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  1. photos are good :) overall the cruise was pretty decent, if only it weren't for that skoda driver haha
  2. Bought the brake lines in a group buy along with sportivo and non-sportivo rollas... My impressions of them are they're quite good, pretty responsive. More direct and less spongy pedal feel compared to stock. Perhaps running with slotted rotors and being coupled with bendix pads will have that effect.
  3. I've upgraded to Goodridge braided brake lines and have the original lines from a conquest model in a box in the garage somewhere.
  4. Any updates on this event? I'm keen for a drive up north :)
  5. Spotted the 'Xoom earlier today in Auburn... Looking mighty clean aswell :)
  6. interstate sellers welcome. willing to pay for postage
  7. Long time no post I am after some Bride Seat Rails for ZZE Corolla As a pair or individually used Part Number: Passenger = T188RO Driver = T187RO Please reply or PM me Many Thanks
  8. just to confirm, meet is at greenacre Mc'Ds now? haven't been to an eomm for a while.