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  1. My last fuel consumption was 17.1l/100km. I drive just in a local area and the average speed around 20-25 km. And alway start and stop on the traffic. Please advise that fuel consumption is normal? Also, the tachometer never over "3".
  2. sns

    Kluger Windscreen

    My front windscreen has ripple effect and is noticeable at driver side and less obvious on passanger side. We noticed and showed it to the sales on the day we pickup the car but we were told by the dealer/sales that we have no choice because the car is already registered to us and insisted that they did not see the ripple effect and we are not expert in windscreen so they did not allow us to write down the comment on the New Vehicle Delivery Checklist.
  3. My KXR 2WD can drive around 350km per tank. I used 91 unleaded. How many kilometer can done after a full tank of fuel?
  4. sns

    2008 kluger

    Anyone pick up your 2008 kluger? I ordered since January, but still waiting, hopefully can pick it up next week.
  5. How much did you paid for your new Kluger (Please list your model)

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