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  1. i shall be in attendance this week with new shoes hopefully. yes, i know i'm early, but i'm just so excite! lol
  2. its happened in all of my cars. not just aurion specific.
  3. SecaBoy

    Evo's 1zz

    start saving for a gearbox evan. they were made of glass. a friend when through 2 on stock power level and another 2 on more power before he went for a straight cut gearbox. they're a fun car, but treat the gearbox well. :) :)
  4. :( got ready and about to leave when Mum goes "you have to go to your grandma's house and setup her tv and stuff. Also, her computer needs to be setup and while you're there please try to teach her how to teach her how to use the tv in her bedroom. Ugh. Fml.
  5. as the boys said, would be your best source of info. PLENTY of 4agte nutters on there. :) thats not to say that the guys on here wouldnt be able to help! there is just more direct knowledge of your job on
  6. if you want more power. sell the TRD and buy an XR6T and put up with the abuse. just like i did.
  8. i went to indro raged in the carpark for 30mins, went inside and bought what i needed in 5min. then i couldnt be ****d waiting around for 2hrs for the meet, so i went home. next time?
  9. SecaBoy

    Jap's TRD Hilux

    skid videos have gone. :(
  10. BWAHAHAHHAAHAHA. thats so awesome!!!
  11. Cheers mate appreciate it very much, i'd give it all up in a heart beat if i could own a machine like yours VERY cheap to do so. ;) I've only spent ~$14k on mods to get me where i am. :) and the cars themselves are so cheap second hand! :)
  12. i'm continually impressed with your level of skill!!! well done mate. they look great!