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  1. 1KZ-TE and 2L-T are totally different motors, which is why im after a 2L-T. Thanks anyway.
  2. Might be a bit of a long shot here but anyways. Im chasing a 2L-T engine to suit a toyota surf (manual). If you've got one or know of someone who does, let me know. Thanks
  3. I dare say that the gearbox input shaft seal is leaking. Should prob take it to someone who knows what their doing as it sounds like the guy your using has no idea.
  4. Quite possibly its for the Spiral Cable or "Clock Spring" behind the steering wheel. Its a fairly common problem. Given its an 07 model, you may or may not get that replaced under warrenty. Kinda depaneds on the dealer I spose.
  5. CT20 turbo from a Surf should di what you want nicely. You should be able to get a complete kit from an import wrecker (Turbo, manifolds etc) fairly easy.
  6. The drain tubes are probably blocked or have fallen off. You'll have to pull the roof lining down to get at them.
  7. The ECU has probably logged a fault code (hence the engine light) but it may have corrected itself. However the code will remain stored in its memory till its cleared but won't bring the light back on unless something triggers it. Best get it checked out.
  8. A bit more info would be helpful. On your build plate where it says "axle" it should have some sort of code eg g242. If you could post that, that would be helpful. Most 4wd hilux's have do have an LSD, but as for bearings, you'll have to find out when you pull it apart. If your fitting a lockrtie, then this won't matter anyway (pinions, lsd etc) as you throw those away. Cheers
  9. Possibly a Tie rod end or steering rack end. Could also be lower ball joint, but need more info.
  10. The panel shop might have put them upside down. If you pop them out, you'll see an arrow on one of the tabs that hold them in the bumper. That arrow needs to be facing upwards. Otherwise no other adjustments can be made to reverse sensors.
  11. More than likely one of the door switches is playing up. Its become fairly common for ACV/MCV36 series camrys to have alarm or centrel locking issues caused by faulty door switches.
  12. We have been having a few problems with the intake and exhaust vvti controlers on current corolla and kluger. Only makes the noise till it gets oil pressure then it goes away, and only on cold start situations such as early mornings or when its left sitting for a long period of time.
  13. Depends on the dealer. Where I work, we use Toyota Workshop oil (which is made by Caltex), 10w30 for the vvti cars, 15w40 for everything else including diesels.