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  1. Yea I have decided to get a set of PS3 as christmas gift for myself it seems like it is the best tyres in the market at that price range in wet
  2. Guys, The price of Michelin PS3 and Dunlop sportmaxx are quiet closed. I have read some reviews saying that the PS3 are handling better in wet then the sport maxx with its softer compound. Personally I had sportmax on my Yaris. It did a really good job on dry and wet however, the they are pretty noisy . Would you guys go to PS3 or sportmaxx? Cheers
  3. Yea that recall did hold my legs from stepping in to a Vdub. After a bit of research, those recalls did fix the problems though. It doesnt seem like that will cause problem in a long run. As I travel quiet a lot, I was actually thinking of a TDI rather than a petrol model in particular. Seeing the fuel consumption for a corolla, it is not far off from a Diesel engine. The torque from the diesel is a pretty good feeling but the delay of acceleration isn't too pleasant when overtaking or so.
  4. Hi guys, My yaris has travelled quiet a bit. The suspension which I believed has given up on me so I am just wondering would that be better to replace my shock absorber with pedders or new stock ones. Are pedders reliable in terms of the installation work and the quality of their suspension? I am not planning to lower my car or anything but little stiffer than the stock would be nice. Or if there is any other brands along the price tag ? Cheers Eric
  5. I bought my YRX auto 5dr hatch in 2007 brand new. It started off doing 550 till the fuel light flashing. After years of travelling (100k on the clock), upgraded to 16' rims and v-power all the time, it is now doing about 350-400 city driving till the light comes up.
  6. Hi guys, I am new to this forum my name is Eric, however, my date of registering was a while back. I am just wondering if anyone here has the issue on the steering rod. At stationary or low speed, significant squeaking noises and clicking feeling generated from the steering. Since my car is out of warranty, my mechanic suggested me it might be the steering rod ( which is common for yaris according to him). It will cost close to 800 to repair. Oh my yaris is 2007 YRX HATCH 5 dr. Thx guys
  7. Hi guys, My name is Eric. I am kinda new to this forum although I registered a while ago. I come across to this dilemma of whether getting a golf 7 comfortline or Corolla Levin. I know that they are coming from different end of the world. The prices of the cars are quite comparable as well as the capped servicing. Reliability is one of the main concerns that I look into. However, I had a go on both of the cars. Golf gave me a bit of confidence in cornering while corolla is still a corolla, which didn't surprise me in anyway. Please throw me some thoughts. Cheers
  8. Guys, do you know any good place to get Koni or Tein coilover in Sydney area? and roughly how much would it cost? Cheers
  9. Guys, Do you know any place in Sydney area sell koni coilover for Yaris? Do you have any idea of how much it would cost? Cheers,
  10. Soory not only is this in the wrong section but also in breach of buy and sell rules. read them first before you post. thanks.