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  1. Gotta hate the scam..... BTW how you coping after the storm?
  2. How is this coming along? Will we see you on a cruise soon? How much is the Seca for sale for? SO many questions......
  3. Sweet ride.... welcome to the twin turbo club! Gotta love those soarers Dont know much about the 1gg-gte tho
  4. Back in the day we called them bazookas Used to be full on into car stereo meh more about performance now
  5. Hey you should get a new tacho too Shouldnt be too expensive and good to know how many revs your doing at night That bazzooka in the boot is good too.....
  6. Hey everyone this cruise was really good good to meet you all again after my absence.....
  7. Sorry guys got a model specific JZX 90 cruise on the same day and nearly the same time too!!!!!!!
  8. Hey Have a look at your exhaust.... are any parts touching the body? If not it could be engine mounts.....
  9. Hey welcome! nice ride, meet you on the next cruise!