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  1. Not a bad outcome, in the face of a potentially worse one! Good to hear, and I hope RACV come good with their tentative agreement. B)
  2. What was your final outcome Atomic? Hope it didn't spoil your Christmas!
  3. Ouch, that does sound like a complete clusterbuck on behalf of the RACV. I hope they resolve it to your satisfaction, even if it comes down to fuel in the tank! I'm glad I was of a little solace to you, and I did get a chuckle from your lawnmower man reference (one that would be lost on my kids). It just seems crazy that a RACV "mechanic" can get something so simple, so wrong
  4. I guess it depends if he found the blown fusible link before or after he tried to jumpstart the car - hopefully your wife will clearly remember. I can't imagine the car was driven there with the fusible link blown, or that it blew overnight (unless a rat has chewed some wiring or something! I live in country NSW and that's not uncommon) If it was just a simple flat battery, and this is a result of the RACV guy's action I'd be pretty ****** off. I would have thought that they should be using jumper cables with reverse polarity protection though
  5. That card is a modern day fusible link, and I'm guessing shouldn't be more than $60 for a new one (that *is* a guess). However there might be a more expensive reason behind why it blew. I have read that reversed polarity (like hooking jumper cables up wrong) can cause this, but it's not the case in your situation.... Hope it's nothing too serious!
  6. holmesie

    Toyota Fortuner

    Not a big fan of the Fortuner styling, the current model Kluger is much more attractive. however i have only seen pics so will reserve my judgement until I've seen and sat in one. Ready to trade-in our 2008 KX-S Kluger with 200,000+ km and there is a lot to choose from nowadays
  7. My 2008 KX-S does not beep and never has! Cheers
  8. I popped the bonnet, only to find the lid of the airbox wasn't seated - seems the last time it was serviced a new filter was installed and the job not finished properly by the mechanic. Almost 8,000km of sucking in god-knows-what through a 5mm gap. I cleaned the intake tubing and airflow meter, reset the code and it seems to be OK after. However I will be watching the oil consumption closely, and having a chat with the mechanic
  9. My 2008 Kluger (185,000km) has the check engine & VSC lights lit, and my scanguage reads two codes P0171 and P0174. Has anyone had this problem with their Kluger? Google suggests the codes translate to lean mixture and could be several things including a vacuum leak or a crook o2 sensor. Any help appreciated! Thanks in advance
  10. Kluger is now US-sourced, and the Yanks aren't that big on diesels in anything smaller than a Dodge Ram (hell, I don't even think the US Hilux/Tacoma has a diesel option)guess that also explains why the Ravhas diesel as an option but not the Kluger
  11. Yay to the 6-speed auto, Boo to no diesel engine - Toyota might be worried about how a diesel engined Kluger might affect Prado sales? I would buy one tomorrow if diesel was offered.
  12. I recall reading (somewhere) the waterpump can definitely be replaced without removing the engine, however at least one engine mount has to be unbolted and the engine jacked up to enable access/clearance. Good luck, and please let us know how it ends up for you!
  13. If I remember, I will measure mine tomorrow for you ^_^
  14. Your relay should be connected to the high-beam headlight wire, and then to the body of the car (ie. not to the positive terminal of the battery). That way it should latch on and off when you put high-beam on and off. Hope this is helping!
  15. It's possible the current model Klugers may have a different headlight wiring setup to mine, which is an 08 model

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