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  1. is the trd wing still for sale? if so does it come with the brake light in the wing? if yes to both i might take it off your hand how much for postage to the central coast, 2250? or where abouts in sydney are you from? Cheers, Phil
  2. I actually don't mind this 2nd one doesn't look too bad not as botch jobbed as the 1st one looked
  3. haha yeh silver FTW! yeh i really liked the look of the sportivo and couldnt afford the ZR6 so the SX6 was perfect. Future Mods: HID 6,000k low beams HID 8,000k Fogs dvd/gps headunit designed like the oem headunit (ebay version one) 19" wheels Coilovers/kings springs (still deciding the better option) Full Exhaust with varex oval mufflers for now but that will probs take me a year or two pending funds of course. Cheers, Phil
  4. Hey all, I haven't been on this forum for quite some time due to the fact I didn't exactly own a Toyota I had a Lexus IS200. So i may aswell introduce myself again my names Phil im 19 turning 20 this month,I'm from the Central Coast, I work at dominos pizza in wyoming and fingers crossed going into the RAAF early next year. I have always loved Toyota, my parents have an Avalon and a yaris, and I have had in order of owning them, a camry, a supra, an IS200, and now my sportivo Aurion which is a fair amount considering I have had my licence almost 3 years. Enough about me though this forum is about cars so here she is. About the car: SPECS: 2007 Toyota Aurion Sportivo SX6 Colour: silver Kms: 67789 Features: all the mod cons most new cars have. I don't have any pics of it as of yet but trust me if you have seen my other threads about my camry and supra i do love pictures and mods :P because it's a new car and still under warranty I can't exactly do a lot of mods but I will see what I can do. Cheers, Phil
  5. This hilux was insane and had the 1UZ is it? more here:My Photobucket ToyoFest09
  6. The only mk3 I really liked those angel eyes Cheers, Phil
  7. Well i went today not in the supra becuase i dont have my licence but i still went to have a look. It was an ok turn out i thought, weather actually held off which was pretty good, well at the time i was there (11ish - 1 or something), this was the first one ive been to but im definately going to enter next year :D Here are some pics i took, some of your guys might have seen me hanging round i was with my dad i was wearing my diamonds and $ sign jacket it was cold and its the only jacket i have that keeps me warmish It was pretty dark so some pics didnt turn out so great, would of been better with a tripod. but anyway. (Hope you guys dont mind licence plates being shown if you do ill take the photos down) I really liked this IS300 Blue IS300 engine bay more...
  8. Ok 1 there is no such thing as a n aussie supra they are ALL imports. the 2JZ-GE is the non turboed engine AKA N/A engine AKA SZ (standard) SZ-R (Optioned) Series 1 MKIV supras 1993-1995 N/A's came in auto 4 speed and 5 speed manual Series 2 MKIV supras 1996-2002 N/A's came in auto 4 speed and 5 speed (SZ) and 6 speed (SZ-R) ALL aerotops are AUTO! they are mainly series one's very rare to see a series 2 aerotop. NO you cannot Twin-turbo your N/A you need a different engine the 2JZ-GTE which is a completely different engine. I have learnt most of this before buying as it does help to know whats what. :D if youve got anymore questions fee free to ask. Oh and im on my green P's and trust me there is a HEAP! of power! :D lol Cheers, Phil
  9. cheers guys dont worry the mods are only tastefull :D not much left to do now though just some wheels and series 2 clear indicators and then its onto performance :D
  10. ill hopefully be there in the supra if i dont have anything else on. Cheers, Phil
  11. ill be there but not entering my car as i dont have my licence :( Cheers, Phil
  12. yeh and now shes back on stocko wheels and no pod filter due to being defected ill try get some recent pics up of here looking all rejected and not looked after lol Cheers, Phil
  13. The Red dash Engine bay Half done letterbox grill painted white Thanks