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  1. Can anyone please provide me with a simple 'how to replace a front wheel stud' for my 2007 Toyota Aurion Presara. Is it a simple process or is it complicated? regards abacab
  2. Honestly, I didn't find any difference. I replaced mine with identical original bulbs made by NARVA. I have been led to believe that these are identical to the ones sold and used by toyota, only with different packaging.
  3. My photos as mentioned previously do not appear to have loaded, so I have tried again....
  4. In Western Australia, we have a company named Repco. They purchased them from a Melbourne based company named NARVA. Part No. 49307 refers. They cost me $240.00 each including freight. I have been advised that this company supplies to Toyota (hearsay) and a mate of mine who works for Toyota states that a lot of mechanics use these offsite (for private work). The most important thing is to use the 12/24V D4S 35W for the Presara. The D4S is the only one. To replace it is not all that easy, see my photo attachments. I have also checked on eBay and the prices are much cheaper. Do NOT use el cheapo brands.... you always get what you pay for. abacab
  5. I'm looking for a step by step guide to replace these bulbs. Does anyone have a link to a guide, please?
  6. Does anyone know where a step by step guide to changing these bulbs can be found? As much as I love my Aurion Presara, Toyota want way too much money to replace them.
  7. V15 is out now, we should be trying to get a copy of this? Agreed... so who out there is willing to place a link or torrent to get V15? I know this is a BIG ask, so I am happy to get V14, but V15 would be the antz pantz.... :D
  8. Does anyone have a link to download V14 or a torrent link for the same? If I could get it and burn it, then I would gladly share it. $400 is way to steep for me.....