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Found 13 results

  1. Hey all I was wondering if anyone here has upgraded their headlights to the LED type and if so, is it an easy change? I purchased some on ebay and they look to be the right size so was hoping it was a straight swap, plug and play?? Anyone got any advice?? Its for a 2003 Hilux with the sealed beam headlights. cheers Don
  2. Hi all, My 2003 Camry Altise clock, automatic gear shift lights and climate control lights don't turn on. Now all that I have tried is checking the instrument panel fuses to see if any had blew out but they are all fine. There has been a few times where they would all work fine but this only lasts until I turn the car is completely off. The lights and clock haven't turned on for about a month now and was wondering if anyone had a solution to this? Thanks!
  3. Hello, The OEM front lift struts (53450-69055) on my 2003 FJ120 are not working any more, I can't do anything without having somebody helping me by holding the hood. Having said that, I was working if there is better (not meaning cheap, I mean better :) ) option than the OEM lift struts. Otherwise, I'll go OEM. Thanks in advance.
  4. I have a problem with my 2003 Kluger Grande also called Highlander in USA.Its intermittent but most of the time the airconditioner controls, sat nav, outside vent air controls and radio auto functions wont work. Sometimes it all comes back on and all works fine, but then it stops again. I have pulled the head unit out and wriggled the wires but cant find which one is the poor connection causing the fault. Does anyone have any ideas or experience of this? I have ordered an electrical manual which might help to track down the problem, but its very time consuming and frustrating! Please help anyone??
  5. Hi all - anyone with a Rav4 from 2001-2003 ever experienced problems with gears changing at random? This is a problem with the computer (ECU or ECM) that is sending the wrong message to the transmission and it changes into the wrong gear without warning. This is known as 'harsh shift' problem: http://www.rav4repair.com/documents/TSB0156.pdf If you have this problem, or had it, it is really important that you report it to the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development ASAP: https://www.infrastructure.gov.au/vehicles/complaints_recalls/form_submission.aspx They investigate products that have safety issues and will inform the ACCC if a recall is necessary. A recall will not happen unless there are reports of the product failure and safety concerns through the Department of Infrastructure. I am looking at the possibility of starting a class action for a recall because this is a factory fault that is putting Rav4 drivers in danger. It is well documented and well understood by Toyota. These are the most common symptoms: Erratic Shifting.Transmission slips in any gear, but mostly from second to third gear.Starting in 3rd gear and shifting erratically or not shifting at all.Hesitation when engaging in any of the gears.Rattling noise coming from the front area when the engine is running.The feeling of applying the brakes by it self in occasions.False solenoid codes; P0750, P0753, P0755, P0758 and/or P1760.The codes above not always show (DTC codes). Sometimes it fails with no codes at all or no check engine light.Engages hard in reverse with a "bump" or takes time to engage.Symptoms are intermittent. Sometimes symptoms only show up when warm or when cold and sometimes symptoms do not show at all.One day it runs OK. All the symptoms magically disappear, but the next day, all or some of those symptoms are back.In many cases, fuel economy or gas mileage is lower than normal.This is a safety concern as the car can shift into a low gear without warning while you are driving at high speed or in heavy traffic. Because it is a gear change, break lights don't warn cars behind you that you are suddenly stopping or slowing down, putting you in a dangerous situation. I have also been stuck trying to cross traffic at an intersection and it has dropped into top gear and I cannot move across the intersection and out of the traffic. I have been in touch with the ACCC who are looking into the matter as there was a recall by Toyota in USA: http://www.rav4repair.com/documents/warranty.pdf If anyone is experiencing these problems or has had this fixed and you are interested in putting pressure on Toyota for a recall in Australia, please contact me. If this happens, the costs of your repairs could be reimbursed. Toyota_warranty policy bulletin.pdf
  6. Hey, I own a 2003 Toyota Camry, I was driving it last night and was using the cruise control fine, I stopped at some lights, then started driving again and tried setting the cruise control, the green "cruise control" light switched on but it wouldn't set. When I reached my destination i parked the car and noticed my brake lights wouldn't switch off. It was late by that time and I was forced to just disconnect the battery or have a dead battery in the morning. I had to get to work the next day so I've been forced to connect the battery whenever I need to drive it and disconnect it when parked. The car doesn't like it, sometimes when I am disconnecting the battery terminals it will start the alarm all of a sudden and I have to use the central locking key to lock it so it will stop. Disconnecting the battery also seems to clear the internal computer as the clock on the dash resets to 1:00 and the radio presets disappear. (Which is fine, as I can set them right again myself, but does this also reset other important things with the internal computer?) Does anyone know if the cruise control not working and the brake lights not turning off would be connected at all? Can I get some advice on what to do about this, please? I'm thinking I'll have to take it to an auto electricion but I need to know what is wrong with it to let him know so he's not dicking around with it any longer than he needs to be, haha. I also know barely anything when it comes to cars and am not "switched on" with them or mechanically minded at all. (I also googled the brake lights not turning off problem and found it may be something to do with a plastic plug connected to the top of the brake pedal, I tried to get a look in there but couldn't find it.) When I went to have a look for the plastic switch under the dash where the brake pedal is, I noticed some small black plastic pieces on the floor which look like they've broken off something, it may be the plug I'm looking for. I tried to take a photo, you can see the black bar which is the brake pedal, but I dont know what I'm looking at. Is the hole pictured supposed to have a plug in it? Cheers guys :(
  7. Well, sorry that my first post goes directly to bother all of you, although I guess that's the idea with this forum. The main reason I join "ToyotaOwnersClub" was to find answers as I just got a Camry Altise 2003 from a very good friend, who had it crashed last November 2013. I think I got a real bargain despite some people told me that repairing this car is going to end up a little bit expensive. this car requires to change its dual airbags as the crash was critical on the passenger's side as can be seen in the attached photos. I already asked for quotations for the front bumper and its front support bar Regarding the dual airbags I've been googling and found a lot of valuable information on how to DIY However I'd appreciate additional advice from this forum members who eventually would have dealt with similar situations For example, I was told that the sensors (which for me look in perfect condition), require to be replaced Additionally the Airbags Module Control require to be reset which can only be done by using a expensive reader or such But maybe the most critical issue I'm facing is how to straighten the crushed passenger's side chassis beam as shown in the photos I know common sense would say, "why not to take the car to the panel beaters?" - for which I must say, as I live on an island, I am hoping to fix it by myself unless that definitely I won't be able to find either the appropriate tools and /or other components. Anyway, this is part of my story with my new "used" Camry Altise 2003 I will truly appreciate and thank all your considerate answers and help.
  8. Hi there, The front passenger door actuator in my mothers 2003 Toyota Echo has stopped working. I've run a multimeter across and know it's blown. I've managed to buy a replacement actuator and have taken off the door skin. I can see the actuator and rods and have unplugged it - however I can't work out how to remove the old actuator from inside the door panel. I've searched online and can't find a thing. Some people have advised that I need to remove the actual locking mechanism and window rail (which are held with those weird star shape screws) however I'm keen to find some pictures or a guide which demonstrates how to do it. If you have had experience doing this, or know of a online guide, could you please point me in the right direction. Cheers
  9. Hi I have just purchased a 2003 Camry Sportivo, 129,000Km, One of the remote door lock pads has stopped working and I have found out that you cannot replace the battery inside, the only way is to buy a new remote from Toyota fro around $100 and program it. Is there an after-market alternatine available with which you change the battery at a later date? Any ideas ? Please let me know Regards Bruce Jamison bjamison@jppc.com.au
  10. Hey Guys! Ive recently taken off the air filter and I have realized its ITG. Ive heard there good but has anyone ever used K&N and ITG and been able to compare? if so, which is better? Chelee
  11. Hey Guys! Are there any other brands besides Bendix that are good for my Sportivo with minimum brake dust? Thanks
  12. Hey Guys!! I have a 2003 Sportivo and Im after some Eyelids! Could anyone help me with finding good qualtiy ones? Thanks
  13. Hi All, I've got a set of front and rear 2003 Toyota Corolla Sportivo OEM springs. Used for about 30,000km before being removed for lowered springs. Open to $offer or swap for computer parts! Location for pickup: Stanhope Gardens, Sydney, NSW, 2768 PM or sms me on 0410 365 790. Thanks! Chris

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