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Found 105 results

  1. After changing the oil filter on my 2008 hilux 4x4 sr KUN26r i noticed I had snapped a small black component right next to the oil filter. Ive checked the manual, and it might be related to a coolant drain or similar. Please see the images ive attached and s ee if you can identify what the component is. Thanks for your help in advance.
  2. The time has come for the family to try a "lifestyle" vehicle. We like the HiLux and D-Max. Does anyone on here have a 2017 SR5? Before purchase did you consider a D-Max? The HiLux doesn't seem to get a lot of respect from motoring writers who all bang on about the Amarok. CarConversation rated it highly though: I welcome your thoughts, the D-Max is considerably cheaper.
  3. This question has probably been asked time and time again. I have a 92 single cab hilux that is raised it is also 4x4. Currently has a 2.4 diesel engine. I want to change it out for something with more go. Was looking at the lexus v8, any thoughts? My main worries are: -would I lose the 4x4? -fuel consumption -would I need to change the prop shafts and diff to handle the new engine. Any help would be appreciated, thanks guys.
  4. Hey Guys. Brand new here. Just arrived from South Africa (my wife is from Aus). We just did 25000km through Africa in our 2011 Hliux and filmed it all. If you guys want to see what it looks like there click the link. Its just a short drone video but the rest of all the VLOGS relating kit is on there too. Hope to get a new hill here soon and join in some 4x4 fun. Thanks
  5. Hi All, I've just had the 130k service done on my Hilux by Toyota and to have them tell me the turbo has to be replaced, at a cost to me of $3k. It was making a whistling/siren sound corresponding to the engine revs so I suspected it was a turbo problem but didn't expect that it need replacing this early in the cars life. I bought my Hilux brand new and have serviced with Toyota dealers for every service, even outside of warranty. I'd expect a turbo to last more than just over 4 years and 130k on a Toyota. I'm keen to know if anyone else has had a similar issue with there Hilux turbo failures, whether within or just outside of the warranty period and what was the outcome? Thanks
  6. Hi guys. Just moved from the Nissan camp. Loving the lux. Duel cab diesel. Slowly setting up for travelling and adventures.
  7. Hey everyone im in abit of a pickle I just recently bought my hilux from interstate (1993 LN106 single cab) and need to take it for a roadworthy in SA. Currently have aftermarket bucket seats but I need to chase up a bench seat but can't find any. Called up a Toyota wrecker and they said they had a bench seat from a 1996-97 hilux and it should fit my hilux as the seats were made from 1989 till 1997 so it should fit, but I need to know if it will definitely fit or not or what bench seat will fit. If anyone could help that would be awesome!! Cheers!
  8. HI, Looking to replace the lid on my center console compartment in my 99 hilux, but can only find lids for models later than 2000.. My question is if they are the same and will fit my ute? cheers, Harry
  9. Hi all, I bought a dual cab ln167r and the fuse boxes in both the engine bay and under the dash don't have covers. I was hoping on of you guys who own one could send me a picture of both of them? I'm having a hard time figuring out what each fuse is for. Thanks in advance!
  10. Mic Tomo


    G'day, I have just recently turned 18 and gotten my licence in Victoria, and was wanting to buy a hilux. I've worked and saved about $30,000 over the past few years, and was looking at using this for my hilux. I'm hoping to use my hilux for touring around Australia once i finish my building course, and also just camping and off roading. as i am doing building as well, i will be using it for tools, materials, and any other things required for building. if i could please have your great opinions on year, model, kms, price guide etc. that would be much appreciated. Cheers, Mic
  11. Hey all. I'm wondering if any knows... I have an 02 petrol hilux and I need to replace the transfer case and diff. My model is RZN169R the donor truck is KZN165R any help would be great!! Cheers. Dave
  12. Hi guys, new here and wondering if anyone has had this issue, I've got a 2004 2wd hilux with the 2.7 3rz engine, it previously was missfireing and not revving over 3000rpm with a loss of power under load, the problem got worse over 2 days and broke down and I replaced the fuel filter and fuel pump, fixing the problem for about a day until it started having the same symptoms as before and now randomly looses all power while driving under any engine load conditions and starts cutting in and out until I loose speed and it stalls... Has anyone ever had this problem? If so what did you do?
  13. Hi, just brought a 2015 sr5 hilux and had its 10000kms service. I asked about the engine revving on 1.5 even on idle, apparently it's the deisal particular filter... any thoughts? Also, the gear box. My partner and I tow a lot, we noticed when the gear box gets hot. We can't get it out of gear going down or up. And that the seperate pin getting hot and expanding... which they said hey would replace, at the 20000kms service.. thoughts on that and if you have had the same issue? Plus, whilst also on my 10000kms service I told them that the tow bar shivs have broken off. Took the boat out on the weekend and they are broken again... anyone know a solution to stopping this? or am I just unlucky and brought a lemon?! Doesnt help that my dealership is a pack of ****ers! Thanks! Vicki
  14. Hey guys - thought you might be interested in giving this article on the history of the HiLux a read. Some really cool info. Enjoy!
  15. Hi all, I've got a 1998 hilux. The motor model is a 5L with aftermarket turbo. Driving back from pt Augusta to Adelaide the gearbox lost power in 5th. Can only use 4th gear now. No 1st, 2nd, 3rd or reverse. I understand 4th works cause its straight through. It was rebuilt only 23months ago going by receipts. (bought second hand 2 months back). Chatted to the Mechanic today and he says he can replace it for 950 plus labour. I asked him about the possibility of putting an R151 in and he wasn't sure. If I purchase an R151 is it a straight swap over? From what I gather they are a stronger gearbox. If it's not a straight swap over what is required to make it work? Before the gearbox went it use to run around 3000rpm a100kmh. Anything I can do to reduce this since I'm replacing the gearbox? I read a little on a dyna 5th gear.
  16. G'day guys, after a recent bush treck on my way home noticed the alt light & brake light on the dash, immediately assumed I'd thrown a belt,, though once home found it was the alternator failed.. i purchased new replacement though while removing the plug (3 prong) I destroyed the plug and was left with 3 wires (white) (red with light blue stripe & yellow with black stripe.. I grabbed a new plug from ash downs and wired it up.. Following the manual wiring diagram (which ain't the best) it's generic ... Well it covers all of the engine types so the diagram has a 4 wire diagram .. I put the three wires in the positions that corresponded, now it's charging but the alt light on dash doesn't come on @ I notion power up.. I tried power directly to wire and all other lights come on but not that one.. I removed dash as I suspected globe failed though found all good ( replaced anyway) .. Is there anything I am missing??
  17. Hi I have a 2015 model Hilux SR last of the old shape. The diff centre failed at 9500K's and Toyota rejected warranty due to what they claimed to be shock loading. I took it to a diff shop for further advice and he told me that Hilux diffs are a real problem but Toyota wont admit it. He went on to say that most aren't set up properly ie backlash in crown wheel and pinion is not set properly. Has anyone else had issues like this. I ended up paying for the repair to get the car back on the road, ironically the parts bloke quoted the price for the diff centre of the top of his head without even looking at the computer. What does that tell you.
  18. Hi, I am new to the world of toyota as well as this forum. I recently purchased a 1991 2wd Hilux SR5 running a 22R carby engine. I have gone through the usually maintenance when purchasing a vehicle, new plugs, leads, filters, oil etc etc, Since purchase she hasn't run perfectly, I bought a haynes manual and I have been going through it to get her back to where she should be. few issues I have found that I would love some advice or help with. 1. I have gone through the timing procedure as per the manual and cant get her to time correctly. When the rocker cover was removed and i manually turned the engine to get cylinder 1 at TDC on the compression stroke as per the dimple on the camshaft sprocket, the timing markings on the on the crankshaft pulley dont line up. the mark on the pulley is about 25mm to the right of the '0' mark on the timing plate. Im confused why....... 2. I have adjusted the valve clearances as per the manual but the valves still seem to be noisy, im assuming it has to do with the above problem. 3. Apart from the tapping from the valves shes and drives ok, but under hard acceleration she runs out of puff at 4000 RPM and backfires when changing gears (manual gear box) is this all related to the above timing issue or is there something im missing. If you need anymore info please let me know. Thanks
  19. Hi I have a 2002 4x4 v6 petrol hilux pushing 250,000 kms and it has a loud whistling sound I think coming from the fuel pump. Used to just happen when it was lowish on fuel but now always does it. Looking for any advice on what might be wrong or what I can do? Thanks
  20. Mattylux

    2015 vs 2016

    Hey fellas, looking to buy a new hilux sr 2016 model for 34k, the salesman has offered me a 2015 sr for 32k.. Just wondering weather there was much of a change from 2015 models to 2016 models in relation to the motor and interior, a few friends just told me is only a stamp an that nothing has changed. So I need your help.. Are these offers appropriate for the earlier model? And have there been any changes? regards, Matty..
  21. i'm looking at buying a hardtop canopy for my 2012 TRD HiLux. These are the ones I have my eye on - - Does anybody have any experience with something similar (or this particular brand)? There isn't a whole lot of info out there about them. Any advice/info would be great. Cheers.
  22. Hi all, I'm new here, and just have a quick question. I've done a ton of research but can't get any definitive figures. I have an LN46 hilux and the radiator went bust. None of my local parts stores stock a radiator for this model, and neither does eBay. However, eBay has a ton of radiators for the two generations above (hiluxes with the 2L and 3L engines). My question is: Do radiators that fit the 2L and 3L powered hiluxes (year 1984 - 1990 or thereabouts) fit in my 1982 LN46 Hilux? Or, is someone able to send me the distances between the mounting holes from the radiator if they have a diesel hilux between 1984 - 1990. Cheers, Karl.
  23. Hi guys, I've got a 4x4 1997 2.4 22r powered hilux, my gearbox recently blew up and I'm wondering if I can swap it with a gearbox out of an 87 diesel 4x4 hilux and if so what I need to do to get it to go in? Do I need to swap bell housings or somthing like that or will it just go together? any info on any possible gearbox swaps would be appreciated cheers
  24. Hi all i'm new to this site, my problem is my 2001 hilux with 3rzfe is idling too high around 1300 rpm i have swapped throttle body complete with IAC valve& TPS 2x iac valves test ok replaced both inlet gaskets replaced temp coolant sensor (new) replaced spacer cups in head that hold injectors replaced injector seals- orings emptied can of throttle body cleaner looking for vac leak/s no codes or cel display checked / renewed vac hoses Any other LUX owners or GURUS have any ideas, PLEASe
  25. Hi, Im new to the diesel Hilux world, having very recently purchased a 2008 Single Cab Chassis D4D KUN26 Utility. My impressions are good, except for the Malfunction Indicator Lamp coming on. It started about three hours into my drive home from picking it up (140000km's). The light came on. I stopped and unearthed the power connection to retrigger the computer???? and it came on the next day. Same process, same result. The manual warns of 'abnormally high boost pressure in the turbocharger!!!' The turbo seems to be working fine, (well its not slipping into idle mode), but the light is still continuing to come on. It's going into a Toyota repairer very soon but I want to have something to go on.......because the ute is driving fine!!!! Please help!