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  1. Hi All, I have recently purchased a 2010 Toyota Aurion AT-X. I have managed to get the iPhone and Samsung to connect to the Aurion via Bluetooth. The Samsung will play the audio through the Bluetooth while watching a movie on it however the iPhone does not. Specifically I am trying to have the Foxtel Go run through the Bluetooth system but the audio will not play through the Bluetooth. Does anyone have any ideas? Regards Tony
  2. Hello all, So I've recently traded in my 2010 Corolla for a 2009 Aurion Sportivo SX6 and absolutely love it so far. The only issue I have so far is the stock audio system. In my Corolla I had a straight forward setup, with a 4 channel amplifier powering my 4 door speakers, and a mono amp powering a 12' sub, with an after market head unit, which have been removed from the Corolla and are now waiting to be installed. However, because the Aurion has a few more fancy features such as reverse camera and steering wheel controls, it would seem a very expensive option to replace the head unit to one that is compatible with the reverse camera (which I would like to keep). Firstly, does anybody know the sizes of the speakers in the Aurion? I'm assuming the front door speakers are standard 6 inch, and the rear shelf ones are 6x9 inch. Please correct me if I am wrong. More importantly though, is will it be possible (and decent) if I simply run the stock head unit, with my 4 channel powering the front door speakers and the rear shelf ones, and my mono powering my sub? I know many stock units will work with this, but I want to make sure this will work 100% before I get someone to fiddle around with it. Any ideas, help, or contributions will be gladly appreciated, cheers! :)
  3. Hi Guys, i just brought this radar V9 Radar from ebay, it comes from china do you think it will work in australia? has anyone had a simular product or know how to use one? can the police detect these radars? the description .Full coverage of X, K, Ka, Ku and Laser operating bands .Build-in 360 degree high sensitive radar receiver .LED display screen .Reduces falsing in urban areas with Highway mode and City mode settings; .Smart mute function with City and Highway modes .LED Display .Support MTK GPS Navigator, can be intergrated together .Alert voice remind you when it detects the radar/laser detector .Easy to install .Voice is adjustable; .Brightness is adjustabe; .Longest detection range is 800 meters .A good companion when you are speeding .Multi-alert language available, English, Russian Product Parameters: X: 10.525GHz+/-100MHz K: 24.150GHz+300MHz-1000MHz Ku: 13.450+/-100MHz Ka: 33.400GHz--36.000GHz Laser: 904mn+/-33MHz Power: DC12V Currency: 130mA Color: Silver Environment Parameters Operating Temperature -25'c~ C22+75'c Storage Temperature -20'c~ C21+70'c Operating Humidity range 45%-80%RH Storage Humidity range 30&-90%RH Atmospheric pressure 860MBar-1060MBar
  4. Hello fella's Hope you all well. I am at the stage where i want to mod the air intake on my aurion, now i have changed the filter to K&N high flow and done the vac hose swap. I know how to get rid of the lower air resonator and will either remove it or block it off and see how i like it. two problems i can't seem the find an answer to: - How do i remove the upper air resonator, what parts do i need and where would i get them? - How do i remove the carbon filter? - AJ
  5. Greetings. ITEM FULL set of Mudguards FITMENT 2007-2010 Toyota Camry all models BUT Will NOT FIT SPORTIVO 2007-2010 Toyota AURION BUT Will NOT FIT SPORTIVO MATERIAL Made of Rubber, Will not break like plastic mudgards. Currently Black and will need a fresh of colour coded paint LOCATION Sydney (Pickup) Can post out if required - please provide me with postcode for quotes PRICE $20 Pickup , for local $20 + $postage , For shipment ============================================================= ITEM Bolt on Axle Back Sports muffler , Direct fitment to oem/factory pipes FITMENT 2007-2010 Toyota Camry all models MATERIAL metal, to be painted black before sold for stealth LOCATION Sydney (Pickup) Can post out if required - please provide me with postcode for quotes PRICE $100 Pickup , for local $100 + $ postage , For shipment ============================================================= ITEM BC Racing BR Coilovers Coilover FITMENT ACV40 2006-2009 Toyota Camry all models GSV40 2007-2009 Toyota AURION all models Details / Specs front spring rate is 6kg and the rear spring rate is 3kg. Damper can be adjusted up to 30 ways. Lower = softer , higher = stiffer No leaks, no seizures, no lockups etc. The front comes with camber plates. The rears require the stock strut tops however I will include a pair in this sale free of charge Comes with C spanners to accomdate the collars for adjusting Only used for 5000km and are in top condition lowered approximately 2.5inches from factory height which still left legal height from the body to floor. However it can be adjusted even lower and higher.LOCATION Sydney (Pickup) Can post out if required - please provide me with postcode for quotes PRICE $999.99ono Pickup , for local $999.99ono+ $ postage , For shipment Here is my analysis and conclusion of the coilovers: Provided a slight firmer ride which can be adjusted to ones liking (damper setting) Provided better response on steering Provided the freedom of adjusting height Provided the freedom of camber adjustment ___________________________________________________________ FOR INSTANT REPLIES message me on 04-ONE FOUR- ONE FIVE FIVE- SIX ONE ONE please send text, as i have study and work commitments throughout the week and can not answer calls as fast PICTURES ARE USED FOR REFERENCING PURPOSES ONLY ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Past items SOLD ITEM : 2007-2010 Toyota Corolla Sedan Weathershields/Visor, SOLD@ $30 TO chrisZRE ITEM : 20x8.5 +38 Gloss Black with Chrome Lip , SOLD to non TOCAU-member ITEM : 18x8.5 +38 Gunmetal with Polished Lips, SOLD to non TOCAU member ITEM : 2 x Falken FK452 & 1 x Nankang Ultra Racing, SOLD to non TOCAU member iTEM : FULL set of OEM Sportivo Seats + OEM Radio headunit, SOLD to non TOCAU member
  6. Hi Guys I'm on 2010 ATX. On the stock wheels and Bridgestone Turanza 215/60/16, any damped condition. If I am a bit heavy on my right foot, the front of the car starts jumping and bouncing like crazy. Now on TRD wheels and Dunlop Sportsmax 245/35/19, damped condition. I still get the crazy hopping, bouncing but at higher acceleration. Wondering if you guys have any issue like that. I have read that changing the stock suspension bushing to polyurethane bushing will help the issue. Suggestion please.
  7. Hi Guys, Had a major oil leak last Friday, basically I just got onto the freeway and the low engine oil pressure light came up on the dash. Pulled up immediately on the breakdown lane, and looked underneath the car. There was a leak evident, and looks like the leak occurred at speed as there was a fair bit spread underneath the car and splatter near the rear diffiuser. Anyways, I got the car towed to my local dealership, and just today they have found the oil leak - a pinhole leak on a oil pipe. I queried whether this was a VVTi Oil Pipe as i'm aware of the issue of VVTi recall and updated pipe available, however they have said it is a different oil pipe. I do recall when purchasing the car second hand the dealer told me the VVTi updated pipe replacement has been carried out. Furthermore, when I checked underneath the bonnet there was no smoke, or burning oil smell (which I would expect if it was VVTi hose close to the engine) - They want to charge me $140 for the oil pipe, and 1.5hrs worth of labour for the install. WORST thing is the pipe is not available in the country, and I have to wait 14 working days for them to bring it in! Does this sound right? - I also asked them about carrying out 120,000km service after the repair (as it has already done 117,000km already) and they wanted to charge me $490 for the service. Most dealers I called were charging $345. They lady said it was because of the brake fluid replacement, though this fluid is only 500ml, and is less than $20 at Supercheap. The reason why I want to do this service as they will need to top up the oil as most has leaked away. I think they're trying to stitch me up big time. Thoughts? - Lastly, will there be any issues with storing the vehicle whilst waiting for parts (14 working days..), with little or no engine oil? With summer well on its way, I have some concerns... Any thoughts/advice/recommendations or insights highly appreciated. TheDrake
  8. Hi guys, At the end of January this year, i Bought my first ever toyota (2010 Aurion ZR6 fully optioned bar the GPS - still has reverse camera and display though). The car is filled with so much cool stuff, that few months later I'm still finding new features in it. Love the 2 keyless remotes with sensors. Only thing now is I'm getting bored with the rims I bought for it. I was in a rush and needed to make a haste decision. My old car was late 2007 Mitsubishi 380 VRX SII and I had PDWs When I saw the wheels, I knew straight away they were made for my car. Here are my Aurion wheels - Bit of HDR magic - couldn't find any other pics where rims are clear sorry What do you guys think? Current wheels are OxWheels and I'm thinking of selling to find something that will slap me in the face! The rims are deep dish and not a scratch on them so they shouldn't be too hard but to sell. Hard part is finding a nice pair to replace them with. Anyone have any suggestions? Also I really wanted to put 20s on but everyone keeps telling me its a very bumpy ride. I found 19s to be pretty good actually. They're currently sitting on some Pedders springs. What do you guys think of a new 19" rim? And who here has 20s that can comment on the ride? Cheers! Khaled
  9. Item: Aurion Genuine Presara Headlights with factory Ballast Location: Sydney region Website: http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/yagoona/other-parts-accessories/aurion-presara-genuine-headlights-fits-07-to-09/1030502140 Item Condition: Used but in mint condition Price: They cost about $1100 - $1200. Im offering $990.00 Any additional information: Shipping: Local pick up or will post Contact Details: PM me if interested
  10. For Sale: [uSED] Silver's 330mm 4-Pot Brake System. Used for just over a year. Will come with new Silver's Brake Pads. The Calipers are black. Also included are Silver's Brake Lines to Suit. This kit will bolt straight on to an Aurion (2006-2011) Will most likely fit a Camry(2006-2011) and maybe other Toyotas. Price: $1200. If the above item is purchased for an Aurion, I am willing to sell a set of Genuine Aurion Thai Hybrid Taillights for a very pleasing price. PM for more details. Thanks.
  11. Hey.... Just jumped on this forum as I'm a new Toyota owner after picking up a 2007 Aurion Sportivo SX6 on Monday this week. So far I'm pretty happy with it but looking forward to reading a few posts in here to help me get a few upgrades and mods going..... Andrew
  12. For Local Pickup Only. All Items New. 1. Meguiar's Ultimate Wash & Wax 1.42L $17.77 2. Meguiar's NXT Generation Car Wash 532mL $8.88 3. Wattyl Killrust Epoxy Gloss Enamel Topcoat 300g (Spray) - Matt Black $9.99 4. LED Puddle Lights Blue (Chrome Surrounds), all wiring, switch and mounting hardware included (as in photos) $66.66 White also available for $88.88 (black surrounds) 6. New Genuine Koito (Thai) Toyota Aurion Hybrid Tail Lights (Full Set 4 Piece) Note: The LHS Boot Light has a fog light holder which is broken during postage, is of no use, as Aurion models do not utilise the fog light. (As Pictured) $555.55 7. Matt Black Vinyl Wrap, Bubble Free, 1530mm by 2000mm (Perfect Sizing for wrapping a roof). $99.99 8 Part: 90467-07166: Fender Clip/Hood Clip/ Rear Bumper Stay Used in many Toyota Vehicles. Aurion: Used in the top section, of the splash guard, when replacing front parkers. $0.99 Each. 9. Pair of T20 LED Pure White 7.5W (For Reverse Lights in Corolla ZRE, and other vehicles) $18.88 10. Digital Disc Box Player (CD Changer Emulator) For Toyota. Will play MP3/WMA from a USB stick or Micro SD up to 32GB. Also a Bluetooth handsfree. $80 Thanks.
  13. Hi guys Firstly, apologies if this is already on here. I've just bought a 2011 Sportivo ZR6 with the clear/silver tail lights. I actuakly prefer the smoked red ones as my car is black. Posted ad on Gumtree and someone replied stating that he has a 2008 ZR6 with red lights and is willing to swap. Anyone know if these are gonna fit in each other?? Thanks in advance
  14. So i've been on the hunt for a set of gunmetal grey TRD rims for a while now and have had no luck. Does anyone know of someone who is interested in selling or know where i can get a pair? I will also then be looking at selling my 18" Kappa rims that i currently have on my Aurion. Cheers!
  15. Hi guys, I'm looking at changing the air filter on my 2007 SX6 myself and just wondering if it is the same (or similar) to the procedure shown here for the 2007 Camry? http://www.wikihow.com/Change-the-Air-Filter-on-2007-Camry The air filters are different specs so I am not 100% sure this guide will work and don't want to get half way through to realise that I don't know how to finish the job! Anyone have any thoughts or can point me to a guide? I figure it's a fairly easy task but I thought that about changing the battery and then realised I needed to take apart half of the car to remove it! thanks Aaron
  16. Hey guys, So i have a Aurion At-x that is lowered with king springs and has 18" Kappa rims. And looking at getting a set of 19" TRD rims simply because i have seen it done before and i had no words to describe how good it looked :) Has anyone done this before? would i have any problems with the tyres rubbing? Cheers!
  17. Hi Guys I am currently running 2010 Aurion AT-X. I have just got myself a full set of leather seat pull from Hybrid Camry 2010. Hoping it will fit. But It doesn't. The rear seat bottom part fit. The back part of the rear wont fit, the bracket is totally different. The aurion is one piece, the camry comes in 4 separate pieces. I have manage to get hold of all the bracket from the Camry though. The front driver seat will fit with no problem. However, the passenger side will have problem, since the original is normal seat. And the seat i got from the camry is automatic seat. Can someone give me a head-up on this on how can I go forward on doing it? Or maybe suggest a place or someone that can be able to do these modification. I have check with a few local shop and they won't do it. Cos modify seat bracket is illegal from what they said. I will post some picture up soon.
  18. Im looking for a aurion trd front end, fenders, hood, grill, bumper, headlight, fog lights, and what ever else can be tought of. Basically i have a 2008 camry XLE that i wrecked in the front and im looking to change the front end to the aurion trd front end. Does someone have a aurion in 2007-2012 year range that they are parting out please contact me. Thanks, John
  19. Getting my first car - an Aurion - and at the age of mid-30s :) Feeling excited like a kid, knowing it'll be a steep learning curve ahead. I'm all ears here..... If you see a crimson Aurion with a green P in the bayside area, be patient and show your other 4 fingers too! Safe journey everyone!
  20. Hi guys, I've been looking for some help regarding purchasing a Used Car. I'm currently looking at a 2006 Toyota Aurion SX6 with 196,000km on the clock for $9,000 and I was wondering if there are any issues I should be looking out for, Mechanically and Cosmetically? I'm aware of the Driverside Power window call back which hasn't been adressed with this car but is there anything else I need to consider before I fork over the cash? What do I have to look foward to at nearly 200,000kms? any advice you might have would be greatly appreciated. P.S. I have owned an Aurion before (2009) and it was a fantastic car which is why I want another. Also I aplogise if I've used this thread incorrectly, I'm not 100% on Forum etiquette.
  21. Hi guys, I bought a 06/2007 Aurion AT-X with 'fake' floor mats. It wasn't genuine Toyota and therefore didnt fit correctly. Contacted the Toyota dealer here in Canberra and they said it would cost me $116 to pick up. No dramas there, I just have question about the colours. I believe the exterior colour of mine is 'Titan Silver' (which is apparently champagne/beige?) with the grey-ish (stone) interior. My initial guess of what the original floor mat colour would have been was grey/stone; so when I requested that colour the dealer said it would only fit the Prodigy and Presara. He said that the only floor mats that will fit the AT-X are black.. which I find hard to believe because it's so contrasting and I doubt that Toyota would make such a decision. lol Is this true? What colour floor mats do other ATX owners have?
  22. How To Install a Brake Controller in Aurion/Camry using "Seat-Heater Power" Just bought a brake controller for towing a camper trailer with electric brakes. Meant to be "plug-and-play" but it isn't and needs custom wiring. Anyway, thought I'd have a go at installing it myself and uploading it, since the quoted install was $120-$300 (AutoBarn cheapest btw). The brake controller electrics require power from the battery, the stoplight signal, a 20 amp fuse and an electric brake wire running from the dash to the previously Toyota installed towbar at the rear. 4 Wire diagram that I got with it for the Voyager Tekonsha brake controller is shown below: The instructions say to locate the brake controller as far away as possible from the antenna and radio so as an added precaution to reduce RF noise I added a ferrite core to the power and brake wires as shown below to filter out noise a bit. Using "Seat-Heater" Power Having looked at it, I wanted to integrate it neatly into the Aurion electrics without the need for putting wires through to the engine bay directly to the battery. This avoids some fiddley work feeding loose wires through the grommet in the firewall and avoids designing in a relay, to switch off the brake controller when the car is turned off since I am paranoid it will run the battery down! As it turns out, the Aurion/Camry Electric wiring manual is available (07EWD.pdf). This manual is separate to the service manuals. Plenty of underutilised power is available in the junction box in the front-left passenger side behind the glove box (eg. Left Power Seat {30A}, mirror heater and seat heaters {20A}...hey, so I have an ATX!} Beautiful thing is, it is all pre-wired from the factory, and even the fuses are pre-installed so you can easily borrow power from one of these locations depending on your amperage requirements. Anyway here's the step by step on the install, hope it helps someone... Step 1. Prep Assuming you have the Toyota towbar and wiring harness installed, then: Remove the glove box and backing, left passenger foot sills, B pillar cover, front left foot cowl area cover and left cover in boot area to expose the towbar wiring harness. Here is a picture of the junction box at the left print passenger side. While I was there I took the opportunity to clean the air conditioner filter which was surprisingly full of leaves! Locate the thick ~2mm^2 blue electric brake wire in the boot (mine was taped back and exposed near the left rear wheel arch inside the boot. Next unhook the negative terminal on the battery prior to any electrical work. Step 2. Feed through the Electric Brake Wire Attach a suitable length wire (mine was heavy gauge 12awg) to the blue electric brake wire (I soldered and covered mine in heat shrink but you could crimp it with a butt connector, blue wire would be best but I had black). Feed the wire from the boot through to the back seat then along the left of the vehicle under the foot sills etc. to the dash. Clean up with cable ties. Step 3. Attach Power Wire to Brake Controller In the junction box behind the glove box locate the "seat-heater" 20A power supply no. 19 pin since we are going to use this to power the brake controller (shown in pic below). If you have higher amperage requirements an alternative would be to tap into the power seat supply - though I'm not sure this turns off when the car turns off. Connect a wire to the power on pin 19 for the brake controller here. I searched everywhere for a proper Toyota female junction pin, I had no luck at Toyota parts or auto electricians, in the end I drilled out the plug to make space for a standard female terminal bought from Jaycar. Step 4. Splice Stop light signal wire Splice a wire to the stop light signal wire (blue wire in my case). I used a scotch connector for this. Connect this spliced wire to the brake controller stop light input. Picture shows connector on my job below. Step 5. Complete the circuit Next you want to attach the negative side of the battery to the brake controller. In most cars negative is earthed to the chassis, as it is for the Aurion. Attach the negative wire from the brake controller to a suitable earth point. In this case I chose the earth point below the junction box. Step 6. Mount the brake controller Couldn't find a great place for the brake controller, I put it below the steering wheel and fed the wires to it from behind the centre console. Step7. Check Fuse and Relabel. The fuse for the seat-heater is under the junction box we have been using. Check it is installed should be a 20A micro-blade fuse shown below. I relabeled mine so I can find it if the brake controller blows.... Final Step. Reconnect negative terminal of battery, then do whatever you manual says to calibrate/tune the brake controller. You're done! Get the kids to cleanup and reassemble the car while you relax.....argh!
  23. Hi everyone, I have just purchased a 2013 Aurion. I am finding it really hard to find any aftermarket parts to suit.. (because its new, I know) Trying to find exhausts, lights, grills, body/aero kits, springs/coilovers, Hoping if I put this together there will be a few enthusiasts out there... Please share... So far I have found smoked tail lights http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/321066119262?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649 Lights kit (dome, map, door, number plate lights) http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/171043997528?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649 Bumper lip kit http://www.bodykitskingdom.co.uk/magento/toyota/aurion/style-a-lip-kit-aurion-12-up.html
  24. Hi guys, Been searching the forums but haven't quite found the answer to my question, any help and experiences is much appreciated. Of course like lots of us I want to push the limits of the wheels :D , I'm not looking for the biggest wheels but lowest possible offset for stance whilst staying flush with the fender. Car: 2008 ZR6 Wheel setup I'm looking at: 19 x 8.5inch with +30 offset Coilovers will be used and yes will want to lower as much as possible I guess my first question is: On concave wheels, does lowering the offset mean that the spokes are pulled inwards on a sharper angle or do they stay the same. Do I need wider rims to create the angle instead? This was posted to me: http://www.customwheeloffset.com/wheel-offset-gallery/241/wheel-offset-2009-toyota-camry-flush-dropped-1-3%22-custom-rims These are 19 x 9.5inch wheels with +40 offset Could someone confirm that by me saving 25mm in width of the wheel, means I can add +10mm to offset. I figure that the extra inch is split in two (12.5mm) and placed on either side of the rim, so I should be 2.5mm under this. Thanks again for your help everyone. Alex

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