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  1. spotted black sportivo in Brookvale on Saturday cruising around with for sale writen in what looked to be white Posca on his back window. Nice looking car.
  2. Spotted APY03A sportivo on waterloo rd last week. Had a Tocau sticker on the rear window. I got a flick of the back of the car if you want it
  3. Hahah small world hey. Never thought i would know someone at one of our resellers. I remember seeing you at M_M house when i first picked up the car. Congrats on having such a nice car man. I would love a evo 8.
  4. close thread. I figured out that the Dome light also doubles up as the radio fuse. Changed that and voila.
  5. Hi all. I was just installing a new explod HU into brother in laws AE102 and once it was all wired up the head unit did not work. Fuse on the headunit is good but he is missing his kickplate and i dont know what fuse is the radio??? I checked them all and they all seemed fine. After checking them, now the dome light does not work either. What one is the fuse for the stereo???? And yeah i was the ******* who forgot to remove the negative battery terminal therefor prolly blowing a fuse
  6. yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuukkk. That ford is **** horrible. I always thoughts fords were ugly anyway, but this takes the cake
  7. hahahaha yes i have actually driven that thing. We used to tint five ***** veedub and i drove that van a few times long before you ever came and saw me at work.
  8. Thanks. Do you drive the awsome green camry? If so i love your car. I used to see it on ryde road alot. I will wave next time i see you.
  9. spotted a red stock 123r on penno hills rd today. also a silver trd aurion on pen hills rd, a black 122 near waitara mcdonalds with aftermarket rims. all cars looked heaps clean.
  10. spotted BNS70Y at oran park car wars today, loving the car man, dont know about the rims though. Also a few other stivo's and ae92/ae86's in the car park. Too bad we all got hit hard with that storm.
  11. fkn nice work spillage.

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