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  1. Hey there, whats left is on the first post. TE37 rims, Kenwood DVD player/JL subby/Coustic amp,oem headunit and SR4 recaros with corolla rails. cheers
  2. throw me an offer and ill let you know if its reasonable :P
  3. i have a set of stock 04 sportivo suspension for sale without the tops. let me know if your interested. jason
  4. hey there, i got a Kenwood KVT-534DVD for sale. cheers jason
  5. thanks for the kind remarks Alf. They look good on the car! :)
  6. hey man, i have the shocks+springs sitting in my garage. pm sent.
  7. SR4 seats added! Need to get rid of these guys buy buy buy! :)
  8. all prices on items are negotiable so let me know if your still interested. cheers jason
  9. hey mate, sorry for late reply. some reason i can't upload images so pm your email address and ill send them there. cheers jason
  10. if they are for the facelift model.. :( i'll get it from u straight away his is pre facelift mark... i keep bursting ur bubble do i? haha yeah sorry its for pre-facelift rollassss