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  1. Hi Scott,

    I have seen your comments on the forum and am really impressed. I have just bought a 2008 KX-R and have already purchased after market fog lights to be installed. Unfortunately these don't come installation instructions which is a bummer. I was hoping if you have created set of instructions with pictures to install the lights. If you can email it to me than I would real...

  2. Hi, I didnt end up going ahead with it. The rails themselves are very pricey, and shipping from the USA was almost as much as the rails themselves!
  3. Thats exactly what Ive heard, and its often the case with car audio. Let us know how your install goes!
  4. Looks cool, but can you imagine pulling too close to the gutter one day and cheese-grating those rims? :o Also, Im no expert, but wouldnt it mess up the speedo? Not to mention the comfort of your ride?
  5. Scott_C

    Cabin Lights

    With all those cupholders they need to install a toilet. Im sick of wearing space diapers.
  6. Its an elite club. ;)
  7. Hi Joe, dont forget to at least post an exterior shot of your Kluger with the foggies on! KXR Fog Light owners unite! :P
  8. I use the Meguiars NXT Generation Car Wash too. But you should follow it up with the NXT Wax. This stuff is like a polish and wax in one, dead easy to apply. Let it dry to a white haze and towell it off. Recommended to put it on at the start of each season, i.e; 4 times a year. Gives the car the 'wet look' http://www.meguiars.com/?liquid-car-waxes/...ration-Tech-Wax
  9. Scott_C

    Cabin Lights

    The lights on the steering wheel are self-illuminated. The uv light thing pointing down seems to direct more toward the console.
  10. Hi, my brother-in-law has the CVX and he hasnt reported any problems. One thing with the first gen Klugers, the safety features improve as you go up in the models; CV, CVX and Grande. The safety features on the new Kluger are the same across the board. One thing you can do, is to try and find a CVX with the Safety Pack. My bro-in-law paid about another $2k for it, I think it added more air-bags and traction control (or mightve been vehicle swerve control)
  11. Scott_C

    Cabin Lights

    Actually I really like this light. Its a soft blue and gives a nice ambience to the cabin in my opinion.
  12. The white IS very nice... If our car was written off tomorrow, Id go white this time around I think
  13. Glad it was nothing more serious Gary. I noticed my first tiny stone chip on the car yesterday.
  14. Scott_C

    2WD or AWD

    We have the 2WD and we're happy. Roughly 11-12 litres per 100ks around town, low 10s on the freeway. Dont forget, the AWD option is another $4500. If you're not planning to go offroad often, it may not be worth it. Ive actually driven on a lot of fire trails and offroad surfaces as Im a mountain biker on the weekends. The clearance and approach angles of the vehicle are great and Ive not been stuck yet. Im more than happy with the safety features of our vehicle, even though its not AWD. I believe the 2WD version has lower servicing costs ultimately too.

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