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  1. Quote "There will be no road congestion tax, no change to the GST, no change to capital gains, negative gearing or share taxation and no changes to petrol taxes." Bonus - NO ETS! Now this government is starting to understand, and to WAKE UP! ....and the public. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/henry-review-brings-boost-for-superannuation/story-e6frf7jo-1225861022539
  2. Henry tax review tipped to include plan for drivers to pay by kilometre http://www.heraldsun.com.au/money/money-matters/henry-tax-review-tipped-to-include-plan-for-drivers-to-pay-by-kilometre/story-fn312ws8-1225860719998 http://www.infrastructure.org.au/DisplayFile.aspx?FileID=372 ......... hmmmmmmm now they can track us via GPS, and one would assume, how fast you are traveling, hey presto, ADHOC self infringement notice for speeding. Excellent revenue maker. ......... hmmmmmmm now they can track us via GPS, and monitor what ever you do or go via a motorised vehicle, big brother, or just anot
  3. Unveiled: Corolla Hybrid. STEVE COLQUHOUN March 2, 2010 More frugal than a Prius, but will Toyota Australia import it? If Toyota's celebrated Prius hybrid is the car that opened the world's eyes to petrol-electric motoring, then the Auris version of the same technology unveiled this week is the one that's likely to be bought in bigger numbers. The compact Auris - or Corolla, as it's known in Australia and New Zealand - follows its big brother, the Camry, in receiving radical heart surgery to install Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive. It combines a conventional petrol-driven engine with an electric
  4. I replaced mine with: CENTURY 53 CCA 330 RC 50 3 Years Warranty. Cheers.
  5. Melb Quick Catch Up, the return on Kcorro! Saturday 11 April 2009 at Garage Cafe at 2:00pm. Garage Cafe 221 Berkeley Street Carlton http://www.garagecafe.com.au/
  6. Welcome back to Australia Kcorro! So when is the big catch-up / meet happening?
  7. Wow, you're still around Lucio! How are ya man? Lucio, Legend, Danz Legen, and where have the red barons gone to?
  8. Plug-in cars no better for the environment. Barry Park, The Age, March 31, 2009. http://www.drive.com.au/Editorial/ArticleD...ArticleID=61878 A new study claims that electric cars plugged into coal-powered grids are no better for the environment than efficient petrol cars. By BARRY PARK. In some parts of Australia, particularly Victoria, you would be better off buying a hybrid or even a small-capacity petrol-engined car. Figures released by the University of South Australia reveal how much carbon dioxide an electric vehicle will produce for each kilometre travelled in each state or territo
  9. Toyota unveils Next-Generation Prius 12 January 2008 Toyota unveils Next-Generation Prius Toyota unveiled the third-generation Prius hybrid vehicle today (Australian time) at the 2009 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. A benchmark for cars of the future, Prius has delivered superior fuel economy and ultra-low emissions to more than one million owners worldwide, including almost 12,000 in Australia. The third-generation 2010 Prius is expected to arrive on the Australian market early in the third quarter of 2009. It features even better fuel economy and stronger performance with
  10. New Toyota Prius looks to the sun New Toyota Prius looks to the sun Jez Spinks, drive.com.au, January 13, 2009 Toyota's third generation Prius hybrid car gets a boost from solar power. The third generation Toyota Prius hybrid car uses a solar panel to improve fuel economy. The next generation of the world’s most popular hybrid car uses the power of the sun to improve fuel economy. Toyota has debuted its new petrol-electric Prius hybrid vehicle at the 2009 Detroit motor show. The third generation Toyota Prius's new features include a sunroof with solar panels that contribute to better fuel e
  11. New 2010 Toyota Prius here in June 13 January 2009 Joshua Dowling in Detroit As most car makers are yet to release their first petrol-electric vehicle... ...Toyota has unveiled the third-generation Prius, more than a decade after the original model went on sale. The successor to the world’s biggest selling hybrid car – more than 1.1 million have been sold – was revealed at the Detroit motor show overnight ahead of its Australian debut in June. The Japanese maker has completely redesigned the Prius from the ground up. In an attempt to rid hybrid cars of their dowdy image, the new model
  12. Toyota launches new prius in Detroit (January 2009). Toyota launches new Prius in Detroit (January 2009) words - Ken Gratton A third generation of Toyota's Prius succeeds the car that was the 'forerunner' of all hybrids -- if you ignore Honda's original Insight. Toyota released the original Prius sedan in Australia with the information that the name for the car was a Latin word meaning 'forerunner'. Presuming that calling the car by the English translation would have confused it with the HiLux-based 4Runner that had been discontinued not long before, the Latin name made sense in a way. No

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