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  1. Hi I just called up toyota and apparently a replacement key (the one with button on the side) is $200 plus programming and cutting I didnt think it was this expensive!!! Anyone got theirs replaced? Can I use the ones available in Ebay 2 button lock unlock blank key EBAY Key or a remote EBAY remote
  2. Razor

    Personal Lights

    Hi just got the camry and noticed that the personal lights don't work. I checked the bulbs and they look like that the filament is still intact. tried measuring voltage and its zero. dome light works... do they share the same fuse? Thanks in advance
  3. Yes the car still has the original Fujitsu headunit, the stacker is plugged in from the back but not sure from the headunit. Will check if its getting power cheers
  4. Hi Just got my '93 Camry and noticed that there's a cd stacker in the boot Fujitsu ten brand which is stock. There's only an eject button but the magazine doesnt come out, how do I get the magazine out or operate the cd stacker? Sorry for the newbie question Thanks in advance
  5. Hi My 1993 Camry's dashboard has lifted off the front windscreen vent, you can see the yellow foam from outside. Can I fix this without taking the dash off? Thanks in advance