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  1. Thanks all :) lol Kev, thanks mate. It happened coz a few things went my way. I have been in love with the VR6 for a long time.. it jst worked out now was a good time to buy Bought it as a dealer demo. Was the financial controller's car and was on the public market for 3 days, hadnt been driven by the public, registered mid feb had 1200kms on it. Cheers. $4,000 Recaro Leather seats. If they weren't on the car already I would never get them as an extra.. they are gorgeous but! Forums are an evil thing! i bought this saying i wouldnt need to mod it but i have already got my eye on some things (intake, exhaust, suspension) ... time will tell I guess. The bad thing about Euro is that it is sooooo expensive to mod! Hehe no it wont, the last of the V6's and yes the sound is a classic. I weighed up waiting for the R32 replacement but, oh that exhuast note........! :D
  2. As of March 2009: :D
  3. *bump* Up for Sale.. http://au.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/inde...showtopic=18745
  4. Much of a muchness really... depends what your goals are, what you want to achieve and what you want from your headunit - oh and price obviously If your're keen on one and it suits your needs then go for it. Retailers will always suggest what they have more of in stock or what they will get the better commission off.
  5. TWM FTW had it for 3 years, no issues easy install with illustrated instructions good service and delivery value for money heaps shorter then the TRD and looks better
  6. Black prefacelift Stivo on Oxford St 11pm-ish last nyt stopped at the lights outside UN nightclub black/bronze rims, TOCAU sticker on front bar, lowered i gave the female driver the thumbs up
  7. awesome stuff mate. where'd the eyelids go?
  8. prefacelift is little bit more work as you need to spend more time taping off the bits u dont want black whereas the facelift it's a whole piece that can be removed. few prefacelifts have done it but not many.. more effective on the 05 model
  9. Edit 22.03.08 Suspension upgrade!! took their time getting here but better late then never! Cusco Zero 2 coilovers: one of the best sussy mods for the Corolla (so they say..) They should be installed in the near future along with some new boots for the stock rims; looking at the Toyo Proxes T1R will review once installed! Cheers
  10. ^^ as above rip em out and put normal bulbs back in
  11. grey FTW dont think i'd want white on mine anyway.. they'd jst get dirty and turn yuck eventually
  12. thats me, i didnt see you!! ah nice! wasnt in my car, was walking down liverpool :)
  13. Silver Prefacelift Stivo 11pm 10th Nov Liverpool St heading towards George St in the City Lowered on Black rims, eyelids, rear skirt, wingtips No. Plate: 141KW (nice!)
  14. China GP Pole Massa Team Ferrari Drivers Hamilton and Kimi Fastest Hamilton