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  1. Guys you need to understand that the hand brake is like that since it was brand new, we have already owned a Silvia and a Lancer. even my 1970 mini locks and drifts. I have a Forester Xti so no need to race the corolla. I already check and adjust the cable but it doesn't make any difference, the only one is that it got harder to pull up. Now, I research and seems to be that is a model issue with many people complaining about it but no answers so far. The car is only 42.000 km and brakes are in perfect condition.
  2. Hi all, I have a Corolla hatch 08', since I bought the car I haven't been able to lock the rear tyres with the hand brake and drift the car (i know, I know but it's easier to turn it around). Couple weeks ago my wife took the car and she left the car on neutral, applied the hand brake and steeped off to pick up some stuff, the car rolled and hit another car. (she should have put it in P, but that doesn't excuse the bad function of the hand brake). This is the first car I have that doesn't lock the rear wheels. I took it to the dealer and they "adjusted the hand brake", but no change was noticed, it feels the same and behaves the same. is there any way I can improve this? maybe better pads. I don't want to install a hydraulic hand brake BTW. Thank you.
  3. Well it depends of what size you want, the 15" wheels are between $400-$500 brand new. I haven't seen an used good set of those cheap. that'd be handy as you already have the tyres for that. if you are planning on 16-17'" I recommend to buy them new in a wheel shop, you'll pay almost the same price. for your info your tyres are PCD=114.3x5, offset: +43.
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