to meet the new addition? I'm pretty sure BC's aren't buddy clubs, they're from Taiwan, only heard good things about them though
  5. noobed it :P they'll fix it i had to hit a tree at 60 to write mine off
  6. Alot of the ozcelica boys got theirs from here
  7. I just farted. Sorry I missed your call tim I fell asleep. Your cars looking nice and low :)
  8. yeah i've got the celica haha thanks, ill keep it in mind if im way over the rainbow
  9. hey tim, ill try my best to make an appearance, ill skip the food though will probably still be drunk cant do winton though, heading back to sa on the 1st
  10. they're hard to find, i found some lying around in an old hid kit i had interstate before i found them i used coke bottle caps, but they started to melt onto the bulb, you can bend the hooks so that it holds the bulb in place, but your best bet is to find some spacers
  11. If its this shape Yes, as the bulb sits further in than normal, but if you're buying a kit that says its for the celica, it should fit, normal h7 globes won't fit without the piece of plastic i linked before. Same goes for all the zze corollas
  12. careful you need a spacer, make sure the kit comes with them
  13. do ittttttttttttttttttt