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  1. Item: 2003 Toyota Corolla Sportivo Location: Melbourne, Victoria Website: Item Condition: Used Reason for Selling: I bought a new car Price and Payment conditions: $7,500 as listed. Negotiable. Any additional information: All relevant info is on carsales. All I can say is the car runs perfectly, no smoke, etc. Sits well, handles well, goes well. Pictures: attached Contact Details: Please use the carsales link as I don't want to post my phone number here.
  2. Geez settle down. Who said anything about catastrophic failure? Missing an oil change by 1,000kms is not going to do anything. Those motors are bullet proof anyway...probably can run with no oil change for a long longggg time before any sign of failure.
  3. Yeah mate. Ended up taking it to Toyota and they confirmed there was a problem with acceleration and put it down to needing a proper oil change. I regularly change oil and put in what is recommended, so this was a surprise to me, but I'm guessing previous owners had gunked things up with crappy oil/not changing it frequently enough. In my case the ECU wouldn't allow proper acceleration or engage lift properly to protect the motor. Basically to resolve this, Toyota flushed the motor clean with oil flush several times (I had never thought of doing this before), and put in their oil. I can't remember exactly what weight it was but Toyota tried to tell me I need to use their oil or equivalent and the oil I was using was no good (mind you I used top-notch oil recommended on these forums). To be honest I don't think that will make a huge difference as long as regular oil changes are done and the valves are clear. You have to remember the motors are high revving and tightly wound, so you need a good synthetic oil. As the motor gets older the clearances start to change so you can adjust oil accordingly. After picking up the car it was like I had never driven a Stivo before. Huge difference, revved smoothly and lift engaged properly. A few years on i still have the car. It's overdue for another oil change and I'm starting to notice the same problems again haha.
  4. I've already done a forum search for this, but couldn't find anything. So on a hot day I had the cabin A/C fan on inside the car, all working well. Then I turned the car off without turning the fan off. Then turned the ignition to the Accessories position, and I heard a click but the fan didn't come back on. It seemed to have died. I've checked all fuses and they all seemed fine. I can here the click of the relay switch to turn the fan on when I press the button on the console, but the fan doesn't actually go on. AirCon pump is working as I can hear that go on too. This is really annoying as it's right in the middle of summer in Melbourne and I'm dying inside the car. I've heard this could be a fan speed resistor problem as it could be blown, but I don't know where to find that to check. Does anyone have any suggestions or know how I can fix this? Thanks
  5. No responses? Is it worth getting error codes checked even though I'm not getting an engine light?
  6. Yes you're right. I'm clearly no expert, but I do know that the anti-roll bars will help a the end message is the same.
  7. Hi, I can only speak from my personal experience with my Corolla, but making the chassis more rigid with anti-sway bars will reduce the body roll significantly. Lowering the car (which means you are lowering the center of gravity) might help a little bit, but I think a suspension upgrade would help a lot more...but is obviously a more costly exercise. Take a look at this
  8. Hi guys, I've done some extensive searching here, but can't find anything related to the same problem I'm having. Ever since I have owned my 2003 Stivo, I've noticed the acceleration is quite flat. Best way to describe it is that it's like accelerating with the A/C on...or like it's running on 3 cylinders. Takes forever to reach lift...feels like it's struggling. Previous owner had a CAI, but I got the standard box put back maybe there are some vacuum problems? The car idles correctly so I don't think it's that. I've noticed a crack in the box though. I've also changed the filter, spark plugs, and flushed out my motor and put new oil and also inspected the throttle body and all looks okay. What else should I check? Gearbox and clutch? I'm going to book into Toyota soon because the passenger side air bag has had a recall. While they are inspecting that I was going to get them to do some diagnostics on the motor, like an ECU check and compression check. Am I wasting my time and money? Thanks for any help.
  9. 4AGEs have always had an extremely strong and active aftermarket community. Pity you can't put that 4A in a Sportivo though :P True, but I didn't buy any parts specifically made for a 4AGE. Most of it was custom work. Want to buy my engine? :P
  10. Hmmm sounds like a waste of money to me. For under 10k I was able to rebuild my 4AGE (given it's an older motor) with new parts for a turbo conversion, buy a new turbo, intercooler, Microtech ecu, stainless steel piping, exhaust, custom manifold, etc. etc. + labor + tune. And the result is way more power and fun than you would have in a supercharged Sportivo (my opinion).
  11. I know this is an old thread, but I've been doing some searching and can't find any info. The original post mentioned a supercharger kit from Greddy/Trust or Blitz. I've tried finding these online for my Sportivo but can't seem to get anywhere. I realise the post was from 2007 so they may not be in production anymore. Does anyone know where I can purchase a supercharger kit like the one that was mentioned??
  12. Nah sorry man that wasn't me. I could sell it unregistered, but I don't think I'll get what I'm after for it. I've been out of the loop for a bit on these much would one like this go for? Track car for me is out of the question as I don't have the time or money to take it to the track and then keep replacing tyres and brakes.
  13. Okay so this is how the story goes.... A while back I modified my Corolla SX. Rebuilt the motor, modified it for a turbo conversion, microtech ecu, the works (list of mods below). Drove the car around for 4 years without a problem mechanically or from the cops, until one day I got pulled over for no reason. Copper knew what he was on about and sent me to get some EPA tests done and get the car engineered. I knew I couldn't get the car engineered in Victoria (I did extensive enquiries), so I decided to unregister the car. Since then it has been sitting at my parent's place....that was 4 years ago! It's still sitting there, because I don't have the heart to get rid of it, but enough is enough. I want to hear some opinions on what I should do with it. Put back to stock? Sell as a track car? I'm looking for a solution that hopefully doesn't cost me a lot of $$$ MODS: 173kw @ the front wheels on 18psi INTERNALS ARIAS 8.6:1 Forged pistons (82mm oversize); ARP rod bolts; SCE 0.062” Copper head gasket; O-ringed block; ACL race series big end bearings, main bearings and thrust washers; linished crankshaft and connecting rods; shot-peened connecting rods; ported and polished head; standard springs and shims; valves and seats cut; machined flywheel; balanced crankshaft, rods and pistons, crank pulley, fly wheel and pressure plate; INDUCTION GT2860RS Garrett ball-bearing turbo with integral wastegate, 450x300x76 bar and plate intercooler and K&N pod filter FUELLING Toyota 7MGTE 440cc Injectors modified to fit, 500HP Walbro in-tank fuel pump, fuel regulator IGNITION Microtech X4 Ignitor box and coil packs, 9.0mm ignition leads, NGK Iridium spark plugs ENGINE MANAGEMENT Microtech LT10S ECU, Apex-i AVC-R electronic boost controller EXHAUST Custom turbo exhaust manifold, 2.5” mandrel bent, mild steel exhaust system with high flow CAT and Drift Fat Boy Muffler