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Found 94 results

  1. Hi guys, just bought a later model 2006 Camry Sportivo (Auto) and there's a whirring noise whenever I start it up or begin to accelerate from rest, however this goes away when it is starting to drive. I've been told it's a 'flexi-pipe' vibration, and that there's nothing you can do to prevent the noise, as a replacement will still do the same thing. Can anyone offer any more info on this? Thanks!
  2. Hi guys, I've been looking for some help regarding purchasing a Used Car. I'm currently looking at a 2006 Toyota Aurion SX6 with 196,000km on the clock for $9,000 and I was wondering if there are any issues I should be looking out for, Mechanically and Cosmetically? I'm aware of the Driverside Power window call back which hasn't been adressed with this car but is there anything else I need to consider before I fork over the cash? What do I have to look foward to at nearly 200,000kms? any advice you might have would be greatly appreciated. P.S. I have owned an Aurion before (2009) and it was a fantastic car which is why I want another. Also I aplogise if I've used this thread incorrectly, I'm not 100% on Forum etiquette.
  3. Stratos Kay

    My Sportivo 2

    From the album: My Sportivo

    © Stratos Kay

  4. Stratos Kay

    My Sportivo 1

    From the album: My Sportivo

    © Stratos Kay

  5. G'day! I have a 2004 Sportivo and the driver's power window has been mis-behaving since I got back from an overseas trip. It now feels like there is a limited amount of available power in the motor when I hit the button (almost like it's on a battery). Even with the engine running, I couldn't get the window down and back up in the same go. It will go all the way down and then die on the way back up. Then I'd have to wait 10 minutes and it'll come back to the top. If I leave it another half-hour I can put it all the way down again. And if I push it all the way to "auto" when closing, it'll go to the top and start coming back down again by itself before it dies half-way again! Does this sound familiar to anyone? Am I looking at the battery? The motor? Regulator? Any thoughts are much appreciated. Thanks, T
  6. Hey everyone I have an 04' corolla sportivo. Today i purchased some 'all auto' driver door switches from the 05' facelift model for my prefacelift. I like the idea of just flicking them and all the windows go down/up. Now i have the problem where the wires are ridiculously different. Can someone please help, or guide me as to what i should do. Has anyone done this before? Is it even possible?! Thanks guys would appreciate some insight
  7. Is there any places in australia that i can source a different body/lip kit for my sportivo? Has anyone had any luck importing stuff? if so, was it worth it?
  8. Hi All, I just purchased my 2008 Aurion SX6 and would love to install a HID conversion kit for my low beams and the spot lights. Can anyone suggest where I can buy them and any tips on installation are welcome.
  9. I was wondering if anyone knew whether it's possible to get a modified custom rear spoiler for an Aurion? I don't mind the standard one but I'd really like to get a larger wing that sits a bit higher. Any feedback is appreciated, cheers!
  10. hey guys, some a$$h0le stole my side skirt at a pub one night and toyota cant track one down for me. is there are one that has a passenger side skirt for an 04 corolla sportivo that they dont need and would be willing to sell to me?
  11. Hi everyone.. I have a 2003 Toyota Camry Sportivo and my lights in the centre console have stopped working. Im pretty sure its called the centre console, its basically the lights for turning on/off the air, the temperature dial and all that! I've never really experimented with cars, so I'm not sure how to do this.. anyone know any tutorials? so i could check out if i would be able to do this or not? :D Any help is much appreciated! Thanks in Advance
  12. Hi guys, Just purchased. 2010 Toyota Aurion Sportivo ZR6 few weeks ago and love it I had a few questions I was hoping some of you fine people may be able to help me with. 1) What are the Set 1 and 2 buttons which are located near the Parking Sensor enabler/disabler do? 2) how many kms do you guys get from a full tank with 19" low profile (city driving and sometimes freeway) and what petrol do you use? I've only ever used V-Power and I get bout 400. 3) What are some simple inexpensive mods I can do to my car to get a few more kws? Will spend a bit more later on when I'm more financially stable but for now just small mods. 4) Does a TRD engine fit directly into the Non-supercharged chassis? Is it a hard swap and is it worth it? 5) I wanted to get LED bulbs for my headlights. Does anyone know what type of lights are used for the whole headlight? 6) Currently I've got the smaller 5"? Screen for my reverse camera and CD player but I wanted to upgrade to the original GPS/DVD 8" screen. Anyone know if its an easy swap and what the product code for the 8" is? Thanks guys! BTW this is a pic of my car -!3159&authkey=!ALNhglxnpwDDEFQ
  13. Wanting to purchase lowered springs for my o5 toyota camry sportivo asap if u have some or know of someone that has some for cheap let me know im in QLD so can pick up..
  14. Blessings from a proud owner of a 04' Sportivo all the way in Jamaica. My baby got a few mods here and there bt I'm just getting started so you know I got a WHOLE lot of questions lol. I am a newbie to this car thing though, so I am really looking fwd to meeting and learning from the tips of fellow Toyota enthusiasts as I try and make a great build. Jah Bless and Jah Guide.
  15. Wrecking 2004 Camry Sportivo, parts available (refer to photos) no engine/gearbox for any questions shoot me a pm.
  16. Hey, I bought a Stivo 05' a few months ago as my first car. I'm looking forward to getting to know my fellow Toyota/Sportivo owners. I'm also looking at changing my transmission fluid, can anyone tell me how hard it is for a noob like me? Saw the post regarding the DIY, seems simple enough, but the I'm sure the application itself is a lot harder than it seems...
  17. Willing to buy sportivo rear lip. Doesnt matter what colour it is, but silver would be preferred. I am offering $250 ono for it. Thanks, Jimmy.
  18. WANT TO BUY: Corolla sportivo c-one rear lip or any sort of lip. Gimme offers and pictures of what you got, and Ill hit you up. Got money ready. Can pick up anywhere in Melbourne.
  19. After recently installing aftermarket wheels on my 08 Aurion Sportivo, I have noticed at highway speeds (100km/h) it feels floaty, light and not planted to the road. Hard to explain but more or less if you ***** the steering wheel slightly it takes half a second for the car to move, and then feels like a slight wobble back. This is directly compared to the standard Sportivo rims which are 17x7 and had 215's or something skinny on them, they felt very "direct" in comparison Specs on the wheels and tires are as follows F - 19x8.5" +40 with 235/35 R19 Nexen N6000's R- 19x9.5" +45 with 245/35 R19 Nexen N6000's Pressure is 35PSI all round (after reducing from 40 which is what the tire shop put in, feels alot better now even after that) Should I further reduce the pressure, look into an alignment or something else? Help much appreciated :)
  20. Hello all, I would like to upgrade the speakers in my Jan 07 Sportivo. I can see there's 6x9s in the rear but not sure whats in the front... Does anyone know what size speakers are in the doors/dash? Cheers
  21. BodyKitsKingdom have eyelids in stock again :)
  22. Hey Guys! Ive recently taken off the air filter and I have realized its ITG. Ive heard there good but has anyone ever used K&N and ITG and been able to compare? if so, which is better? Chelee
  23. Hi I am a new member from Tasmania, and currently have a 1975 Celica which I have had for about 6 years and also a1992 Celica which I use daily .I would now like to purchase a 2005 Sportivo in very good condition with low kms if any one knows of any for sale I would be grateful for any advice, I have also been looking daily on Carsales and Gumtree, thanks for any help I may get in my seach,Tony
  24. hi all. anyone know where to get BBS RS or RM wheels?? either genuine or copies? or is anyone selling some? i dont really care what condition as long as theyre not buckled/cracked etc. i think theyre bbs 001's in the photos. and does anyone have a photo of them on a sportivo? cheers