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  1. Vienta head unit are a piece of ***** i used to be an auto tech and i have done my own and they are easy. to answer the 1st q.. your immobiliser shouldnt be bothered by the new deck the security is just the head units security code. 2nd q.. soldering is always the best way it save **** coming undone and unexplained flicking on and off of the deck speakers ect... 3rd q.. all named brand head units are the same dimentions e.g. sony, pioneer, kenwood all that stuff and on the side of the decks there is useually either a T or an N (ie: toyota and nissan) for the bracets to screw into so ther should fit first time every time. Need anymore help i can get what colours the wires you need and all that for ya. Thanks for the info!! That would be great! Also, can you give me some more instructions about soldering the wiring? I have no idea how and never have soldered things before.. And one more thing, I have read that it is very important to disconnect the car battery before attempting to do anything, how do I disconnect it? Sorry for all the newb questions.. Cheers, sung
  2. Hey guys, I have a gen3 Vienta and would like to install a new headunit into it. I have been doing a bit of research into installing car stereos but would like some more specific instructions that can be applied to the camry. Here are some unknowns that I would like to find out... 1. I have an immobiliser and it is built into my current radio, how will this affect the installation? 2. It seems, well at least to my understanding there are two ways of wiring your new stereo..1. Use clips, 2 Solder them on. How are they different? 3. What size (headunit) should I be looking for, one that will fit into the current slot? Also any general suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated as well! Thanks, Sung