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  1. whitestivo

    Evo's 1zz

    When I heard what happened to Evan, I had to come online. The first mod to evan's rolla was done by me, and that was getting rid of those crap "stubberfield motors" number plate covers, he was so unsure about it,haha Ministivo is 5 months now. So far he's owned a few cars but his prize will be anyone in an 86...all this while driving facing backwards, what a talent. You guys still meeting up thursday nights?
  2. whitestivo

    Evo's 1zz

    Evan, i just heard this from Superdave, and had to come on for a look. To your credit, the little banger went for years, I always thought you were going to blow that 1zz sky high any minute. I was always thinking hearing you drive, this time, oh this time, but it just kept on rolling. I'll keep my eyes out for a replacement. Like those rims too, what happened to the rsgt's? Nothing comes close to my 09wrx yet, so still in it.
  3. Whitestivo's new ride in fast fours this month, 180kw atw
  4. If u haven't heard of the brand, they are unlikely to be very good Sorry, get another set on them in time when u can afford, will be worthwhile upgrade for u
  5. I think your making excuses for getting pounded by a Subaru I'm sorry to hear this rowan, hopefully not major
  6. 2. Tag Towbar - all attachments and tongue - $150 4. 10w-40 5L oil - Penrite - $20 5. Magnatec 75w-90 gearbox oil $20 6. Sportivo original aerial, $20 whitestivo
  7. towbar still here, sittin in garage, needs to be gone whitestivo
  8. cant speak for that exact size djk, but nitto are shthouse on wrx's that said, they also think the SS your on are sht as well so your call, just giving you real world advice ku31 and ku36 seem to be bfb champs
  9. whitestivo

    New FT-86

    Sorry guys, word in the subaru group is that this project is dead after the tsunamai Subaru are out, not supplying motors for it, maybe it gets the ZRE motor, or worse the 2 stroke from the yaris I hope its not the case..
  10. Rowan ,dont u ***** up 8 weeks, for gods sake dont talk to corey Give me the keys rigght now, ill park it up behind the tinnie
  11. Colour scheme is good, but lose the rear wing for sure You may be able to get a carbon wrap/vinyl wrap instead of a respray for a lot cheaper, then it's also removable, I've seen it done on other forums I'm on now. whitestivo