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Found 100 results

  1. Hi everyone. I had an accident & rolled my 1995 Hilux LN106R dual cab, I was lucky enough to find a replacement cab section cheap enough but Iv been struggling to find a replacement tub for it. I keep seeing tubs from the newer model 1997-2003 SR style tubs for sale but not sure if it will fit? Welding new fixing bolts wouldn't be a problem but not sure if the rest is compatable like wheel arches, width & length. They look very similar besides slightly different arches. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Mal
  2. Hey guys, I'm a new member here. I thought I'd join after I purchased a new 2013 SR5 Hilux from my local Toyota dealership. I'm looking to get opinions and thoughts after it was broken into after owning it for less than a month. I live in a quiet suburb in Sydney and bought from my local Toyota Dealership. For two weeks I was up and down from Brisbane so it lined up perfectly with my first service (serviced at the dealership). I got it serviced during the week and had it parked in the driveway each night since then. I woke up on Monday morning to go to work and found the back window smashed in with the center console (no scratches) placed on the seat with the Stereo removed. No wires were cut as this was an extremely professional job. I rang the Police and the Dealership immediately and while the Police were no help I found out there were 5 2013 Hilux's returned to the dealership (after servicing) with the same issue. I was told there was a 4-5 week wait and the Stereos were shipped in. Apparently this is happening Sydney-wide and I want to confirm that with other Hilux lovers first. While my garage sports my wifes' Toyota Corolla, I may have to start parking in there. Do you guys have any suggestions and/or experienced similar? Cheers, Mark.
  3. Hi guys, wanting to see if anyone wants a project car hilux this beast is needing a new engine as the original died and i dont have the cash to finish it as i would like to as im getting married in a couple of months. has done me well and just got it repainted about 6 months ago. got a new exhaust put in all the way through. perfect starter for someone who is wanting to get a bush basher or general 4x4. looking for offers, will sell cheap as need to sell before i get married and move house.
  4. Hi all, new to the group, first post right here! used to have a 2WD 2001 Hilux, my faithful girl, I said goodbye to her on Sunday :( but said hello to my new and hopefully as faithful 4WD 2000 3lt Diesel hilux. she's a little rough, but I'm determined to fix bits and pieces by myself, well at least as much as I can.... Which is what brings me here, I've go no bloody idea! but I am a quick learner, and love to have a go! look forward to learning more, and learning to love my new 4x4 ;) Cheers!
  5. Hey everyone, I currently have a 2009 Single Cab 4.0L V6 Hilux, with a genuine toyota alloy tray and towbar. Right now the car is completely stock except for 31x10 Maxxis Bighorn Muddies. I am planning on a trip around alice springs, uluru area in Northern Territory roughly a year from now, and was just wondering on some suggestions for vehicle modifications and accesories I should look into before setting off. Budget is of no issue really, I just want products that will definitely do the job, and continue to do their job. Any suggestion is welcome. Thanks in advance
  6. Hi guys I've got my hand on a KUN26 rear 3.58 LSD diff. Im putting it in my hilux with a g series diff but have a bit of a problem The bolt patterns are different on the flanges G-series 60mm square, KUN26 one is 65mm square. And i cant swap out the yokes either as the bearings are different sizes. Basically does anyone know if the flanges on the diff head itself are interchangeable?? Don't really want to have to chop up the two drive shafts at this point
  7. I have a set of VU SS seats out of my old SS Ute, I was wondering if anyone has tried fitting them into a Hilux, and how many hairs you pulled out before you were successful.
  8. i am selling a 1992 toyota hilux surf 2.4L turbo diesel, will need a bit of engine work done. sad to see it go but i dont have the time or money to fix her up to what i would like. please message me if you would like more info.
  9. I'm selling a power steering kit for a ln65 hilux... I believe it fits both the 2L and 3L motors. It came as an extra but not fitted when I bought my truck but I am looking at an engine conversion anyway so it won't be needed. Offer a price and I'll let you know
  10. Hi hope someone can help. I recently brought a 93 dual cab hilux that had spent 12 months in a hay shed. Rats/mice had made nest in fan drum and after pulling it out cleaning it I thought that would of solved problem of it blowing bad smell in my face. On recycle it has but when ever I switch fan to fresh air there's bits of grass and paper coming to vents again. My question is, where is the fresh air vent on these hilux's and is there a filter there like the new ones that a second nest might be on. Any help would be most greatful Brad
  11. I just recently purchased a 2009 Toyota Hilux MY09 GGN25R 4WD V6 Petrol, its a cab chassis with a genuine Toyota tray and tow bar. It is completely stock and nothing has been touched and I was just looking for some ideas for modifications, I want to eventually start going out fishing, camping and general off road use, a little bit of 4WDing but nothing hardcore, just so I can access pretty much anywhere I want to spend the day. So if you guys have any ideas I would much appreciate your opinion and please let me know
  12. Hello, Strange question that I need help with please. I have a 2009 Toyota Hilux Dual Cab SR5, with a 2013 bin. I am now looking at a canopy and need to know if the canopy I am looking at will fit the 2013 bin. The canopy I am looking at is named as follows: Toyota Hilux 2005-2011 SR5 Genuine Toyota Canopy. Unfortunately, I cant try fitting it as it is too far away at the moment. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks, Greg
  13. G'day all, I have an '83 RN41 2wd Hilux. I also have a Commodore V6 and Toyota five speed box with bell housing and mount kit. The original diff centre is probably close to 3:1. With the V6 I reckon I'll need about 4:1. Where can I source a diff centre that will fit? Would like to check out the wreckers but the first thing they will ask is what model car it's off. Does anyone know where I can find a list of compatible vehicles or even of a diff specialist that can help? Any info would be appreciated, thanks for reading.
  14. Hi there, The turbo in my hilux makes a loud clicking noise when the ignition is switched 'on'. It's not noticeable once the engine has been started. I was wondering if anybody else has encountered this issue, and if its something that needs to be fixed? Besides this, the car runs perfectly! My thoughts on initial inspection are that there could be an intermittent signal coming from one of the exhaust sensors maybe? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  15. Hey guys, recently bought a '99 xtracab and want to do a front end conversion to a Surf grille and headlights. Will a '99 model grill fit? Or are any other year models interchangeable such as a '95, maybe with some modification?
  16. hey everyone i have a 82 hilux with a 4f engine..... the carb isnt hooked up or wired in and need to know where everythin hooks up and how to wire it in due to not having the plug on wiring harness for the carb any help would be awesome :)
  17. hey guys, im kind of new here.. just want to ask for any advice what can cause RPM on idle to go down? my normal before was about 900 rpm on neutral but now its about 550 - 700 rpm... i dont know what happened just one day my hilux won't start but then when i put a bit of throttle the engine started, but now it has a lower rpm than normal.. I had the EGR or throttle clean already :) give me some advise! :) thanks in advance :)
  18. G'day all, just bought this beast over the summer and been keen to show her off! Wondering if there are any old hilux guys out there? Especially in Victoria, be great to chat with you guys about what is possible the best car I've ever bought! Look forward to post with y'all. Starski :D
  19. what do yous think?
  20. I just wanted to get people's opinions on good canopies, brands and models, as well as good vendors in Sydney area. I have a 2009 dual-cab Hilux SR5 4l V6 petrol 4x2. Some important considerations for me are: - security. What windows are the most secure? If I get solid walls will that adversely affect visibility while driving? Which doors/locks are most secure? Is fibreglass easy to pop off at all? Does anyone have an alarm system with their canopy, and can it be integrated into an alarm system for the ute as a whole? Has anyone had anything stolen out of a canopy and how did they get in? - size. I want to maximise space in the canopy. However do the raised canopies (that don't sit flush with the roof but go up a bit) affect drag and fuel consumption much? - weight. Fibreglass vs steel - pros & cons of each? What's the weight of a steel canopy vs the fibreglass? The steel ones I'm think of are these ones: Anything else I haven't thought of?
  21. Hi there, i have a 1999 Toyota Hilux SR5 3L Diesel with IFS, now it has the standard alloy bullbar ads was looking to get it a steel winch bar but i wanted to know if there where other models i can get bullbars from to suit it without modifications because i am not too sure if the surf bullbars will fit on? if anyone can help that has done this or knows the best way around it that will be much appreciated if i can get some input. Cheers.
  22. Another day... another car, lol. Here is my latest acquisition... 1991 AUDM Toyota 4Runner Details: 3VZ-E 3.0L V6 Hurricane Headers 2.5in Exhaust 2in Body Lift 2in Suspension Lift Old Man Emu Shocks Old Man Emu Steering Dampener Hilux Surf Front and Rear Bumpers (chrome) Clear side repeater indicators (from 05 hilux) Clear front indicators China Brand Double Din GPS Unit Cooper Discover STT Mud Terrain Tyres 33x12.5x15 tyres Genuine Toyota Snorkle Random old steel bullbar that I restored 2x 9in Hella Spotlights, converted to HID GME TX3200 Slimline UHF + Laser Antenna Future Mods: Winch rear drawer setup Pictures:
  23. Hey there, Will an Auto Diesel Hilux ECU work in an Auto Diesel Prado (150 Series)? Both run on the D4-D 1KD-FTV 3.0l Turbo Diesel Engine Same compression ratios Hilux uses 4 speed automatic Whereas Prado uses 5 speed automatic The wiring harness would be different too I imagine? Camrolla
  24. `Hi guys, wondering if someone could lend a hand. I have a new Hilux 2012 model. Im having trouble with my bluetooth and new iphone 4s. Everything seems to be working fine with contact downloads, and music but i cant seem to download messages or emails through my bluetooth to the messaging function. It works fine with other phones, i was wondering if people have had the same trouble? Its also very frustrating when listening to music through bluetooth, the volume changes. it works ok at first but when the car is switched off and next time i get back in the volume is down and i cant turn it up. I have to turn bluetooth off and back on. Has anyone had these troubles and if so how could i fix them. It may be an Iphone problem more than a Hilux problem. Thanks for your help
  25. Does anyone have a link to a site showing how to fit new front brake pads to 98 Hilux extra cab 2.7l petrol Model RZN 154 please?