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  1. Hi guys :) I have a 1990 SV21 Apollo/Camry Wagon, and desperately need a reasonably priced, reliable and trustworthy mechanic to take a look at the thing. It seems to be leaking a fair amount of transmission fluid, and is starting to slip gears. Also has an oil leak in one of the spark plud chambers..... I am in the inner west, work in Kensington, but can drive to wherever need be. My main issue is i am newish to Sydney, and i havnt been able to find someone trustworthy to take a look. PLEASE HELP!
  2. hi there friendly people! ive recently purchased a 1994 Camry, with about 200k on the dial, and a cylinder blown. i was thinking of replacing the engine, and wanted to know if anyone out there has done it, and how much is an average price? also, what are the models and types of engines that are compatable with mine. is it an easy task to put a v6 in? and finally, any advice please on somewhere to find a well priced replacement or reconditioned engine in Sydney. thanks people! :)