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  1. This is where i mounted mine. Although not 100% visible the warning chime warns me of any problems.
  2. How about heading out to some wreckers and seeing that they have got? Lot cheaper and you could probably find yourself a few other nice bits and pieces:)
  3. get some fresh rails from a wrecker or something, not worth the risk imo ;)
  4. there are going to tuck in heaps, will looks pretty stupid imo
  5. That is for the American corolla. The australian delivered corolla both 1zz and 2zz have different positioning. Have a look at this website Look for the title; "TRD Cold Air Intake Corolla ZZE 122 & 123" if you look carefully at the pipe it is a completely different shape.
  6. Its up to you whether you want to void your warranty. A lot of members on this forum have also done it, and from i recall there have been no issues. As for the ebay link that CAI will not fit your car, they are designed from the matrix.
  7. Maybe try for a cheaper price for the short shifter???
  8. For me Toyota admitted there was a problem with the brake discs and they said would deglaze them for me, i suspect a quick bull**** sandpaper job, and they have started playing up again. I'm going back when i get time and not leaving until i have new discs.
  9. Might be worth waiting around to see if buddyclub will introduce some coilovers into the market. Also maybe consider something by C-one, they seem to know what they are doing.
  10. Do a turbo or supercharger setup and damage some 2zzge owner ego's :P
  11. One thing to remember is a the Type R is pretty much a purpose built car to be driven hard and tracked. The Corolla on the otherhand is not built for the same purpose; its a small family car.
  12. Im no advocate of D2 suspension, however i wouldnt say the company lacks R&D because the front dampener has a stiffer spring rate than the rear. I can name many companies that design coilover for front wheel drive cars with similar setups. (Buddyclub, Cusco, Tein, HKS) Anyway through my experience of driving my mates car with a very similar setup, i found reducing the dampening on the rear helped in preventing oversteer. The front dampening was pretty much on full stiffness.
  13. If you are getting the grinding noise or it wont slot in, let the car roll few cms or take off the handbrake. works for me everytime.