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  1. hey guys, need a bit of advise...i might be getting headlights with angel eyes/black surround/HID prjectors. what r your thoughts?? taacky?? have you seen them installed on a sportivo?? or has anyone got pics?? Cheers
  2. 1) BG Pete (Iron Chef) 2) Riverandlakes 3) juvenile 4) ZR6XY + the twins 5) Seby123 6) Dazzle [Depending on date] 7) Ronny (Maybe) 8) LFT-00F Pending my car gets fixed 9) flipsta24 10)ohy34h 11)Offzide93 12)red05tivo 13)cruzer (maybe) 14)Ben Yip (may be) 15) mou55a
  3. what do the visors look like guys?? never seen em
  4. hey there guys... up for sale are my stock sportivo wheels... The tyres will be needed to be changed pretty soon... the rims themselves are in decent condition...minor gutter rashes on one (easily repairable) perfect for anyone who wants to spray the stockies black, white, blue, red or whatever colour you want!!!! asking price $400 Located in sydney...pick up preferable, however if you want them shipped interstate, be prepared to pay it yourself :) Pm me if interested...cheers guys
  5. a mate of mine worked/works there...and i have had a few family friends of mine service their cars there... i havent heard any bad feedback about the place..
  6. just to let you know guys, im gna tell the boys on the facebook sportivo page about this meet. most of them arnt on tocau.
  7. how hard is it to do the black surrounds mod & JDM Taillight mod

    1. Kenshin X

      Kenshin X

      easy just need to grow balls ;)

    2. Charlie Trout

      Charlie Trout

      11 hours for front headlights

  8. send a pic once its done!!!! it'll look hot!!!
  9. mou55a


    hey all after selling my black pre facelift sportivo 3 yrs ago... ive come back for round two!!!!! this time with a white facelift sportivo!!! Car is completely stock atm...besides my cold air intake... ive got biiiiig keep posted ;)