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  2. i want a exaust for my car got no idea where or what to change to make it sound good and get a lil performance if i can
  3. hey guys wana buy these coilovers from this site http://www.nengun.com/ cusco zero 2s for my corolla sportivo 2005 superdave said the product code is the same is this site trustworthy does anyone know of any places in sydney or other if not this site to buy some off want them so bad car has been to high for too long heard cusco is the ***** and not too expensive trying to stay under 2500 as much as i can thanks
  4. track where did you get yours from how much it it cost?
  5. oi flamo u dnt have a stevo n e more so shut up and get mps lol
  6. hey you said to try super streets teins or cusco if so do you know of any places that sell them ive been on nengun and nissan silvia ,also mod your car.com and mu secret at paramatta they all say hard to find and they dont know they part number for my model sportivo because they are worried that it wont fit
  7. hey you said you have d2 cusco ones or just d2s wat colour are they ??
  8. hi just need some help i live in Sydney trying to find a decent or really good brand of coilovers does anyone know of any places where i can get some from and what brands i was going to go racing logic but the order took to long so i got a refund any help would be great
  9. :) hey i only got this a month ago so far done rear TRD sway bar pioneer championship sound system TRD Gear nob ordered tein coil overs and cusco strut brace from japan simota full cold air intake 3 ana half intake pipe larger than the trd one heaps more to come very soon i dont wait hope you guys like
  10. dont sell the ro11a

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