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  1. Boleh Long time no speak! I had the same noise as per the video in the YouTube before. Was told by Toyota that the VTEC valve is sticking. Was there for 2 days and under warranty. To be honest if I have the smiler trouble now I would have sold the car straight away as I am thinking of changing it to a smaller diesel wagon since my kids now older.
  2. Taka


    What a rotten luck David! I would say $800 + $2500 plus labour (I presume) will be just a little ahead?? of excess payment + difference in primium after losing no claim bonus... You need to punch the calculator there. Not sure wreck is the go as it is only the first model has combine third and split already in the current model. Condition is variable. But volume is there being a popular car. You never know your luck - since the third row being down wont get damage in a rollover ... So i guess my advice is to wait a little while. If you feel running out of time then you may have to bit the bullet.
  3. Good numbers and good on you using the best fuel available. I can't afford them but tend to get good numbers when I use them. I conclude not that what sort of city traffic and who drives the Kluger determine the fuel consumption. I can do it using 95 RON around 13L in light traffic. However, if I 'gun' the car in Melbourne CBD looking for a car spot than I will be lucky to get under 25L. 10L/100km whenever I go out on trip - that never get higher even I'm doing 120kmh on interstate motorways (with allowance for speedo error I never get pull over in NSW btw - realistic I was prob just over 110 :P) Still love the car! Now getting old and making noise but still can't find anything better in the price range. Always want an BMW X5 diesel though
  4. I think I just escape tax on mine maybe. But I expect to pay tax but glad that I didn't.
  5. if you pay retails for part of course. As the US dollars slump, it is wise to import parts to repair the Toyota. I import a set of spark plug identical to the ones Mazda has for my RX8. I was surprised for the quote that Mazda locally charges $150 each. a quick check of prices in the US. The Mazda dealer over there wants $150 US a set shipped. any mechanics or even a handy friend can do it for a low fee (latter may just cost a 6 pack). I never agree with the pricing of Australian dealers. $30 for a Kluger oil filter?!
  6. Ratting sound on start up was exactly the symptom and I just occur in the last 2 months. They had to drop the engine down to do it. replaced it by a newer designed part that meant to be better. I am sure that is the better part that is on the later models. insurance canceling thing is very tempting idea. I must check that out this month. I wonder if I can pay by the month??? :) in terms of LPG, I think the premium of 60c a litter is very tempting as we are doing 25000km city kms a year. Less than that I think is useless excercise.
  7. Taka

    LPG ur Kluger

    I am considering LPG conversion of my Kluger once warranty finishes. The initial quote that I have with LPGAS1 is $4800 with $1500 rebate. Still, the price difference needs 25000km of city driving to break even. That is to provided that the fuel consumption is similar between the two type of fuel. Could I ask... what system do you use? fuel consumption on LPG? any issues? power? thanks Taka.
  8. all the above is true. BUT if you order tyros that made in the US, you will exempt from tax due to trade agreement. I have paper to prove it. I brought 4 Duelar Avenis 255/45 19. $1000 plus postage from tirerack. no tax but you have to wire the money in as they do not do cards. that cost another $25 or so.
  9. Hi Ray! I receive the same letter. Hmmm I had warranty repair of the VVTi controller last week. Just a month before warranty expires. Still I don't think I need that extended. my plan is to use non Toyota machanics to service the car. Hmmm I think I will take this chance. I doubt it worth much if I sold the car within this period. People will rather think that the car has been having problem and you need warranty. Catch 22 huh? Also I am planning to LPG the car if I had to keep it. warranty will be voided then anyway right????
  10. Taka

    Badges on Tailgate

    lol ei think it is more like people putting badges like to show off do you find a TRD badge anywhere ? TRD - Toyota racing development.??
  11. Taka


    vibration on steering wheel? if so, you need to weight balance the front wheels
  12. Taka

    Badges on Tailgate

    one of the 4WD or AWD does not belong. picture?
  13. But one thing i believe is that with a tread rating of 400. It will last as long as the OEM ones.
  14. Yes it is true. But I would like to point out that most of the reviewers are Americans. Not being racists at all here, but people who has been in the international forums for a long time will know that comment from the other sides of the Pacific is generally highly execrated, subjective and tends to pull on one fact and bash it to death. People here are more tolerant and rational - love you guys haha. But I will say purely looking at the tyre tread. It is unlikely ATR will be quieter than Zero but there is what you think after reading the US reviews.
  15. Why not the ATR but the zero. I think the ero is more sportier tyre but the ATR Pirelli is more for off road and can be noiser. Cough... The Zero is $230usd @ tyrerack.com. Shipment is usually in the region for$250 for 4.