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  1. Good day peoples. I have a set of 4AGE stock headers with heat sheilds still attached sitting in the garage and would like them gone. They are off a FWD SX Seca. 1990. Good condition, No cracks. Heat sheilds are clean and no dints or cuts. PM me if you are interested. $50 can post at buyers expense. Thank you. Justin.
  2. id like to know what ratios you were running. at 110 in my sx seca its about 3700 approx. Or smack on 4000rpm right on 120. Beside. whats the problem. Just means when you put the happy pedal down even in 6th gear it pulls away. Id prefer that than no response at all. The new 86 doesnt look like the type of car you would buy for family duties and lots of 6th gear long distance driving anyway haha.
  3. i wasnt looking at spending a hell of alot for cams. Idealy im looking for good condition used 264/256 to try and bring the price down a little otherwise just the bigport 240's (i think they are) is fine. even though its very mild its still an upgrade and very cheap to pick these up. as for the head gasket there are a few people that have them around so just sort of need to find one for the right price. The going price for these seem to be about the $150 mark. Thanks for replying mate.
  4. Hey guys. Looking at upgrading the cams in my Seca. I'm thinking either a 264/256 setup or for the right price I might just settle for some bigport cams. I also wish to raise the compression a little while I have it open doing the cams and need a 0.8mm head gasket. (0.8 because as im aware that is the best size for a stock motor?) If you have any or know of where I can get some please let me know. Cheers.
  5. Good day people's. In the photo's you will see that my intake pipe is stuffed. Big crack in it hence all the tape so NEEDS replacing. Now the very FEW stock intake pipes i have found to replace it with are quite pricey which i am not willing to pay. Anyways i just need to know what a certain hose and connection does so i know if i can disconnect it or not as my new hose wont have the connection available. (I also understand i will lose the resinator by replacing the standard pipe but my way of thinking is if i replace it with a high flow intake then the resinator becomes irellivent as there will be plenty of air available when the foot gets pushed to the floor. Correct me if I'm wrong) anyways what does this do. Connects from the very start of the intake pipe, over to ???? then back over to the throttle body/tps area. This particular hose is missing a clamp and sitting loose on the nipple anyway? Is this important and has to stay connected or can it go. I guess if its necessary i can cut a small hole and put a nipple into the pipe I'm going to use so this can be connected. If necessary as thats a pain haha. Cheers. You will probably notice a few other split hoses and missing clamps. All this is getting replaced or fixed too haha.
  6. Awesome. Thanks heaps dorifto.
  7. Haha. Cheers mate. Whats your ride?
  8. Hello all. I used to be around these walls a few years ago. Known as MRGEN3 and something else cant remember the second one. Anyways her is a few pics of my old ride. If any of you that remember me are still around throw me a PM would be great to catch up at any meets. Maybe you can inform me of all the new go to places for parts etc etc :-) 2005 Sportivo. Full exhaust Aftermarket CAI Fake Carbon number plate surround. Apart from that just immaculate and stock. Anyways this is my new ride. Clearly not as immaculate and new as the at the time brand new 05 sportivo but im still quite happy with its graceful aging and condition As far as i know apart from it clearly being lowered its completely stock. Looks wise with exception of rear muffler, lowered, tint and small sound system my goal for this car is to keep complete original look. I will just slowly source out or re paint new bits and peices to get interior and exterior as mint as possible. Power wise CAI, Upsized throttle body, Extractors and exhaust. Thats about it really. I just want a nice second daily driver cheaper than the big holden family car but still reasonably quick and fun to drive. Cheers guys. Any of you guys out there that know ALOT about these cars please throw me a PM so i can pick your brains. I have many questions :-) Cheers.
  9. Are any of these CAI's suited for the SX Seca 4AGE? If not can anyone point me in the right direction to start looking. Cheers.
  10. Im in and signed up. Treading carefully to get off to a good start with the other members. Searched through the first 5 pages here and on there i cannot find anything about CAI's for my car so just gonna have to ask the question i think.
  11. Sorry by intake i meant CAI :-) my mistake. Yeah i actually really like the factory look of this car even with the factory rims it has that mild sleeper effect but still looks nice and sporty without being boring. Its been lowered not sure what by yet as i havent taken the rims off to look. Handles nice. Smooth ride no body roll so im sure its been done properly already but whether or not its good quality product is a different matter. As for the CAI's i guess ill have to ask around twincam.org for where to start looking for those. Cheers mate you have been a big help.
  12. Excelent. Thanks heaps mate. Answered everything i need to know haha. I think my goal for now is just a good intake and good exhaust. Thats it for power really. Im going to focus on a slight brake upgrade, better tread, shocks and springs. And looks wise im going to focus on getting all the little bits and bobs that look a little worse for wear replaced and or swapped for a better condition one. any suggestions on where i can get an intake for these things. Been looking everywhere?
  13. Good day fella's Firstly i would just like to confirm how do i know what sized port intake manifold i have. Im assuming small port. My car is a stock 1990 SX Corolla with the 4AGE in it from factory. Apart from the obvious more intake air flow what sort of benefits am i looking at fitting a big port over the stock small port. Is it as simple as bolt and drive and a tune is not necessarily needed (obviously a tune to get maximum potential) Or is it more complicated than that and a whole bunch of other things are needed for this to work and run properly. Reason i ask is i found a tidy looking big port manifold cheap (advertised as off a front wheel drive 4AGE) and if this is just a simple cheap (small) upgrade i thought i may as well snatch it up and chuck it on Cheers for any info in advanced guys.
  14. Good day all. I was just wondering if there are any know it all's outthere for the 4 age motors that is willing to let me send them pm's regarding questions I would like to about the motor. Good places to search for parts etc etc. Cheers guys. My plan for this is it keeps the wall tidy rather than me asking a new question each day.
  15. Well it ended up selling on me anyways. I think more trouble than its worth not knowing how it was done. History etc. Well i ended up picking up a stock 1990 SX 4AGE everything is smooth. Runs well, drives well, no noises. Timing belt and seals recently done. I was quite surprised by this motor. Acts like its on speed. Constantly felt like it wanted to go faster. Maybe not as quick as my V8 i just sold but by far alot more toey and energetic than my V8 haha. Now becasue i cant help myself time to look into the go fast parts LOL. Just to give it a little more life. Not looking into superchargers or turbo's (For now) Can anyone direct me into the right direction to source this sort of stuff. Descent intake. Exhaust specs/size i should be looking into. mild brake and suspension upgrade and a few little nick nacks in the interior i want to fix or add like electric windows etc etc Cheers for any help in advance.
  16. Bugger. Was a day late. Intented on getting there today or tomorrow to check it out and he sold it just this morning. Oh well. Keep looking then. Maybe a toyota starlet it is then. if i wanna save petrol well hey whats better than 6L/100km lol (for the money im spending anyway)
  17. I could be mistaken. Ive had a stivo. Pretty quick considering what it is. I didnt think the supercharged 1.6L's were particularly quick. If its quicker than Stivo then thats plenty for what im after. Like i said just something that is cheaper than a V8 to run but as im into my cars i still want something with a little bit of poke in it thats all. I phoned the guy. Apparently its a clutch driven pulley so if im just putting around then the supercharger wont be engaged so i wont be wasting petrol. Sounds perfect for what im after. Dont know i suppose all i can do is check it out. If its running smooth. Feels good to drive. Then what have i got to lose. Just take someone with me that has half an idea about these motors haha.
  18. You mean like the skinny wheels that came out on the sportivo's that are probably still quicker than this thing running 14psi? Just saying. You drive a car to its capapbilities. If it needs wider tyres ill put wider tyres on it. Tyres are irrelivent to my questions. I just need to know about the motor. Cheers.
  19. Good day all. Im looking at an AE92 with an imported 4AGZE motor in it. Running 14psi pulley upgraded fuel pump to cater but apart from that pretty stock. It has been advertised as engine swap has been done properly not cut and chop and just thrown in etc etc. Anyways What do you think of these motors. I just sold my V8 to get something little cheaper to run but still want something with a bit of poke in it. Are these motors quite ecenomical considering. (yes supercharger means more petrol) Whats peoples fuel average experiences with these motors? On the basis that it hasent been thrashed are the 4AGZE over all a good motor? Any information would be a great help as i dont know alot about these motors so a little nervouse to be going down this path. If its not this then ill probably just end up buying a cheap fuel sipper and SAVE SAVE SAVE lol. Some of you may happen to notice this car as it is situated in the gong and you may be able to tell me if its a good car or not without me travelling all the way there and wasting my time :-) Cheers.
  20. Hello all. The names Justin Not sure if any of the people are still around that i used to chat and socialise with a few years ago when i was apart of this forum and local meets and cruises. Anyways i MIGHT be buying another toyota soon and thought i would drop in and say gday to anyone that remembers me drop me a message. Im having a little issue though. I cannot change anything in my profile. My settings, my security, Nothing? Can anyone help with this. Wont even let me click on the contact admin for help? Anyways hey again looking forward to catching up with a few of you. Cheers.