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Found 147 results

  1. Stratos Kay

    My Sportivo 1

    From the album: My Sportivo

    © Stratos Kay

  2. Hey Lads, Just wondering if anyone can give me some help? I'm in the market for better quality speakers to put in my Camry.Has anyone got any ideas on how to go about this as it's my first time doing it.I do want high quality speakers not cheepo's and will this affect my car warranty? Cheers Justin
  3. Hi all, Just install omegas svi on 2007 Camry. Still observing how the performance & economy. Performance feel no change Economy dont know yet waiting 1st lpg fill Any one convert to lpg and trip computer still works ,please let me know. Cheers. Ockie
  4. How To Install a Brake Controller in Aurion/Camry using "Seat-Heater Power" Just bought a brake controller for towing a camper trailer with electric brakes. Meant to be "plug-and-play" but it isn't and needs custom wiring. Anyway, thought I'd have a go at installing it myself and uploading it, since the quoted install was $120-$300 (AutoBarn cheapest btw). The brake controller electrics require power from the battery, the stoplight signal, a 20 amp fuse and an electric brake wire running from the dash to the previously Toyota installed towbar at the rear. 4 Wire diagram that I got with it for the Voyager Tekonsha brake controller is shown below: The instructions say to locate the brake controller as far away as possible from the antenna and radio so as an added precaution to reduce RF noise I added a ferrite core to the power and brake wires as shown below to filter out noise a bit. Using "Seat-Heater" Power Having looked at it, I wanted to integrate it neatly into the Aurion electrics without the need for putting wires through to the engine bay directly to the battery. This avoids some fiddley work feeding loose wires through the grommet in the firewall and avoids designing in a relay, to switch off the brake controller when the car is turned off since I am paranoid it will run the battery down! As it turns out, the Aurion/Camry Electric wiring manual is available (07EWD.pdf). This manual is separate to the service manuals. Plenty of underutilised power is available in the junction box in the front-left passenger side behind the glove box (eg. Left Power Seat {30A}, mirror heater and seat heaters {20A}...hey, so I have an ATX!} Beautiful thing is, it is all pre-wired from the factory, and even the fuses are pre-installed so you can easily borrow power from one of these locations depending on your amperage requirements. Anyway here's the step by step on the install, hope it helps someone... Step 1. Prep Assuming you have the Toyota towbar and wiring harness installed, then: Remove the glove box and backing, left passenger foot sills, B pillar cover, front left foot cowl area cover and left cover in boot area to expose the towbar wiring harness. Here is a picture of the junction box at the left print passenger side. While I was there I took the opportunity to clean the air conditioner filter which was surprisingly full of leaves! Locate the thick ~2mm^2 blue electric brake wire in the boot (mine was taped back and exposed near the left rear wheel arch inside the boot. Next unhook the negative terminal on the battery prior to any electrical work. Step 2. Feed through the Electric Brake Wire Attach a suitable length wire (mine was heavy gauge 12awg) to the blue electric brake wire (I soldered and covered mine in heat shrink but you could crimp it with a butt connector, blue wire would be best but I had black). Feed the wire from the boot through to the back seat then along the left of the vehicle under the foot sills etc. to the dash. Clean up with cable ties. Step 3. Attach Power Wire to Brake Controller In the junction box behind the glove box locate the "seat-heater" 20A power supply no. 19 pin since we are going to use this to power the brake controller (shown in pic below). If you have higher amperage requirements an alternative would be to tap into the power seat supply - though I'm not sure this turns off when the car turns off. Connect a wire to the power on pin 19 for the brake controller here. I searched everywhere for a proper Toyota female junction pin, I had no luck at Toyota parts or auto electricians, in the end I drilled out the plug to make space for a standard female terminal bought from Jaycar. Step 4. Splice Stop light signal wire Splice a wire to the stop light signal wire (blue wire in my case). I used a scotch connector for this. Connect this spliced wire to the brake controller stop light input. Picture shows connector on my job below. Step 5. Complete the circuit Next you want to attach the negative side of the battery to the brake controller. In most cars negative is earthed to the chassis, as it is for the Aurion. Attach the negative wire from the brake controller to a suitable earth point. In this case I chose the earth point below the junction box. Step 6. Mount the brake controller Couldn't find a great place for the brake controller, I put it below the steering wheel and fed the wires to it from behind the centre console. Step7. Check Fuse and Relabel. The fuse for the seat-heater is under the junction box we have been using. Check it is installed should be a 20A micro-blade fuse shown below. I relabeled mine so I can find it if the brake controller blows.... Final Step. Reconnect negative terminal of battery, then do whatever you manual says to calibrate/tune the brake controller. You're done! Get the kids to cleanup and reassemble the car while you relax.....argh!
  5. Is there any places in australia that i can source a different body/lip kit for my sportivo? Has anyone had any luck importing stuff? if so, was it worth it?
  6. Hi folks, I am looking for an after market head unit (GPS, DVD, bluetooth, USB, iphone, [DVB-T, reversing camera] etc.) and I am a bit confused. I have read this forum and elswhere and understand there are sone cheap Chinese units that fall short of the more expensive brand name units. I was hoping to find something in between for my 2009 Aurion, maybe around $600-$700. It looks like there are a couple of new-ish units available on the market and I was wondering if anyone has any expereince or knowledge about them. The first is a unit that trades under a few different 'Tunez' names on ebay and their own web site. The second unit is an android device which I think has been mentioned here by others. Both have 8" screens and similar features. A local car audio dealer is pushing me to buy this Opal unit for around $1500: Like I mentioned, I don;t know which way to turn for quality, function and value so I would love to hear from anyone who has any advice, particularly about the 'Tunez' units. Thanks a lot, Steve
  7. 86: TRD Monoblock Brake Kit Full Set MIT 330mm Front Brake Kit 6 Pistons. Camry/Aurion: 2012 - Onwards MIT 330mm Front Brake Kit 6 Pistons.
  8. as per topic..white color required. Mine got stolen..
  9. Hi!! I just got myself a used 2004 Camry Altise 2.4L. First thing i needed to do is get another set of transponder key and remote. Looking for alternative to toyota because they quoted me $168!
  10. Hi there, I have a 1991 SV21 Camry which is in bad need of having the shock absorbers replaced on all four corners. Can anyone tell me definitively if it is possible to replace just the shock absorber inserts? Or does it require the entire strut assembly to be replaced? I have been told by some that the shocks cannot be replaced, yet I see they are available to purchase individually, hence the confusion. While replacing the shocks, how do you know if the springs also need replacing? Thank you for your assistance, Stanaz
  11. ok this is hard to describe but it sounds kind of like when u put a stick in a pedestal fan. Its coming from under the glove box (or somewhere in that area) and only happens wen i have the air con on. Has anyone else had this issue and knows of how i can fix it? This weekend is dedicated to the poor camry, she's gettin a wash and polish, full interior detail and all the little things im gunna fix up :D
  12. FS: 1999 Touring GTP Camry ica, sans-serif]G'day all, well i have moved overseas and didn't get around to selling my baby before moving, so it's now with my Dad who isn't driving it and it really needs to go. Details are: 1999 MCVR20 Touring, GTP Camry V6 17inch rims (very good Goodyear tyres) Full GTP options, including full body kit consisting of front and side skirts, rear spoiler height raisers (must be a better name for them!), GPT decals, carbon fibre around head unit/aircon control - if you value that kind of thing! never crashed, few scratches. 254,000km family car (two kids) RWC Rego til end June '13 clutch replaced 20k ago timing belt/plugs done at 100,000, 200,000 have replaced a lot of bushes with nolathane and shocks. recently replaced timing cover gaskets regularly replaced air & fuel filters oil/filter changes every 5000km mostly serviced by myself, but a couple of major services were performed at a garage. reciepts for all work done. big stereo....not that I used it much (alpine head unit, pinoeer amp, woofer, splits, 6x9's) this car isn't brand new by any means and it won't last for ever, but it will serve someone for some time to come. uses no oil or water. Plenty of compression and engine pulls well and is quiet. $3990 ono car is located in Wellington Point (near Brisbane), Qld. for anyone interested, please PM or call me (Tim) on 0408 159 612 (I am in Japan but you will still get me. No international rates billed to you for the call - all my way. Japan is one or two hours behind Australian time). can arrange test drive/inspection. thanks for looking at this ad.
  13. Wanting to purchase lowered springs for my o5 toyota camry sportivo asap if u have some or know of someone that has some for cheap let me know im in QLD so can pick up..
  14. Hi, Ive just recently bought my camry and it has done 50,000kms. It runs beautifully except it has a wobble/vibration at any speed above 30kph. It comes and goes and I can't exactly pick when it happens. I can feel it in the steering wheel and my feet. As well as that I can generally feel it in my seat. I had it wheel balanced and the tyres are Michelin's that are still reasonably new. It isn't a brake shutter because it doesn't vibrate when I'm braking. Can anyone suggest anything?
  15. Something I've also been thinking about for a while but only just had a chance to look them up, LED Indicator/Reverse light bulbs. Being that the rest of the car has already been converted from incandescent bulbs, these are the only bulbs left that haven't been. Has anyone had any experience with them in terms of their longevity and effectiveness? I will be sourcing them of course from eBay so that the outlay isn't too high in case they are a complete disaster Tail lights I'm not worried about as they appear to already have the response time of LED lights (if they aren't already LED bulbs from factory)
  16. Hey guys, I recently installed a JVC KW-AV60BT in my 2011 Camry Hybrid. The installation was easy however, gathering all the correct information was difficult. So in the interest of future upgraders, I figured i'd dump all the information I found useful here. Factory Head Unit: Fujitsu Ten 86120-YY130-D Model: FT0015A JVC KW-AV60BT: There's a good write up of the unit here: http://www.crutchfie...-KW-AV60BT.html Steering Wheel Control Integration: To maintain the factory steering wheel control, I chose Axxess Interface's ASWC: http://www.axxessint...ontrol_new.aspx instructions on installing the unit is also on that page. Pay particular attention the the wire colours. IE. (Orange/Blue vs. Blue/Orange. The first means orange wire with blue stripe, the second means blue wire with orange stripe.) Factory Reverse Camera: This is where it got a little tricky. The factory reverse camera takes in 6V instead of the standard 12V. The 6V is fed to the camera from the factory HU. As a result of this, you will need to make a converter that will convert 12V to 6V and tap into the Live wire (RED) to the head unit. Instructions on making your own voltage converter can be found here. Parts costs bout AUD 6 bucks all up. http://www.toyotanat...rong> </strong> Removal of Fascia: To get to the double Din bracket, you have to remove a few fascia plates. DJKOR has a really good write up for the Aurion here (works fine for the camry too): http://au.toyotaowne...ory-audio-unit/ Double Din Bracket: Because the JVC came with a removable face plate, it stuck out from the front of the fascia by about 15mm. To fix this, I had to drill new holes on the factory double din bracket. Fascia: Although the factory head unit is Double Din mounted, the front of the unit is actually wider then a standard double din head unit. As a result, the standard factory fascia will not fit the aftermarket radio. (It will fit, you will be left with 2 gaping holes either side of the radio tho). Solution: I bought a aftermarket fascia from factory_fit on ebay. It looks and feel like the factory fascia, except the hole is cut to the correct double din standard. You will need to remove the factory fascia clips and install them on the aftermarket fascia. (They can be a bit tricky to remove, be patient) The radio fascia is clipped to the airconditioner unit. To remove the radio fascia, hold onto the airconditioner unit and slide the radio fascia to the left and pull up (Looking at the front of the unit). It should just clip out. Wiring: This is where it gets interesting. Wiring diagrams to the factory head unit are here: There are 4 connectors connected to the factory radio. POWER/AUDIO (2 connectors side by side), sensor signal (1 connector) and AM/FM antenna (1 rounded connector) In the link above, DJKOR has provided a very detailed diagram of the POWER/AUDIO connectors. Peter Yeh has described the wires on the sensor signal connector. The AM/FM antenna plugs straight into the JVC without issue. I strongly recommend using Aeropro harness to connect your factory connectors to the JVC. I bought 2 Aeropro harness which did the job. 1 x Toyota to ISO 1 x ISO to JVC Make sure you check the Aeropro harness to ensure the wires are connected to the right place. My ISO to JVC had the front and rear speakers the wrong way round. Unfortunately, Aeropro, at the time of posting, doesn't make a harness for the sensor signal connector. This means wire connectors! You will need an RCA cable to tap into the reverse signal. 2 wires. With the voltage converter you made, connect the 6V out to the camera Positive cable. Connect the reverse signal cable from the factory harness to the JVC Connect the parking brake wire on the JVC to any ground (This is illegal in Australia as doing so will prevent the safety features of JVC from stopping video playback while the vehicle is in motion.) Connect the other wires to the steering wheel control interface. See instructions on their website for details. End result: I thought the toyota factory HU was decent, and lets face it, it does sound pretty decent but lacks in the functionality department. And that ipod integration was half baked... But the JVC blew that out the water! It just sounds amazing! Bluetooth works perfect, people can actually hear me now! Ipod integration works as it should, and it sounds amazing!!!
  17. Wrecking 2004 Camry Sportivo, parts available (refer to photos) no engine/gearbox for any questions shoot me a pm.
  18. Hi to all ! Im new on here and I actually don't own a Celica but It's in my plans as I recently smashed my WRX... I'm sure this has been spoken somewhere on here but I'm just having a little bit of trouble of finding things... So I apologise if I have repeated something for like the 50th time. I would like to know if the 3vzfe engine out of the 1991-1996 Camry will fit into the st184 celica ?? So far from the research that I have made, I have found that the Camry also had the 5sfe engine from the FWD st184. When I mean by fit I mean will it fit with minimal issues ?? (fit engine mounts, room of the engine bay, etc...) If this engine conversion is possible what gearbox (manual) would be best suited to the change ? Thanks for reading !! I'm super excited about owning a ST184 ! seb
  19. Hi I have just purchased a 2003 Camry Sportivo, 129,000Km, One of the remote door lock pads has stopped working and I have found out that you cannot replace the battery inside, the only way is to buy a new remote from Toyota fro around $100 and program it. Is there an after-market alternatine available with which you change the battery at a later date? Any ideas ? Please let me know Regards Bruce Jamison