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  1. how much are you wanting to sell it for what state are you in????
  2. It is a must learn from me I had a corolla standard internals and destroyed 3 motors I would dare drive it have way through the setup. Who on earth told you it was ok to run stock ecu and injectors. There is maybe 4 people on this forum who have first hand experience which is me bill pippy and CEIKA. As bill said don't drive it don't start it. Get the fuel system to cope. Good people I found are pulse racing in menai they did my cars tune and know power fc's and my motor If you do need any advise call me I'm happy to answer all your questions 0458000699 -Dave
  3. and for ozcelica they get like 300+ spam accounts each day so if you pass me your username i can get it approved on the day u do it
  4. pm me your phone number and ill pass your details on to him
  5. I HAVE TO BE CAREFUL to make sure the big brakes im putting on wont hit too i have to test on two sets of wheels one for daily duties other for track
  6. 7th gen engine mounts brand new all 3 $150 member off ozcelica he lives in sydney
  7. that was an epic read, good to see its still going and to have the claimas to the 1st aus delivered private prius
  8. it made 227.7kw at the wheels u can have a look on my members ride thread for more info. i bought the car after it was supercharged but i have also done work since. originally aroun 10k was spent supercharging it which was onto to the rotrex charger piping welding tuning injectors engine mods, since then i have spent 1500 on LSD and ugrading other gearbox parts fuel rail 400ish new brakes 700 retuning 1000ish new clutch 700ish plus install
  9. its all about how you treat the gearboxes if you abuse the gearbox then the syncros will wear out quicker simple i am running 310HP from my 7th gen celica and never had any gearbox issues even running the TRD LSD too,
  10. other alternative is to do a supercharger setup like mine, little bit more room than behind the motor and easier to install'>[/url]
  11. thats going to be a little hard as each require slight tuning for your car, is your car 2zz or 1zz powered there is one for sale that make 100kw with supporting mods for a levin corolla on here
  12. did you just get a grey key with the car??? is it a factory alarm or aftermarket
  13. Pffft why would u wanna look at that celica when u can check out a modded sportivo :spiteful: :spiteful: hahaha j/k Lylee ..... latest pics make ur beast look good. Check out my ride thread in my signature for sportivo specific stuff I would also suggest reading this write up - U aint ever going to find a kit that is going to fit the stivo .... if ur not prepared to do any R&D then dont start modifying this car beyond bolt ons. if u do any of this sort of stuff u r gonna need to get it engineered Im pushing out almost 250kw's at the wheel and thats what u can expect if you f/i it with all the bells n whistles & so if u dont deal with the additional upgrades required to support that sort of power & get it to pass engineering then it simply aint safe for u n those around u. Like i said above .... read my other thread and have a good thought about things because its really painful to quit a project half way through bcuz of lack of planning. as we were talking about last meet if you are planning something as big as a supercharged or turbocharged conversion you gotta budget for everything and over quote. you need to look at part prices, shipping, exchange rates, import taxes, labour, tuning, oils and lubes nuts bolts gaskets clamps and then keep an extra 5k or so for unknowns. that is if you want to cover all bases, even as far as bill did and get a second car if you rely upon your pride and joy as a daily driver as time is one big factor too. as bill said a car that is being developed isnt going to make money for the shops the geet the small quick jobs that make them the most money. so dont expect it back unless your happy to be charged a premium. in all honesty it is a massive task to do something like this as a person without much technical know how. but bill is very good to use as a resource as with his knowlege into r&d of the corollas and myself with celicas and corollas. im always happy to help out with anything. any questions u can sms me 0458000699 and ill get back to you asap