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  1. better not go through broke road, surface is prttey bad there heaps of potholes..
  2. thanks to mark and mish for organising this meet and make the event happen. looking forward to see some photos
  3. haven't been to a big toyota meet for a long time now.. looking forward to this will be in for Sunday cruise for sure, and maybe for Saturday depends where u guys going for photoshoot after the dinner
  4. Just cleaning out the garage and found few items quite new and just collecting dust. Might put it up here for people who might find it useful. Item #1: OEM rear speakers and front tweeters condition: used but very good condition price:$20 Item#2: OEM rear mudflaps for zze corolla hatch condition: used, good condition price:$20 Item#3: OEM stock shifter Condition: used, very good condition was taken out of car when done 30000km Price:$50 PM or text me 0422 871 863 if interested pickup at parramatta/chatswood
  5. can bring to my workshop if you want to give us a go. I'm waiting for my 86 as well and been done a lot of research on it already. and our service will retain ur warranty as well. workshop is at parramatta
  6. looks like maf sensor problem with all that kind of symptoms
  7. Pro86

    Actual ft86

    the 16 inch one doesn't look too bad kinda like watanabe style. hard to find wheels for 5x100..
  8. you should get a extra driver side one as they wear very easily.. but damn they make the inside look brand new
  9. Can I ask How much u get for the wheels?
  10. do all the handling mods and upgrade the drivetrain is first should do I would say. performance mods just do the intake and full exhaust is good enough for day today. have a think about the magnaflow exhaust as well. I got all positive feedbacks from fellow stivo owners when I had them.
  11. is it running rich as well? or just idling high? u check the MAF sensor as well?