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Found 14 results

  1. Hi guys, just wondering i've read forms on & off on the Avalon section but i noticed it's not quite as active compared to other threads. But i've got a few questions. Does anybody know if the Avalon has a secret/hidden cabin filter under the dash near the footrest ? Does the "Cool Air Bypass Switch" provide more air flow over the central vents when it's operational ?, or is the foam at the back restricting the fan air flow ? Does anybody run an external transmission cooler ?, applicable to A541E's 4sp auto ? Is there an extra bass "loud" mode hidden within the Mark 3 Avalon Grande (with factory navigation) ? Is the Lexus ES300 & Avalon blower motor the same exact part ?
  2. Hi I bought a used corolla 2004, when using the key on the driver’s door , all the doors including the hatch open. But the previous owner didn’t gave me a remote. Now my question , if I buy a standard remote from ebay and program it , should this work for my car ? Do you think the car had a remote previously since all the doors open with the key turned in the driver’s door? Thx
  3. Hey guys, I'm looking at buying a 2004 hilux 3.7ltr V6 petrol for $8000 AUD. It's an extra cab and looks in good condition with a few mods on it, there doesnt seem to be any issues with it mechanically, no oil leaks or trouble with the engine. My only concern is that it is the V6 petrol and has 370,000 Kms on it which is a lot for a petrol. Has this engine past it with that many Kms, am I likely to encounter a catastrophic failure in the near future? Thanks for any help guys
  4. Hi all new to this forum but not new to Toyota’s I presently own 2 others and have owned 5 previous To that. I have just purchased a used 2004 Manual 2.4 lt 4 cylinder 4 door wagon with 321k on the clock. Problem I have is that their is a serious knocking (rattling) when the the engine is under load, and a solid thump in the gear box when changing gears. The car is not blowing any smoke of any description. Has anyone any ideas. Thanks in advance Scott
  5. HI all :) Looking to drain and replace filter in daughters Rav4 2004 ACA23R. However from what I can tell there are two filter options, one being square the other not. How can I tell, before I drain the Auto trans, which filter it has in it. I've had a look at the outside casing but nothing there to tell me which one. Thanks
  6. Hey guys, I think my continuing issue of oil leak is coming from the rocker cover. I did a replacement before on a SR20DE with the help of a friend, but I didnt pay much attention to what the steps were, and what to look for, etc. Parts list? ie do i need some sort of liquid sealant or something as well? cleaning stuff - can i just use brake cleaner? also, there seems to be many brands available of the gaskets, SCA alone have 6, ranging from $24 to almost $70. Is there a particularly good one or bad one? Is there other tuning/servicing I should do while its off already?
  7. Hi everyone, My '04 sportivo has a slow-ish leak, it seems like its below or near the PCV valve but I wanted to get your opinion on what it is and how to fix it. I have about 195,000 kms on it, and need to do an oil change anyway so figured I may as well fix this beforehand. An image album is linked here The last image is probably the most helpful, by my guess. A key thing to note is that I dont really know what I'm looking at, like names of stuff. I've done a rocker cover gasket replacement in an SR20 with the help of a friend, and will probably get his help again but hoping to get a head start on what the issue is. thanks!
  8. Hey Fam! I have a 04 Toyota Camry Altise Sport. When I got the car, the previous owner told me that the Interior light (the centre one) switch was sort of working, It works when you put the switch in the right spot when in 'doors' mode. Off and On still work as fine. What should I do about this. Replace it or fix it. - Highwaystar
  9. Hi Guys, I drive a 2004 Camry Sportivo 4cyl 2.4L (XV30) ACV36R. I had been waiting to hit the mileage amount of 157,500km (not the date of 22/7 - 2 months ago) to get it serviced next (along with my tax return) when at 155,700km disaster struck! I had a slow oil leak which I had spotted but benig naive thought it would be ok until the service. I was coming back from the Sunny Coast to Brissie on the Bruce and started to hear the dreaded 'knocking' sound coming from the engine. I pulled into a servo and it just so happened 2 seperate mechanic pulled up in the time I was there and diagnosed it as a bottom knock, most likely the bearings and a rod are shot. I was told to go to all jap auto parts and completely replace the engine. Because I only drove a couple clicks before I stopped driving the car is it at all salvageable? I saw a youtube vid of a guy pouring in 2 liquids which repaired the sound. Otherwise, what sort of cost can i expect for a new engine and labour? Also, if i go to the wreckers would the 3L v6 engine fit in the bay, as an alternative? TY in advance.
  10. Hey guys, figured I'd finally make a build thread. So here it is, my 2004 ZZE123 Corolla Sportivo in super sensual sizzling silver (pretty boring colour actually). I've had this for maybe two months or so after I wrote my 06 Civic FD1 off after some touge in the wet.. bad feels. But after owning this over a month or so, I can honestly say I love my car, love the nice raw feeling to it (hate to say it but sort of reminiscent of a Honda, as I've owned two before this) ESPECIALLY THE LIFT. Needless to say, coilovers are probably the BEST you could do to it in regards to overall performance mods and working off a tight budget. So to speak, the first thing I had to do was get rid of that hideous 4x4 height and the handling which resembled something like the Titanic. So I got my hands on some BC BR Series Coilovers. Aaaaaaaaaaaand this is how she sat afterwards :) Few nifty shots from those late night shenanigans ;) After a while, close mate of mine wanted to paint his foggies. I said hey why not but I wasn't a huge fan of yellow foggies on rolla's. Unless they're a Hachiroku derp but how often do you come across them? Anyway, he said what do you think about amber corners? Looked great on his old dc2 so I went for it. Learnt a few things about how to paint here and there and I was pretty happy with how it turned out. So now this brings us to a few days ago. After reading up here and there, I tossed up between a CAI and a SRI. Intakes are intakes, depends what you want really; I was searching for more low end power and a more responsive feeling. So I finally chose the k&n typhoon series SRI and well, I love it. Lift sounds great, amazing throttle response and notable hp gains (minimal but you can't expect anything much from an intake lel). But yeah, that's pretty much all that's done to it really. Pretty standard to say the least but I have more planned for it. I'll leave you guys with a few shots of it recently, a video I made for fun with a few mates and a video of how she runs with the SRI for those of you who are looking into a short ram. Cheers guys, will update you with more in time! **** around vid Sound Check!
  11. Wrecking 2004 Camry Sportivo, parts available (refer to photos) no engine/gearbox for any questions shoot me a pm.
  12. Willing to buy sportivo rear lip. Doesnt matter what colour it is, but silver would be preferred. I am offering $250 ono for it. Thanks, Jimmy.
  13. Hi all, I am kinda stranded south of Sydney without my regular mechanic. I don't necessary trust strangers with my car so wanted to ask you a quick question about safety. My car started a mild rattle/grind only in low revs at the beginning of my trip which I didn't think much of. 400km later it's a little louder and I wondered what the heck is going on. It is now vaguely noticeable during high revs as well I think(can't be sure) I guess the first question is whether I need a mechanic here or can it wait until I get back to Sydney. Toyota Corolla Conquest 2004 Hatch 120000 Kms Oil/Air filters all new 4 tyres brand new brand new brake pads and discs (from toyota) Thanks for your suggestions!
  14. Looking to buy a cai pipe for a sportivo 2004, just the pipe without pod filter(s). Anyone got cai pipe, pm me. Thanks Jimmy.

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