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  1. Two thumbs up for you! Very nice ^_^ ^_^
  2. arghh.. can't make it anymore.. got work from 10am until midnight.. <_< hope you guys have fun!
  3. thanks for the kind comments.. i might throw the 6 spoke conquest rims on it and see how it looks.. or even the sportivo rims B) plans: b18c2/7 somewhere down the track, whichever i can get my hands on some kind of spoiler to replace the little stock piece of crap possibly a full respray it'll take time, but hopefully everything will be the way i want it in the end
  4. thanks.. k20 ? bit too steep for me.. lol i'm pretty sure these civics came out in this colour.. and yep, the corolla's still at home.. my brother's taking it around now
  5. Ok, so here's my new ride.. Honda Civic GLi '95 Stock d15b7 motor Aftermarket exhaust Some kind of 17" wheels Type R style front lip Blox gearknob Has a few problems here and there, but what do you expect from a 14 year old car
  6. Did you get rid of your corolla? If you go & bring your non-toyota, i might also go & bring my non-toyota The rolla's still at home.. what's this non-toyota you speak of ? lol
  7. No vtec at the moment unfortunately :( Got myself a nice little EG4.. will post up some pics when I find my camera The gearbox needs some repairing, but I'm strapped for cash right now.. I'll try and make the cruise if it holds up until then
  8. Yep, saw you too.. hahaha it was my brother .. lucky I came then.. otherwise both of you guys would've been like.. WTF ? lol
  9. I might come down after some sleep.. what time are you thinking of meeting ?
  10. Hahah yeh.. might've been.. Also spotted your corolla today at Flemington.. think it was your mother that was driving it ??
  11. as above.. and also, can you post up a picture of the CAI in your engine bay ?
  12. Everyone got through safe.. lol I got stuck at a traffic light just before the run, so didn't see anything that happened up front

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