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  2. Hey guys I have a 2014 Toyota aurion ATX and as you might know the aurion does not have a fog lamp and I was wondering if it is possible to install one, if so where can I buy it and get it done? The cost to have it installed? Thanks
  3. Hi everyone, I just bought a 2013 Aurion (Toyota Certified Premium Used Vehicle). 12,000 km on the odometer Melbourne It was formerly a Toyota company car from the Altona plant, so technically I am the first private owner. I have tried to read the FAQs and searched the threads in this forum, but there are still some queries: - What am I entitled to as a purchaser of a Toyota Certified Premium Used Vehicle. - I was offered the 5-year extended warranty at $1,295 with capped price servicing (factory 3-year warranty runs out in Oct 2016). Is it advisable to purchase this? - I was offered the reverse parking sensors with a one-line alphanumeric display (about 3 cm diagonal length) that can be installed above my rear view mirror, for a price of $500 by the Toyota dealer. Is this a good deal, or I can get a better deal elsewhere? - Tinted windows to regulatory standards ( can't remember what is the SPF factor) but I was told the film blocks out 60% of the visible light and UV rays. Price is $375. Is it worth value for money? - Where can I find a reliable installer for retrofitting aftermarket products like fog lights and front facing cameras and dashcams? Thanks heaps for your advice and my apologies if these questions have been asked before. Please point me to the right direction.
  4. Bought a 2013 Aurion AT-X, collecting the car tomorrow. I found this place through the Whirlpool forums. I live in Melbourne, Victoria. I have some questions which I will post in other sub-forums.
  5. Hi group, I've just been perusing the forum looking for a post that lists known issues and things to check when looking to buy a used Aurion. The one I'm looking at is 2008 Toyota Aurion Presara Sports Automatic. If someone knows of a post like this, please share a link as I haven't been able to find one. Cheers!
  6. Hey everyone, I'm a new member and i have a 2014 Toyota Aurion AT-X, as many of you probably know that fog lamp doesnt come on the AT-X, and i was wondering if theres any way i can buy and install fog lamp onto my car. Do you guys know where i can buy it or get it done? Thanks!!
  7. Hi guys, So i have noticed that my passenger front curtain airbags has fallen out ( I dont know what it call so...). When i go in highway the part hit the windscreen and make some weird noise. Now, i am not sure whether something is broken or it just fall out and can be tuck back in. Does any pro aurioner has experience this before and how to fix it? ;) Thanks and please see the picture below.
  8. I'm selling a set of 5 "Kappa" 18 inch wheels made for the Aurion, theyre coming off my 07 Zr6. 4 tyres are in good condition 70-80 percent thread left, and the spare is in roadworthy condition. There is some gutter rash on the rims. All 5 wheels have their Toyota centre caps, the Kappa rims look much better than the stock Aurion rims. I'm just taking offers at the moment, you can contact me by email : tiger_eden@hotmail.com Email me your offers, question or requests for pictures. I'm located in the South eastern suburbs in Vic. Thanks :)
  9. From Canberra to NSW Central Coast, up and over the great dividing range. Yeah have to be happy with this.
  10. Hi, Has anyone ever had a creaking Parcel Shelf that sounds like a "gieger counter". I told my Toyota Service dealer and they have been great trying to fix the problem twice, gave me a courtesy car for the day, and tried to fix the problem out of warranty and at Toyota's expense, which shows they take issues seriously. However it is a HIT AND MISS problem that seems to come and go, last time i stopped it was by putting a small dowel stick in the boot under the parcel sheft 45' degree angled towards the drivers side parcelf shelf corner. The video files would have been to big to upload so i created a mp3, of the noise, any input would be greatly appreciated. Dean Toyota Aurion Touring 2010 - Creaking parcel shelf.mp3
  11. ** FOR SALE ** Exhaust rear sections for 2007-2012 Aurion, Will fit Camry of same year. Changes the sound from bland to awesome and is easy to install. Asking $300 + Postage ( Have had postage quoted at about $30) will ship to anywhere is Australia. Willing to do a deal for a fellow forum member. Ask Here or Send PM for more details. Thank you, Andrew
  12. Hi guys, I am driving Toyota Aurion 2006 and I changed my car battery with Bosch battery from Costco. When my girlfriend parked the car before she started working yesterday, she might turn on an interior light, I guess, thus the battery ran out and RACV roadside assistant guy said Bosch battery's capacity is only 550cc compared to others have 600cc. He printed out the battery test result and asked me to get warranty. Should I buy a new Bosch battery? or get another battery? which brand would you guys recommend? in a price range of $100~$150? thank you.
  13. Hey guys! I'm looking to buy a Zr6 soon and the ones available in my price range seem to be made between 2006-2009. I haven't noticed much of a difference between these models and was wondering if there are any? Thanks.
  14. Hi all, I own a trd aurion, lately i have had a problem with turning on the car. When i press the start button it turns the engine but takes about 3 seconds to ignite. This only happens when the car is cold. Can you please share your thoughts as to what it is. Thanks all
  15. Hi I appreciate getting a link to download Aurion 2013 Owners Manual.
  16. Up for sale: originally fitted on 2007 Aurion 1. Left and Right Headlight protectors 2. Bonnet Protector 3. Right hand side mirror housing, without Mirror and outside painted panel. 4. Front Left and Right mud flaps, with screws. Location: Melbourne Pm for information.
  17. Hey Guys i Have a Set of used Genuine Aurion Presara headlights that i need to sell. - Still in mint condition - It has the Factory HID Ballast will fit 07-09 These babies are worth around $1200-1300 My price is $990 I'm generous enough to negotiate with Members
  18. For those who have been waiting on these.... apologies. Besides the metho fireball, it was a great day. Photos by http://www.jadegreen.com.au Original Attachments:
  19. From the album: My Rig

    day i got the rig lowered on pedders X-treme XA Coilovers

    © GCkustoms2014

  20. acid8000

    IMG 1233

    From the album: Aurion at Nattai

  21. acid8000

    IMG 1228

    From the album: Aurion at Nattai

  22. Hi Guys I Am About to buy a Sx6 and i cant finalize the colour . i like the reflex blue but not sure i want it or not :-D please suggest to me your colour choices and also why u like it Thankssss
  23. Hi All, I am looking at buying an Aurion Sportivo SX6 and wonder you guys can help me with few questions. The one i am looking at has a tow bar fitted and I want it removed as I m not gna use it and I dont like it hanging out of the rear bar. Does any of you know whether I can find a cover to cover the hole in the rear bumper if I remove it completely. And also is there anything else that I should look out for when buying an Aurion with about 130K KMS. ( I ve read to watch out for oil leaks). Thanks for the help in advance. Cheers,
  24. Hey guys, Background: zr6 lowered on coils, hardness at front is 8 from hardest, 10 on back, 19x8.5 inch wheels +28offset, 235 40 tyres, approx 85mm height at lowest point. Problem: Front - scrubbing on front wheel arches when sharp cornering where plastic protudes at outside edge near top, I have scrubbed through the plastic to the metal inside, pretty sure this is the front bumper connection fittings, to fix I'm going to hopefully bend the metal holding the front bumper and re-shape plastic so it's flat. Has anyone done this? Also is there another option which would stop the suspension from compressing at a certain height? Back - scrubbed through carpet (2 small holes) outside edge at back very close to the lower plastic round fitting holding to the body, can see metal, does anyone know what this is (seems to be part of the body), can it be folded/grinded? Thankfully this only happens on big bumps or sharp cornering with 4 people in car. Questions: are there bump stops on the zr6? Are these supposed to stop the suspension from compressing past a certain height or something along those lines so to stop scrubbing? If so can this be altered? If not is there something else I can install to do this? And a random one, Im getting the front Superpro bushings installed for the pulling left issue, is there anything else which should be replaced whilst doing this, more bushings, re-greasing. Are there any bushings for the back as well? Don't really want to set the coils any harder or raise the car. If anything if this works I will lower a bit more ^_^

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