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  1. Hi All, I just purchased my 2008 Aurion SX6 and would love to install a HID conversion kit for my low beams and the spot lights. Can anyone suggest where I can buy them and any tips on installation are welcome.
  2. Hi folks, I am looking for an after market head unit (GPS, DVD, bluetooth, USB, iphone, [DVB-T, reversing camera] etc.) and I am a bit confused. I have read this forum and elswhere and understand there are sone cheap Chinese units that fall short of the more expensive brand name units. I was hoping to find something in between for my 2009 Aurion, maybe around $600-$700. It looks like there are a couple of new-ish units available on the market and I was wondering if anyone has any expereince or knowledge about them. The first is a unit that trades under a few different 'Tunez' names on ebay and their own web site. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/8-Toyota-Aurion-Camry-Car-DVD-GPS-Player-Navi-DVB-T-TV-Head-Unit-Stereo-Tunez-/281124931893 http://www.tunezmart.com/shop/products/111-Toyota/3-8-Toyota-CamryAurion-car-DVD-player-with-GPS-and-DVBT/ The second unit is an android device which I think has been mentioned here by others. Both have 8" screens and similar features. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/8-Android-Toyota-Camry-Aurion-WIFI-GPS-IPOD-Car-DVD-Reversing-Camera-/261209301960 A local car audio dealer is pushing me to buy this Opal unit for around $1500: http://aus-audio.com.au/products/opal/optungps Like I mentioned, I don;t know which way to turn for quality, function and value so I would love to hear from anyone who has any advice, particularly about the 'Tunez' units. Thanks a lot, Steve
  3. 86: TRD Monoblock Brake Kit Full Set MIT 330mm Front Brake Kit 6 Pistons. Camry/Aurion: 2012 - Onwards MIT 330mm Front Brake Kit 6 Pistons.
  4. I was wondering if anyone knew whether it's possible to get a modified custom rear spoiler for an Aurion? I don't mind the standard one but I'd really like to get a larger wing that sits a bit higher. Any feedback is appreciated, cheers!
  5. Hi Guys, I am new to this forum just need help identifying this part. I have a 07 Aurion zr6 which has the factory dvd/gps unit. I just installed the grom IPD3 aux and ipod kit it all works fine. I put the dash/center console back together after i put everything back together i noticed this part i am not sure if its part of the car if it is i am assuming its from the center console since its the only area i took apart or i was thinking it could some random part that fell out from the packaging here is a picture below. i alos checked to see if the cup holder door and all the center console doors open/close they all work :) Thanks in advance
  6. Hey guys i have been looking for a mod or something that will allow me to store a few little things in my Aurion boot without them sliding from side to side open to any ideas ?
  7. hey all just joined the club just bought a 2008 aurion just wondering what upgrades i can do engine was and what has worked for anyone around here and what hasnt? also is there any way to get the gear changes in the tiptronic system more responisive ?
  8. Hi Guys I have just purchased a 2007 Black Aurion Prodigy and just wanted to introduce myself and show the start of my audio install. I sadly had to purchase a new car as the engine on my old one kicked it. Hopefully I can find an engine and bring it back to it's former glory. But for now I looked at the cars available and was really impressed with the Aurion it's a car I can't say I payed much notice too before but after looking at it more closely and driving it I was sold on it. So I wanted to do a few mods to make the Aurion more to my liking which is mostly just some interior mods. The first one will be a different kinda audio update so to speak. I plan on moving the stock head unit further inside the dash (Need to check if there is space if someone can advise me that be great) and using a double din fascia and a Nexus 7 tablet as my main audio unit. I am going to do the aux into the head unit and have that hooked up to the tablet and have that for my sound. The main reason I am going to stick to the stock head unit is I don't want to mod too much with this car (Did enough of that on the previous car) and the steering wheel controls work perfectly with this setup. You can still use FM and can also change the station and set new stations up all with the controls on the wheel and the option for volume and mute on the steering wheel it's a perfect and cheap match. So I've currently gotten the fascia and the nexus tablet and will be taking the dash apart soon to see if i can fit the stock head unit back further and mount the fascia. I'm a big fan of android and use it in a lot of my projects so I thought the nexus 7 is perfect fit for the car :) I hope to update soon and become a active member on this forum
  9. My Aurion is nearly 180 000km and I think of changing the auto transmisssion fluid myself 1. I saw this video from Youtube and hope that the procedure for Aurion will be the same, but while looking at my car, I could not find the drain plug, there is only overflow plug I suppose. Also I still not found the refill plug yet. 2. I also wonder that the above method seems only able to change a part of fluid, I saw another video, which show how make full fluid change (for a most car which have dipstick), and I wonder if the Aurion have any where to plug a pipe to drain auto transmission out as it show in this video Could Aurion owners help in this matter of how to DIY auto transmission fluid replacement Thanks
  10. Hi guys, Just purchased. 2010 Toyota Aurion Sportivo ZR6 few weeks ago and love it I had a few questions I was hoping some of you fine people may be able to help me with. 1) What are the Set 1 and 2 buttons which are located near the Parking Sensor enabler/disabler do? 2) how many kms do you guys get from a full tank with 19" low profile (city driving and sometimes freeway) and what petrol do you use? I've only ever used V-Power and I get bout 400. 3) What are some simple inexpensive mods I can do to my car to get a few more kws? Will spend a bit more later on when I'm more financially stable but for now just small mods. 4) Does a TRD engine fit directly into the Non-supercharged chassis? Is it a hard swap and is it worth it? 5) I wanted to get LED bulbs for my headlights. Does anyone know what type of lights are used for the whole headlight? 6) Currently I've got the smaller 5"? Screen for my reverse camera and CD player but I wanted to upgrade to the original GPS/DVD 8" screen. Anyone know if its an easy swap and what the product code for the 8" is? Thanks guys! BTW this is a pic of my car - https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=70D1A910D9F032F3!3159&authkey=!ALNhglxnpwDDEFQ
  11. Hey guys and girls, ive purchased an easydeals aftermarket headunit with sat nav, dvd, ipod usb the lot. Having trouble with getting the usb to work. Ive put some music videos on the USB and when i plug in the usb and select the USB icon, it says no USB device is found. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Jono :)
  12. Something I've also been thinking about for a while but only just had a chance to look them up, LED Indicator/Reverse light bulbs. Being that the rest of the car has already been converted from incandescent bulbs, these are the only bulbs left that haven't been. Has anyone had any experience with them in terms of their longevity and effectiveness? I will be sourcing them of course from eBay so that the outlay isn't too high in case they are a complete disaster http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1-Pair-S2...1f08a30&_uhb=1 http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/4-PCS-BA1...e62b08e&_uhb=1 Tail lights I'm not worried about as they appear to already have the response time of LED lights (if they aren't already LED bulbs from factory)
  13. Hi, I own a TRD aurion, i was just wondering if there is a way to turn off the beeping when arming/disarming alarm on the car. Your help is greatly appreciated
  14. i have put a decent exhaust system on my atx aurion recently and have taken one resonator out for a louder sound need to get a cai going and what decent length should the alley tube be? need it so that its roadworthy and the pigs dont get me hahah..
  15. it has been raining for several weeks now and i have seen water inside my left signal light on he rear what is the easiest way in getting the annoyin water out without having to take off the rear lights? or there isn't maybe go the hard way and take the ******* out lol
  16. Hey guys and girls, Im looking to upgrade my stereo in my 2008 Aurion ZR6...for the speakers im going with JL Audio C2 6.5'" coaxials for the front and JL Audio C2 6X9" 3 way speakers for the back (hope these both mount good as ive seen someone else on the forum has installed them and the sound quality is great). As for the head unit I would really appreciate some help for an aftermarket head unit as I would like to keep the "stock look." Ive read the forum through and through and cannot find any concrete evidence as to what exactly is the best aftermarket head unit....is it the Easydeals unit?? is it the DigOptions unit?? is it the Auspack unit?? is it the AutoTunez unit?? Im going crazy...someone please help me and let me know which is the best unit out there at the moment that maintains the "stock look" and performs great too. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Jono ^_^
  17. Just had a towbar fitted to my 09 Aurion, now the reverse sensors go off for no reason when reversing without a trailer. Can anyone assist
  18. Hello Everyone, Been on the forums for a long-time but have been away for a longtime and forgot my last login so decided to create a new one :) Iv had my 2010 aurion zr6 for 2 years and now is in the extended warranty phase through manufacturer not dealer. Went on a holiday and started to notice the following: - Windy noise through the front driver door at 110Km/h - Breaks shudder from 90+km/h and is constant - Black strip on window is cracking/flaking - Dash Creeking and noisy now. My question is im coming up on my 45 months service but my cars driven 48,000k's and want to get the following covered under warranty. According to the extended warranty i have to notify the toyota administration before so they can handle the claim with parts/reimbursements and im planning to get it serviced at non toyota mechanic. My question is: - Should i get this done under Toyota dealership or other licensed mechanic? - How do i start the claim with toyota administration? Do i get it checked by the mechanic first or should i place the claim in first with toyota administration and then after the mechanic has sussed the situation out ? - as to my best judgement the shudder is generally from rotor warping and that is covered under extended warranty? - just get everything done at Toyota dealership this time around as many parts to get replaced? Thanks for the Help!
  19. Normally she's sparkly, but four days in Barrington National Park weren't kind to the paint! Perfectionists, please don't have a heart attack, she's been washed and polished since this photo. Keen eyed observers will note the occi strap holding the front left bash panel in place, the front right disappeared whilst crossing a ford, never to be seen again (the kind person in the D-Max behind me who saw it tear off had the courtesy to tell me it happened, but not to stop and pick it up). The photo dosn't really do much justice to how much mud there really was on the windows!
  20. Noticed the other day after I had parked my car in the garage that there was a strange noise coming from the back of it after it had been turned off. Last night, noticed it again and took a video (ableit there being no picture because it was dark, you can still hear the sound). Its coming from the back of the car, underneath the boot. Seems to be louder on the passenger side. It sounds almost like air escaping or somthing,. maybe from the fuel system? The only way i noticed it is because i happen to live in a quiet part of town Does anyone elses car do this? Dont know if its anything to be alarmed about.
  21. After recently installing aftermarket wheels on my 08 Aurion Sportivo, I have noticed at highway speeds (100km/h) it feels floaty, light and not planted to the road. Hard to explain but more or less if you ***** the steering wheel slightly it takes half a second for the car to move, and then feels like a slight wobble back. This is directly compared to the standard Sportivo rims which are 17x7 and had 215's or something skinny on them, they felt very "direct" in comparison Specs on the wheels and tires are as follows F - 19x8.5" +40 with 235/35 R19 Nexen N6000's R- 19x9.5" +45 with 245/35 R19 Nexen N6000's Pressure is 35PSI all round (after reducing from 40 which is what the tire shop put in, feels alot better now even after that) Should I further reduce the pressure, look into an alignment or something else? Help much appreciated :)
  22. Hi guys, I've recently moved to the Melbourne area from QLD. I've owned my TRD Aurion build No.32 for a year and a half now. After a moment of weakness in Xmas 2011 I lost my licence for 6months thanks to my right foot. So now I'm looking to modify the car into a nice looking daily and more than capable track car (shouldn't be too hard with the platform I've started with) Mods I've already done are mostly cosmetic, they include HID's for high and low beam, Pioneer AppRadio2 headunit, K&N panel filter, removed lower resonator (in the process of getting a plastic welder to seal the hole left and cut out and seal off upper resonator) on intake, LED's on all interior lights, parkers and number plate lights. I hope to make some track aimed improvements soon. Wheels and tyres, coilovers, improved brake discs and pads. Pictures to follow as the car transforms. Cheers, Liam
  23. Just a question, dunno if anyone has done this before, but would Camry springs fit into an Aurion? Reason being I've found a set of Pedders Low's for a Camry, just not sure whether theres any difference in the struts between the Aurions and Camrys. Has anyone tried this?
  24. Hey all, Thought I would post some pics up of my new Aurion. Just stock at this stage, but I still love it. See the dash cam? lol
  25. Hi all, I just wanted to know if there are any keen TRD owners that want custom number plates for the car. Thy are DA-17-RD Please let me know :-)

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