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  1. As hiro said, you are looking at thousands and thousands of $$ in supporting mods for very little gain. The GM and Ford boys generally have the advantage of much more flexible ECUs (many can be re-flashed or tuned) and huge aftermarket support...
  2. You can do that if you want, and you might see a few extra KW, but nothing substantial... IMO keep the car stock and maintain it well so it will be easy to sell once you get off your P's
  3. Welcome mate... 150 Series prado is a fine choice.
  4. slim to nil chance that will do anything but cause your car to throw a CEL (check engine light)... You can certainly do upgrades to the cars suspension, braking, etc and make it handle and stop better if you so desire.
  5. As mentioned by other people, there is very little you can do to make your aurion faster... unless you have a budget bigger than the car's value. As much as I hate to say it, if you want a 4 door sedan, and want to go fast you are better off with either a Commodore SS, or a Falcon XR6T.
  6. As usual John, you do car modification right. Your 86 is beautiful.
  7. Pete is one of those people who are one in a million, a genuinely kind and honest person, always willing to help anyone who needed it, in any way he could. I will always remember his hospitality, his wicked sense of humor and his willingness to lend a hand. He has been instrumental in the organisation of all of the national meets, and since taking on the moderation role, keeping TOCAU a safe and happy place. Not only has pete been an asset to the community, he has been a personal friend. TOCAU, the Australian car scene and the world is a now a poorer place because of his passing. My deepest sy
  8. Provided there is enough interest, myself and some of the other queensland members will look into making this happen in brisbane next year.
  9. I'm gonna be out tonight, just come to the loop (400 gregory tce, spring hill) at 8. Not much point coming here first as I am only about 3k from the loop

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