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  1. Hi I bought a second hand Aurion a few months ago (2007 ATX) from a Holden dealership. It came with books and it is regularly serviced, Its done now 91,500 KM and I need to take it for the 90KM service. I am not sure if I should take it to Toyota for a service or just a mechanic. I rang 3 different Toyota dealerships and the cost that I was given over the phone to do this service varied from $870 to $1k (Ouch). This is way too expensive so here is what I would like to know 1. do you reccomend that I take it to a toyota dealership to get it serviced there and pay the ridiculous service cost? 2. should I just take it to a mechanic and get him to do the work? I would appreciate your advice please and would also appreciate if you can let me know which mechanic to take it to. I live in Melbourne Northern suburbs and would love to hear if you have any recommendations for a mechanic someone who is honest, reliable and would do things by the book.Obviously someone who knows Aurions. Thanks for your replies and really appreciate your help. Cheers The Mad Doc :)
  2. Hey all, Just wanted to know who has actually done a dyno test on their TRD Aurion. I am interested to see as i recently did it and got ok results. My TRD has the following: -custom headers -custom exhaust -cold air intake -proper tune with an aftermarket chip At my dyno test, i got 209.5 kw at the wheels. I am just wondering if anyone else has done it and how close they actually got to the 241kw at the flywheel. Thanks guys :-)
  3. BodyKitsKingdom have eyelids in stock again :) http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/aurion-abs-plastic-eye-lid-with-double-side-tape-06-12-carbon-lip-led-spoiler-/130783035748?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&fits=Make%3AToyota%7CModel%3AAurion&hash=item1e7346c164&_uhb=1
  4. I was driving along the HWY this evening at 95-100 and went to give it a squirt to go around a slower car, i didnt go and let off as traffic was coming up quick in the right lane but i thought bugger it ill make it and give it another squirt, the engine started to go, then spluttered (no power) and as i let off i could hear a rattling sound for about 3-4 seconds so i nursed it home the 2-3ks. when i got home i let it idle for a min then got the missus to stomp on it but it sounded normal?? Temp was aprox 25deg travel time was 16 mins, 10mins down hill, 6mins HWY fresh PULP 3/4 from red light Any Ideas??
  5. Hey everyone, Just wanted to know what you guys think about this badge i bought online from ebay. Let me know if it makes look nice or if its over doing it :-) Thanks
  6. Ok, I have installed a Weapon R Dragon Intake. It is for a 2008 V6 Rav-4. Check it out. Let me know what you think. http://youtu.be/CTE6qgy-hf8
  7. Hi all, Just wanting to know if anyone has ever had the need to extend their drivers seat back a couple of inches. I am currently in sydney and would love to know if anyone has done this and where so i can get mine done. I own an Trd aurion. Your help is greatly appreciated :-)
  8. Hello all, newbie here.... Just bought a 2011 ZR6 today which doesnt have Sat Nav or sunroof whereas some ZR6's of the same year do! Was wondering why some ZR6's have the roof and sat nav and others dont??? Im not too fussed by not having either of these but im just curious!
  9. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/TOYOTA-CAMRY-RIMS-ALSO-FIT-ORION-TOYOTA-STUD-PATTERN-/251174062493?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3a7b24099d $400 for 4 rims i think :)
  10. Carbon Fibre Rear Roof Spoiler (Aurion & Camry) Painted Rear Roof Spoiler (Aurion & Camry) Lip Rear Roof Spoiler (Aurion & Camry) Painted Rear Boot Spoiler (Ducktail) (Aurion) Painted Rear Boot Spoiler & Roof Spoiler (Aurion) There are also spoilers for 2012 Camry & Aurion from the same seller.
  11. Hi guys. Up for sale are my wheels off my TRD Aurion. I was considering keeping them, but figured that at the end of the day, I would just be wasting space. They come with a set of tyres as well with a reasonable amount of tread left on them. As I wasn't getting many hits from here or Gumtree, these have now made their way onto eBay. I will no longer be taking any offers from here. http://cgi.ebay.com....em=300785362046 The wheel specifications are as follows: Diameter: 19 inches Width: 8 inches Offset: + 46.5mm Stud Pattern: 5x114.3 Tyre Type: Federal 595SS Tyre Size: 245/35R19 Tyre Speed/Load Rating: 93W Included with the wheels will be all 4 centre caps as well as a set of wheel nuts suited to the wheels. There are a few things to note however and these have been factored into my starting price: - A couple of the wheels have a small bit of gutter rash. You can clearly see this in the high resolution photos. - The centre caps are missing a couple of tabs on the inside from wear and tear. This doesn't affect their ability to hold onto the wheel, but it does mean a couple of the caps may rotate a bit more freely as the wheels rotate. To get them to hold in the same position, you may need to be a little creative. - One tyre has a screw in it and will require a puncture repair. I have included a photo to show you where this is. The tyre still holds air however and does not leak. You just need to get the puncture fixed for reliability reasons. And now for the photos of the goods. If you click on the link below each photo, you can view the full resolution photos to get a good close look at the wheels. Note that each photo is approximately 5MB each. ^ Supersize ^ Supersize ^ Supersize ^ Supersize ^ Supersize ^ Supersize An example of the level of tread all the tires have: This would be the screw I was referring to: ^ Supersize I forgot to clean these ones up before the photo, so I'll scrub the inside of the emblems with a toothbrush for you before you get them:
  12. After months of planning and dreaming, I finally came to the decision the other day to part with my TRD wheels (which never actually made it onto the car :( ) One of the 4 has been purchased brand new from Toyota and has never actually had a tyre fitted to it, the other 3 were purchased in a set of 3 (4th had been cracked/warped) I painted the 3 to match the brand new one, the colour is slightly different. Me being the perfectionist I am just don't think i could honestly live with it, so I reluctantly decided to quite while i was ahead and move these along There are minor scratches and nicks in the 3 used ones,could quite easily be filled up if you wanted, but they're barely noticeable as is unless your up close. I have listed these on eBay, aswell, but am willing to let them go on here for $900 + shipping if they don't meet the Buy It Now price. Here is the link to the auction if you want to have a bid; http://cgi.ebay.com....23#ht_500wt_954 Otherwise you can PM me or email me at jrquantrelle@live.com.au for any offers/details
  13. greetings & salutations everyone ! ive noticed several aurion owners are after TRD wheels. ive found a nice descent set on ebay located in Victoria http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Toyota-TRD-Aurion-OEM-19-Alloy-Wheels-Gunmetal-Grey-/280970038923?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item416b1e8e8b
  14. Traction control and engine light, came on after having them reset Toyota put it on the scope and said it was fine after being reset. has any one else had this problem What was the out come please How was it fixed??
  15. Hi everyone Last week some friendly soul placed a bottle into my left tail light, and Toyota want $600 for a new one I've called various wreckers and nobody seems to have genuine sportivo lights in stock. Is there anyone that is looking to sell one who could help me out? Thanks
  16. Hi guys Browsing Carsales site wondering what to buy I saw the run out Aurions. Unfortunately dealer is using the old bait and switch tactic, they are advertised at $22,888 drive away, but when you get to the deal these supposedly have hail damage, but you can have a non-hail version for $25,888. Still a good deal for a lot of car as far as I can see, but I'd now rather not use that dealer because I don't like their tactics. Looks like a dealer on the gold coast has the same vehicles for $24,888 so I'll probably take a drive down there. So was just wondering what you think of the deal, and if there are any other Aurion secrets I should know. I'm guessing I'd be better running on premium fuel for that engine? Would also hope to change to 18" wheels when the original tyres wear out, they'll fit comfortably? Was thinking of the grey metallic colour, but guess that might be impractical for scratches and marks, so white might be simpler safe choice? Any thoughts or advice on the AT-X model would be much appreciated :) Cheers Carl
  17. So yeah, new member and first time Toyota owner. Loving it so far but finding it hard to get accurate, trustworthy info on LPG conversion.
  18. Ever wanted to have a completely black diffuser on your Aurion, but not sure about the best way to go about it? Here is one option for you to try out if you've got a spare couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon and want something fairly cruisy to do. Total time to allow for - 2hours max (depending on humidity, conditions) Difficulty - Easy Firstly, gather all the supplies; - Painters Masking tape - Newspaper (or something similar to mask up the back of the car with - 150-300 Grit sandpaper - Prepsol/Wax & Grease remover and a rag - 3M/K&H ACRYLIC Primer Grey - 3M ACRYLIC Bumper Black Then proceed to start masking up the back of the car around the diffuser. Depending on the environment your doing it in will depend where you want to be more or less liberal on this (wind etc can cause an upspray, possibly ending up on the boot/lights) Start by sanding the coloured part back with 150grit sandpaper. In my case because of the finish I was after I didnt bother sanding with any higher grades. Obviously if you were after a glossy finish you would continue up. Then proceed to wipe the excess dust off with a rag and give it a quick rub with prepsol to remove any remaining road grime etc Proceed to applying the first coat of Primer Grey. I ended up doing 3 initial light coats followed by a final heavier coat. leave 5 minute intervals between coats, or until it is completely dry (which wont take long) Once the final coat has been left for 45mins-1hr, proceed with applying the first coat of Bumper Black. Again, because of the finish I was chasing I didnt bother to sand back the primer at all at this point. After about 3-4 coats this is the result you will start to see. Because of the nature of the bumper black, it sprays on very thick, and leaves a texture if you don't rub it back, which is what I was after. After the final coat has been applied, proceed to carefully pull your masking off, and you will be left with something similar to this. Much cleaner!
  19. Hi all i recently bought a TRD aurion and i was thinking of changing the engine oil myself but not sure what is best for my car 10w-30?.i use to service my car with liverpool toyota but Crappy Customer Service and most of the guys working are kids apprentice learning on people's cars.i'd rather do the job my self. and I was wondering if a sport air filter is any good ? sports filter can improve the supercharger whine sound new pics taken at work
  20. I've purchased a 2009 Aurion ZR6 recently and intend to convert to LPG. All installers I've spoken to have told me Vapour will see no noticeable, if any, loss of power. Some have told me Liquid injection will improve power (over petrol) and efficiency (over vapour). While others have told me vapour is all I should get because it's proven and liquid is too new?? Has anyone experienced the difference? Interested in wear and tare, power & efficiency. Also, would love to hear recommendations on installers to use. Any advice appreciated! Can't tell who's telling the right story.
  21. Hey guys I've just bought a 2008 Aurion ZR6 and am loving it so far except for the fact that when I am driving and have the music turned up listening to my favourite songs, upon reaching a red light I press the break and notice that immediately the sound sort of fades and the bass almost completely fades out. Now I've tried going through the head unit settings and even googled it and have still had no luck. Someone pleaseeeeeeee help me Any advice for this newbie would be really appreciated on how to remove this "fading effect" when I press the break to slow down the car. Cheers, Jono ^_^
  22. Hi Guys im just curious to know if the 2009 facelift aurion front bumper will fit onto my 2007 model? i really like the new facelift and if they can be swapped with no modifications i'd love to give it to my smash repairer andhave it done! :)
  23. Hey guys, you may already know this but on wikipedea they claim the Aurion gained cult status when it appeared in the film The Hangover Part II, it's not in the movie for long but has massive rims and a pretty cool bodykit. It's the car they are driving in the scene where they kidnap the monkey, the rear fin is like the Camry's lip style. Now I just hope they make a Fast and Furious 6 and have a tricked out Aurion in it.

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