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  1. dealer training manual/ brochure looks like a kia?
  2. desssa

    '11 ZRE 'Rolla

    nice although i would of chosen the 3.. hands down..
  3. all from my 2011 zr levin .trading it in, deals done -brand new dash mat custom made by toyota $55 - headlight/bonnet protectors $80 -factory corolla new had rubber mats on top since new $80 pick up melb, sell as a package $200
  4. will have a (9005) hb3 kit availible also 8000k traded the levin in so taking it out
  5. i have a couple of 6000k kits i used for about 1 hr all together in my toyota pm if interested
  6. very nice cruising car ..i bought my wife one about 5 yrs ago put it on gas and did a big end bearing about 5 months later had 115000kms goodluck.
  7. the two left side rims my wife scratched.rights side are all good .no buckles just grazes
  8. june is a possibility, will post to syd but you organize and pay from your end
  9. really... why its great on fuel .my auto zr sits on 7.5 ..
  10. look you will see .. they all have it,i went and looked a 4 other new corollas with the DP at a toyota dealership and they all had it he was shocked at the quality also thats why he gave me a dash mat ,he also said he was putting in a complaint in to toyota also
  11. try blitz exhaust in hoppers crossing .. he can custom make etc etc..highly recommended